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In the Trenches with JCC Champ Dobri Delev Training Chest 3 Weeks Out from Arnold Amateur

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    Dobri's answer

    Hi,everybody here.I am Dobri and I am very,very happy that I have support in USA from people which are not Bugarian. I don't believe that I will win because I don't have the right circumstances and I know that everything is not just training in the gym and If want to win I need to have more than that.But I will do my best and this that u support me gives me a motivation to not give up... I just want to thank to everybody and I want to apologize about my bad English...


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      Originally posted by RacelookBG View Post
      To prepare for competition in Bulgaria is more difficult - the supplemets are twice expensive, the gyms are not so good equipped, but Dobri did it!
      He is pride for us to wach Dobri on Arnold Classic. If the Bulgarians have more money for preparation, they will win more of the competitions worldwide!
      I wish you success Dobri!

      Добри, пожелавам ти успех! Смачкай ги всички тези надути американчета и им покажи кой сега е номер 1!!!!
      What do you mean by "inflated americans" and what shall he show them?


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        hope he reaches his goals!