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Arnold Amateur Profiles - Ann Bunge

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  • Arnold Amateur Profiles - Ann Bunge

    Masters Figure competitor, Ann Bunge, is no stranger to commitment. After all, she will celebrate her eighteenth anniversary this summer!

    She was born and raised in Minnesota, but has ended up in Colorado after a ten year stay in Texas!

    She has been a personal trainer now for ten years and says that she totally loves what she does.
    Most mornings, she gets her cardio in walking what she calls her sixty pound lap dog, Kelsey!

    She is the mother of two boys, and the entire family keeps active doing things like golf, white river rafting, skiing, and off-road motorcycling!

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    AZ: Youíre a personal trainer by trade, what do you like most about working in the health and fitness industry?

    AB: I love watching the transformation in people.

    Typically when clients come to me, they are in tough shape, on all kinds of medicines, eating poorly, and being sedentary - not a very happy life.

    As a result, they are depressed, unmotivated, and their self-confidence is rock-bottom.

    While working together, some are off or reduce medication, they are eating healthy, and becoming active.

    As a result, they are happy, motivated, and their self-confidence sky rockets as they start to live and enjoy life.

    AZ: Are you nervous to be competing at the Arnold Amateur, or does excitement just take over?

    AB: I donít feel nervous, but I guess I must be!

    Iím having a hard time sleeping. My mind begins to race as soon as my head hits the pillow.

    The night before I had my hair appointment, I dreamt that my stylist cut, permed, and colored my hair, and it looked HORRIBLE!!!

    Thank God that didnít come true!

    Iím extremely excited to be competing at the Arnold. Itís a dream come true. Hopefully, Iíll also get the opportunity to compete as a pro as well.

    AZ: Youíre competing in the Masterís division, but you look like you could easily compete in the open. What drives you to stay in such great shape? What do you attribute it to?

    AB: Awwww! You are very kind to say that!

    Plain and simple, I refuse to grow old!

    At 43, I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. It seems that each year just keeps getting better!

    Instead of letting life pass me by, as I did in my 20ís and 30ís, Iím living life to the fullest.

    I treat each day as a gift from God and set out to make a difference in someoneís life.

    AZ: What got your started in competing?

    AB: I started competing shortly after my second child was born, about eight years ago.

    I went to watch a figure show in Texas. I knew immediately that I wanted to compete!

    I started training hard, researching on the internet how to go about competing, and just did it!

    I love competing! Mainly I compete now to continue to push myself to be better. Itís a tough sport though. Itís not for everyone.

    AZ: What are you proudest to have accomplished as a personal trainer or just in the health and fitness industry in general?

    AB: Iím thrilled that I inspire others to make changes to their lives, so they are happier, healthier and more active.

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