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Arnold Amateur Profiles - Neil Gardner

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  • Arnold Amateur Profiles - Neil Gardner

    Neil Gardner will hit the stage in just a few short weeks at the Arnold Amateur in Columbus, Ohio.

    He'll be competing at a lightweight in the Men's Open Division.

    I caught up with Neil to see just what makes the trip from so far away worth it for him.

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    AZ: Youíre coming all the way from Australia to compete in this show. How will that long trip affect your prep?

    NG: Not too much.

    Being from down under, Iím used to traveling long distances for international shows - most of them in Europe. So, this one will be relatively easy.

    This time around, Iím bringing my whole family with me: my son 10, daughter 7 (on the day of the show), and wife of twenty years.

    So, travel will be much more enjoyable.

    We are planning to arrive six days early and spend some time in Santa Monica, before flying across to Columbus.

    AZ: Obviously, this is important to you, as youíre coming from so far. What does it mean to you to be competing in this show?

    NG: Itís a great honor to be selected by the Aussie Federation to compete in this show.

    Given that Iím nearing my forty-eighth birthday, it may well be my last opportunity to do so.

    AZ: Youíre competing as a lightweight. Is this the best place for you, or do you have plans to move up through the divisions along the way.

    NG: Iíve won Aussie titles in both 70 and 75k categories. I find I have my best conditioning at 70k. Iím 5í2Ē, so I can look relatively big at that weight.

    I do plan to move to the 75ís again for the national titles, and would like to think I could win at under 80k. We will see what time brings.

    AZ: How long have you been competing, and what got your started?

    NG: I did my first show in 1980, after training for two years.

    I didnít win anything until 1986.

    I won my first national title in 1995.

    I had started training because of a knee injury through playing rugby.

    AZ: What would winning your class mean for you?

    NG: The satisfaction of a long and rewarding prep, and to maybe catapult me onwards to a world title.

    I own my own gym here in Australia, and the publicity would be a wonderful advertising tool.

    Contact Information:

    Twitter: Neil Gardner

    E-mail Address: [email protected]

    Personal Website:

    MD Screen Name: MonstaDwarf

    Last edited by Adina Zanolli; February 20, 2011, 11:35 PM.


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      Thanks for taking the time do put this up Adina!


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        good luck mate, its really good to see another aussie having a go and especially a short bloke.

        Im not quite as short as you though, i'm 5'6". How many more years do you think you will be competing?


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          Originally posted by MonstaDwarf View Post
          Thanks for taking the time do put this up Adina!
          No problem!

          I'll be covering the show for MD, so I'll be on the lookout for you!


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            Hey AJ. i've been at this for 33 years now, can't see an end in sight for a few more years yet!! this show will mark 30 years of competing, and my 50th show.
            @Adina, cool, I'll be sure to be on my best behaviour!


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              Awesome work Neil.. Congrats on all your achievements! Has been great to follow you along your journey thus far..

              You truly make Australia Proud!!

              Well done..