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Arnold Amateur Profiles - Robin Hillis

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  • Arnold Amateur Profiles - Robin Hillis

    Coming from Canada to compete as a heavyweight at the Arnold Amateur this year is Robin Hillis.

    Forum member Noel Fuller has been updating us with pictures of her progress along the way, so I decided to catch up with her and see how she's doing...

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    AZ: How long have you been training, and what got you into it?

    I have been training for 22 years - since I was eighteen years old!

    I was always an athlete throughout school and entered the gym after I saw a picture of Cory Everson!!

    AZ: The Arnold Amateurs is a very prestigious show. How did you feel when you learned you had been selected to compete?

    RH: I am very excited to do the Arnold Amateurs.

    When I received my confirmation letter, I called Noel right away jumping up and down!

    Not only is this going to be a very awesome experience, it will be huge exposure to get my face and name out there!

    Plus, the people I will be able to meet will be amazing!

    AZ: You’re working with Noel Fuller. Some people work with someone, while some people do it on their own. In your opinion, what are the benefits of working with someone?

    RH: Working with a trainer is a huge benefit, in my opinion - especially when you have someone like Noel who is very honest with his athletes.

    He is my third eye when I am second guessing myself.

    It takes the stress out of worrying about decision making when we, as athletes, are extra critical of ourselves. It keeps me honest and makes me accountable to answer to someone!

    AZ: Any time I interview someone with tattoos, they always become a topic of conversation, and I get a million questions. With that in mind, do you think tattoos hurt, help, or make any difference in the judging?

    RH: Tattoos are beautiful, but if they are in a spot where it compromises the details and cuts of the area, the judges don't like that.

    So, to be on the safe side, I always use a cover-up makeup that covers them.

    I don't want to look back and have any doubt about why I didn't do well, or have to question whether that is the reason I did not do well.

    I cover up every single one, after learning my lesson. That way, there is no doubt in my mind when I am standing up on stage: I am at my best!

    AZ: There has been lots of talk about the new WPD. Have you considered giving this new division a try at some point?

    RH: The new division has certainly brought a lot of heat on the scene, lol!

    There were too many conflicting rumors at first.

    I think that female bodybuilding is here to stay, as there are too many of us that are hardcore and do not want to sacrifice our hard work from all the years of sweat and hard training we've put in to it.

    I think it is great to introduce a new category for women who don't want to be as muscular or shredded, but I'm not sure if I would give it a try even if they did ban female bodybuilding.

    I would have to cross that bridge if it comes to that, but like I said, I really do believe we are here to stay!

    Robin will turn forty this year, and has been training for twenty-two years!

    She states that she truly believe in the sport of bodybuilding.

    She took a five year lay off after the 2005 Canadian Nationals, but in her words, “ the stage kept calling my name! So, I jumped back in with both feet and am very proud of my accomplishments."

    Robin says that she has really enjoyed working with her trainer, Noel Fuller.

    She is married and has two beautiful daughters. She plans to earn her pro card so she can be a positive role model for other women who are striving to be the best they can be, no matter what their goals.

    She does admit that at the end of the day, she is doing this for her, though, and wanted to leave us with a final note: And remember, you hold the key to YOUR success with drive, determination and dedication!!!!!!

    Robin can be reached at the following:

    Facebook: Robin Dee

    E-mail Address: [email protected] OR [email protected]