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Arnold Amateur Profiles - Jennifer Chapman

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  • Arnold Amateur Profiles - Jennifer Chapman

    This is only our third year to see bikini at the Arnold Amateur, but it has certainly taken off!

    Initially, there were to be four classes this year, but with the overwhelming response from the ladies, the classes have had to be further divided into six groups.

    One of the ladies vying for a shot at her class is Jennifer Chapman.

    Although she hasn't been competing long, she hit the stage running last year, competing five times.

    She'll certainly be one to watch in 2011, as she hunts for her IFBB Pro Card in Bikini!

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    AZ: What made you to decide to compete the first time?

    In 2009 I was invited to the Dallas Europa by a friend.

    I had no idea that these shows were even near me; unfortunately, I was not able to attend.

    I started looking online and researched everything I could. I was so excited to see that there was an amateur side, and I found most of what I needed to get started.

    I decided that I was just going to try it after numerous people asked me if I had. I already lost twenty pounds and felt that this would be a great reason to keep the weight off.

    On January 1, 2010, I committed to the sport, and it has changed everything for the better!
    I am currently a Bikini Rockstar in Dallas. My trainers are Jeff Dwelle and Greg McCoy. I do most of my physical training by myself, but I attend posing classes and boot camps every Saturday.

    Dwelle maintains my diet program and doesn't allow me to eat the candy, sigh. I have to knock out those cravings quick with a protein shake!

    AZ: I see you actively promote yourself by maintaining a fan page and profiles on various sites. How important do you think that is in helping you achieve your goals?

    It is another way for me to keep myself accountable for my own fitness goals.
    I am in the process of updating my personal website with an area for fitness questions and portfolio for my modeling.

    I get a lot of E-mails asking me questions about competitions, and this will be another way to get information out to anyone that requests it.

    I also use it to network and promote my current sponsors like Lockout Supplements, Silverback Krew and CJ's Elite Competition Wear. There is another one in the making, but it has not been confirmed yet!

    AZ: Youíre coming all the way from Texas to compete in a show where you canít earn a pro card. What draws you to this show?

    Last year this show just added fuel to my fire, and I knew I would one day jump on that stage.

    My husband and I were just going to watch, but I figured that if I go, I'm going to compete! Even though there is no Pro Card, it is just exciting to know that I will be competing in an International competition and networking with companies from all over.

    Every show, for me, is a learning experience, and I continue to gain confidence and knowledge -not to mention, the best of the best pros will be there, and I got tickets to see it all!

    When I'm not competing, I will be working the Silverback Krew booth, signing calendars and promoting a great company.

    AZ: You competed quite a few times last year. Do you intend to do that again this year? What does your contest schedule for this year look like?

    Definitely. I love to compete.

    Last year, I did shows for myself, family, and ultimately to earn a Pro Card. Even when I get pro status, I will do several shows.

    I don't really understand why someone would work so hard to earn it and then never even compete in a Pro Show.

    When I was a college athlete, I was competing pretty much every weekend. That drive has always been there.

    This year, I will compete in the Arnold and the National shows. I love the excitement of traveling to different states and getting on that stage to show off my hard work.

    My husband, Isaac Chapman, will be competing in the Men's Physique Division, and we hope to compete on the same national stages.

    AZ: What do you hope to accomplish in this industry?

    I want to earn my IFBB Pro Card and then lead by example.

    I want to continue to challenge myself and others. I have seen those around me, as well as myself, develop into fit, focused athletes.

    I will be working on my fitness certifications, modeling, and keeping my options open.

    AZ: What made you pick bikini?

    I thought that it would be a great starting point, and then I fell in love with the suits, poses and overall presentations.

    Now, I have to find the balance of working out too much and too little. I will be about five pounds heavier starting this season.

    Dwelle and I tried to put on some nice, rounded mass while keeping the weight off my mid-section.

    Everyone has their spot that they have to work harder on, and for me itís the diet!

    AZ: You made top four several times on the National Stage last year. Do you think this is the year youíll go pro?

    I always workout like a pro, and preparation is the guts of this sport.

    I hit the stage knowing that I did everything that I could do that was best for me.

    I'm in it to win it, and hope that I can stand out to win that pro card this year!

    AZ: You did fall out of the top four once, but there were so many girls in your height class at that show. Do you worry when you see there are so many bikini girls ,or are you one of those who just competes against herself?

    I am a competitor, whether itís against other girls or me.

    I have learned a lot about this sport from being on stage, and then just sitting back watching what goes on.

    I think at Nationals, I was too comfortable and came home disappointed.

    I always learn from my mistakes and use corrective criticism to build myself better.

    I think every year the shows are going to get bigger and more competitive, and I can't wait to set new goals for myself - time to bring this bootie to the stage!

    I will be wearing a beautiful bikini from CJ's Elite Competition Wear at the Arnold - really excited to see everyone there. Good luck to all the beautiful competitors!

    Thanks, Adina, for this opportunity to share a little bit about me!

    Contact Information:



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      Great interview Adina and Jennifer...
      Nice pics!
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        Thank you again for the opportunity to share a little bit about myself.. Excited to see you and ROCK the stage
        Olympian IFBB Pro Bikini|Team Bombshell | Better Bodies Athlete | FitCop


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          the contact information facebook link seems to be for the wrong person .. just a heads up


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            Originally posted by iliftpesos View Post
            the contact information facebook link seems to be for the wrong person .. just a heads up
            Here is the link sorry about that
            Olympian IFBB Pro Bikini|Team Bombshell | Better Bodies Athlete | FitCop


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              Very nice pictures


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                Thank you.
                Olympian IFBB Pro Bikini|Team Bombshell | Better Bodies Athlete | FitCop