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Arnold Amateur Profiles - Meredith Miller

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  • Arnold Amateur Profiles - Meredith Miller

    Ohio native, Meredith Miller, is just a few days away from hitting the Arnold Amateur stage in the Fitness Division.

    She notes that she is, ďvery single and completely unattached. For all you good looking single guys out there, I like long walks on the beach!Ē

    (She also mentioned she was a sucker for cornrows!)

    She has two dogs that she will tell you run her life, Pudd and Elvis! Evidently, this is true because they sleep on the bed, while she sleeps on the couch!

    Like many other of our Arnold Amateur competitors, she works a very active job. She is a competitive gymnastics coach for Integrity Gymnastics in Plain City, Ohio, and also dopes personal training on the side.

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    AZ: Tell me a little about your background in fitness. What lead you to pick it over figure?

    I was an internationally competitive gymnast, so all I know is gymnastics and working out!

    It was a pretty obvious decision for me!

    I love performing on stage!

    AZ: Are you working with someone for your prep or do you go it on your own?

    I work with the one and only, Mike Davies.

    I've been doing his workouts for years

    Lately, I have been able to work more closely with him since I moved back to Ohio last year!

    AZ: I took a look at your contest history. Youíve consistently placed top three on the National Stage. Will we see you take a shot at that pro card in 2011?

    I've wanted to be a pro since I was little!

    I am definitely going to keep going until I get it!!!

    AZ: We see less and less girls trying fitness these days. Why do you think that is?

    I think that are a few reasons for it.

    The expenses for fitness are a lot more than the other divisions. You have to pay for your music, the routine, and the costume, plus gymnastics lessons and private lessons.

    Also, itís a lot more physically demanding on your body, so more injuries occur.

    Lastly, I feel that some women donít have a gymnastics or cheerleading background, so they feel figure or bikini would be the better option.

    AZ: What is your ultimate goal in this sport?

    I want that pro card!

    Contact Information:

    E-mail Address: [email protected]