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Arnold Amateur Profiles - Stephen Graham

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  • Arnold Amateur Profiles - Stephen Graham

    Stephen Graham is coming all the way from across the pond to compete as a light middle weight at the Arnold Amateur this week.

    He’s from a small town in Northern Ireland called Ballymoney.

    Like many of his fellow Arnold Amateur competitors, he is a part-time personal trainer. By day, he works as a mechanical engineer.

    He’s been married to the lovely Catrin since 2005, and together they have a pet Husky they call Willow. Willow often accompanies Stephen on his morning cardio!

    Although he does enjoy things outside of bodybuilding, such as rugby and motorcycling, he says that bodybuilding is his main love. This is evidenced by the fact he’s been competing for over twenty years!

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    AZ: You've been competing a long time. What got your started and what keeps you at it?

    My father was a weightlifter in his younger days.

    My older brother had started too, and had competed in a few bodybuilding competitions.

    When I went to support him, I was hooked straight away. The atmosphere in the hall was electric!

    I suppose what keeps me coming back for more is the actual buzz I get every time I step onstage.

    You're a part time personal trainer. Do you do your own prep or are you working with someone else?

    I have always done my own preps for competitions and I am renowned for my conditioning.

    I did work with IFBB Pro James Llewellin for last year’s British Championships. Since then, I have reverted back to my own preps.

    You've been at it a long time. Are you after your pro card, or do you just enjoy competing?

    The IFBB Pro Card would be great ,and I wouldn’t mind stepping up to the U202 class.

    I feel at the moment I wouldn’t be competitive.

    I compete usually as an Under 80kg competitor, which is 176 pounds.

    To be competitive in the Under 202's, I feel I would need to put on another twenty pounds and maintain my symmetry to be in with a chance of a win.

    I wouldn’t want to compete in the Under 202's and just be another number; I’d want to win!
    I love competing as an amateur at the national and international level; so for now, I’ll have a bit of patience.

    You've got a long trip to get here. How does that affect your prep?

    Long flights and being at high altitudes for long periods of time can upset the fluid levels in the body.

    I find that if I restrict my carbohydrates, drink plenty of water, and occasionally practice pose in the WC, I don’t suffer much from this.

    I will re-introduce my carbs again when I reach Columbus.

    What makes this show worth the travel and expense to you? What does competing at the Arnold Amateur mean?

    It’s an awesome privilege to be invited to compete at the Arnold Amateurs.

    Although I have won the European Championships, and placed sixth at the World Championships, I feel that this is the biggest competition of my career!

    I am the first competitor from Northern Ireland, or even the whole island of Ireland, to be invited to compete at the Arnold Amateurs.

    To say that I was proud would be an understatement!

    Contact Information:

    Facebook: Stephen Graham

    E-mail Address: [email protected]

    Personal Website:

    MD Screen Name: steveg


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      Thanks for the interview Adina. I look forward to meeting all the MD crew in Columbus in a few day time!!!!


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          Hi guys, the whole Amateur Arnold experience was awesome! I found out from the statistician that i placed 8th which i was pretty happy with as i wasnt too far away from that top 5 placing, and a crack at the finals on the expo stage on the Saturday! Maybe next year!!!!

          Adina, thanks for coming over to say hi, on the fridays prejudging. Sorry if i wasnt too chatty as i was stressed and the whole power cut incident didnt help with that stress lol. Although it wouldve taken much more than that to ruin the weekend.

          I trained every day as well at Metrofitness in Columbus, and it was great to see the top 6 pros coming into the gym on Sunday for the Muscular Developement Magazine Photoshoot.

          Thanks again everyone, hopefully see ya all next year!


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            As I recognized people, I just said a quick hello, so no problem there! I don't figure anyone feels like chatting at that time!


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              Dang Adina,, you beat me to it, great interview! Have to do some video at the British Grand Prix Stephen? Email me mate and we'll squeeze you in bud.
              MD Global Muscle Radio ep.40-


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                yeah that'd be cool Giles mate, thanks


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                  Originally posted by Giles View Post
                  Dang Adina,, you beat me to it, great interview! Have to do some video at the British Grand Prix Stephen? Email me mate and we'll squeeze you in bud.
                  Thanks, Giles!

                  I sent you Stephen's E-mail address!