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Arnold Amateur Profiles - Lauren Jacobsen

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  • Arnold Amateur Profiles - Lauren Jacobsen

    Coming in from Canada to compete in the Arnold Amateur Figure Class B is Lauren Jacobsen.

    She has worked in the health and fitness industry for years and knows all aspects of it.

    I'm sure it won't be long before we see her obtaining that pro card!

    And just so you know, if you run into her at the gym, she's probably got her posing suit with her! When I asked her what went in her gym bag, she said, "I always carry my posing suit, heels, video camera and regular camera, just in case, cause you never know when I need to do a pose down!"

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    AZ: How long have you been competing, and what got you into it?

    I have been competing off and on since 2001.

    I actually competed in the first figure show in Canada!

    When I first got out of university, I worked as a product developer for MuscleTech, within the R&D department. After attending the first Figure Olympia, I was inspired to compete.

    Shortly after that, I competed in my first show, and I was hooked!

    Working there was the perfect environment to learn the basics of competing; I was surrounded by high-level competitors, great supplements, and a supportive team of nutritionist and trainers!

    In 2008, I made the decision to step up my game and started training more seriously. I knew I had the determination, discipline, and genetics to take it farther than I had before, and as a result of my hard work, I rose up through the Canadian stream fast to the National level!

    Someone told me the other day how much fun it was to be backstage at a fitness competition because it was like a sisterhood. Is figure this way?

    Competing is by far the best part.

    After doing all the hard work, itís time to enjoy the process and the moment.

    I like to surround myself with positive people and positive energy, especially when backstage.

    There is always a good vibe backstage, especially since everyone has worked so hard to get there and the end is finally in sight!

    On top of that, you can meet so many people. I have been fortunate enough to compete, not just in Canada, but cross borders, and even on the international stage, at the World Championships in Santa Susanna, Spain.

    You are working with Eric Dilauro for prep. How is that going and what do you think the advantages are of working with someone?

    Yes, I have been working with Eric for the past year.

    Eric is amazing! He is a highly knowledgeable trainer, in both nutrition and training. On top of that, he is also an accomplished bodybuilder himself.

    Since 2008, I have been using a trainer. I have found that having a trainer helps to simplify the contest prep process.

    It takes the guess work off of your shoulders and allows you to strictly focus on the task at hand Ė driving up the intensity in the gym and sticking to the plan.

    Eric not only provides guidance on nutrition and training, but he is a coach. He has been very supportive in the pursuit of my goals, reliable, and extremely passionate.

    He takes great pride in the athletes he works with, whether itís Jay Cutler or just an amateur athlete like me!

    How long do you see yourself competing?

    Well, my first goal is to get my pro card.

    We will just have to see how long that takes!

    You're deeply rooted in the health and fitness industry via your job, endorsements, etc. What more do you hope to accomplish?

    First and foremost, I want to get my pro card!

    Ultimately, I want to continue working in this industry.

    I have been fortunate enough to not only be extremely passionate about what I do, but I have also been able to experience both sides of the industry from developing the product, to actually stepping on stage.

    On top of that, my goal is to expand my nutritional consulting business further, taking on more athletes.

    Further to that, I want to continue to write and speak about my passion for sports nutrition and fitness!

    Contact Information:




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      Lauren Jacobsen Arnold amateur Figure

      Fitadina great write up and an awesome competitor that needs to be seen , thank you!!!!

      She is definitely not your average figure athlete working in the corporate world and a chemist who can formulate a supplement line .

      Sponsored by Fusion Bodybuilding supplement company and an accomplished writer and contributer .

      Let's wish her the best this weekend, she has worked very hard and my best athlete in terms of work ethic determination and genetics .

      Thanks again Fitdina

      Eric Di Lauro
      Mr. Canada Pro Trainer
      Team Cutler Mr Olympia
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        Competition is looking good in Columbus and Lauren is looking awesome lots of great girls and it will be tuff competition.
        She has really improved since the North Americans , her symmetry and fullness and sexyness remain.

        Good luck Lauren....