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Arnold Amateur Profiles - Candyce Graham

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  • Arnold Amateur Profiles - Candyce Graham

    Team Bombshell member, Candyce Graham, or candygram as her friends call her, will soon take the stage at the Arnold Amateur Bikini Competition.

    Proving she is more than just a pretty face, this graduate of the University of Florida is currently working on her Masterís Degree in International Business!

    She loves brownie a la mode and admits to having an obsession with putting almond butter on everything!

    Sheís also a member of a bowling league and volunteers in her spare time for a non-profit organization that serves pregnant women in crisis and their families. Read on to learn more about this Arnold Amateur Bikini CompetitorÖ

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    AZ: Bikini is still so new. What made you decide to pick it over figure?

    It was an easy decision for me.

    I like that bikini allows you to bring a little personality and sass to the stage!

    AZ: What does competing at the Arnold Amateurs mean to you?

    CG: Itís a complete honor to be invited to compete amongst the best.

    This show is such a big deal, and being chosen is affirmation that Iím on the right track - a great acknowledgement of all my hard work and dedication.

    AZ: From the look of things, you could almost do figure now. Will we see you switch one day?

    I get asked that a lot, but honestly, I never considered figure.

    I truly enjoy being a bikini competitor and look forward to achieving pro status.

    AZ: So many donít even know about things like NPC bikini competitions. What got you into this?

    CG: Iíve followed the sport for a long time because my father was an NPC bodybuilder.

    When I learned that NPC began a bikini division, I saw it as a great opportunity to continuously challenge myself, while also providing me with valuable exposure that will help me achieve my goal of becoming a fitness model.

    AZ: I see youíre going to college, just about to finish up. What are your future plans?

    Yes, Iím obtaining my Masters of International Business.

    My goal is to develop my own product line for the everyday women to help them attain their fitness goals.

    Contact Information:


    Facebook Fan Page:

    E-mail Address: [email protected]

    MD Screen Name: Candyce Graham

    Candyce and her dad!