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Arnold Amateur Profiles - Tracy Weller

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  • Adina Zanolli
    AZ: Tell me about your job.

    I am an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer.

    My company, All About U Fitness, allows me to share my passion for fitness with others, inspiring them to make the necessary changes in their lives to live healthier and happier.

    I am also a certified Zumba Instructor.

    I hold group fitness classes at Jag Fitness in Snellville, which is owned by the one and only, Ty Ropeman Felder.

    You’ll be competing in Figure Masters. Have you always been in shape, or this is something you’ve had to fight for?

    Up until 2006, I stayed around a size seven, sometimes gaining weight and going up to a size nine. I vowed to change this yo-yo dieting lifestyle I was on before I got any older.

    That was when I subscribed to Oxygen Magazine and learned about the importance of proper nutrition.

    It wasn't until the summer of 2009 that I realized I could actually try to turn my goals toward competing, based on the results I was seeing in my body from clean eating ninety percent of the time.

    In 2010, after really honing in on the diet and training intensity, I was finally entering my first competition.

    How long have you been competing in figure, and what got you into it?

    I competed in my first figure competition last August and placed fifth in Masters Figure and seventh in Open.

    I had always admired the bikini and figure competitors at the Arnold and Olympia, but never thought I could be that disciplined.

    I attended the Arnold in March of 2009 with my children and stopped at the Bombshell booth with my daughter.

    Shannon Dey introduced herself to me and asked me if I had ever thought of competing. The thought had never crossed my mind until that very moment.

    Here was someone who knew what it took to compete, believing that I had potential.

    I returned home to Atlanta with one goal in mind: to be fit enough to be on that stage.

    With a lot of hard work and totally changing my diet, I got pretty close on my own.

    I went in for a critique to see if I would be able to make it in the five short weeks I had left for the NPC show I wanted to attend, only to find that it would take at least another eight to twelve weeks of prep.

    I hired a trainer and finally saw incredible changes allowing me to be more than just fit enough to compete eighteen weeks after that first critique.

    After receiving a medal for fifth place, I knew that I wanted to do it all again and strive to place in the top three – not top five!

    Is this your first time to compete at the Arnold Amateur, and what does competing in a show like this mean to you?

    Yes. Previously, I was only a spectator.

    I am thrilled that my placing in my first NPC competition allowed me to qualify for such an event!

    The Arnold is such a prestigious event. This will give me the opportunity to showcase my physique along with competitors from around the globe!

    How is your life made better by staying fit?

    I have the energy needed to fit everything into my busy schedule as a mom, wife, personal trainer, and assistant at our Tan Studio.

    People seem to be extremely inspired by my lifestyle; therefore, it helps me to be a motivator to others.

    From looking at your pictures, I’d say your entire family is pretty fit! Do they support you in the competing and through the prep?

    They are behind me one hundred percent - especially my husband, Doug, who has taken on the role as Coach this go round.

    He controls my diet and carb loading, as well as my strength training and conditioning.

    My kids are both active and stay fit with our promotion of a clean eating lifestyle.

    What or who motivates you to keep in such great shape?

    I always admired Monica Brandt and Marla Duncan, just to name a few who sparked motivation in me from the beginning.

    After meeting Jamie Eason, Tosca Reno, Jennifer Nicole Lee, Gina Ostarly, and Alexis Skye, I realized that I would love to motivate others in the uplifting way that these ladies have done for me.

    They are just a handful of the amazing ladies that have inspired me to be the best I can be, making each day count for something more.

    My children look up to me and admire my drive and dedication. My son is anxiously awaiting my eight pack - to see if mom can finally show off a set of abs like the ones I've envied on him since he was six!

    Above all, it would have to be Doug - my husband, coach, best friend, and probably my biggest fan!

    He has taken my physique to a totally different level this year, and we're proud of the package we'll be bringing to the stage - brought on with strength and conditioning training, along with a tweak or two in my diet.

    What’s your ultimate goal in competing? Are you after a pro card, or do you simply enjoy competing?

    I would love to earn my pro card prior to my fortieth birthday. I will be thirty-eight one week after the Arnold.

    Since I enjoy competing and actually like all the food in competition prep, I will love every moment as I work toward this goal.

    I love watching the changes in my body, as well as all the support I receive from family, friends, clients and other wonderful people in my life.

    Contact Information:



    Personal Website:

    She and her husband own Body Heat Tan Studio which includes a mobile tanning studio for use at competitions!

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  • Adina Zanolli
    started a topic Arnold Amateur Profiles - Tracy Weller

    Arnold Amateur Profiles - Tracy Weller

    Arnold Amateur Figure Masters Competitor, Tracy Weller, has the patience of a saint!

    I’ve never met her in person, but I can tell you she does…


    Because I sent her two sets of questions to answer, and she never once complained or even mentioned the fact that she had already answered my first questions!

    She has been married for nineteen years to what she calls, “the best man that could've ever happened for me!”

    She and Doug have two children, Courtney and Tristen. She assures me they are incredibly wonderful as well!

    Although she worked in property management for twelve years, she gave that up to follow her passion into the health and fitness industry.

    She enjoys watching her daughter dance and says her son is the Mini-Me of her husband!

    She loves every member of her supportive family and says, “I feel lucky to be able to live my life, cherishing each day and every moment, due to the incredible inspiration each and every person involved in it has led me to treasure!”