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Tiger Thomas in Madrid! - Euro-Arnold Classic escapades! Regular Updates...

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    30 mins till pre-judging...
    MD Global Muscle Radio ep.40-


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      I can't wait! (sarcasm...)
      "What is patriotism but the love of the food one ate as a child?" ~ Lin Yutang.


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        Awesome updates, you're doing a great job Giles.


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          Thanks for the pics and the updates Giles!
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            Nice thread Giles.

            Labrada is short as haha.


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              Originally posted by leigh View Post
              Nice thread Giles.

              Labrada is short as haha.
              No mate, I'm tall!
              MD Global Muscle Radio ep.40-


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                Ladies physique shots...

                Pics by Giles...

                Lisa Cross, current British Champ, took 4th yesterday in her class...

                The amazing Katka, took 2nd, thought she was the winner...
                MD Global Muscle Radio ep.40-


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                  Ladies physique winner...Elena...

                  MD Global Muscle Radio ep.40-


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                    These physique girls are more conditioned than the USA's Men's Heavy and Super Heavyweights.
                    "What is patriotism but the love of the food one ate as a child?" ~ Lin Yutang.


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                      Hey folks, just got home from Spain, totally exhausted but had a totally amazing time...

                      Another update for ya all...

                      Dan Hill and Gunther getting interviewed for Spanish TV, Gunther was looking biggest I've seen him for years - Does my spidey sense tell me an appearance at the Masters Pro is going to be happening in December maybe? Hope so...

                      Was sat in the cafeteria with Mr Wheeler and Dennis James and DJ warned me when I told him I'd ordered the CHICKEN burger that I was to expect the NASTIEST CHICKEN burger of my life! Check it, out anyone think that's CHICKEN??? Apparently so...Went nicely with my cold raw fries...Bleargh.

                      Tiger Thomas HAS entered the building!!! Even though I had to keep asking pushy photographers to MOVE mofo!!! (Well, I asked nicely actually, it's nice to be nice!)

                      Ronnie Coleman's official European launch of his NEW supplement signature series range - I interviewed Ronnie and he said in all his 20 years of being a bodybuilder he'd NEVER been so crazy CRAZY busy on a stand!!! How many EX-Mr Olympia's could still continue to draw such constant intense crowds, was sat on a table on my laptop and the fans were surging forward so much that one of the walls of his trade stand was nearly being pushed over...I nearly got killed my Ronnie's products falling on top of me! Glad for Ronnie, he did a great interview for me...Looking huge too...

                      Last night myself, my lady Faye, my mate Amjad, Alvin Small and his lady Deborah and Clarence De Vis and his lady Sandra all met up their hotel and went for an Italian, Clarence ate two baskets full of bread quicker than we could blink...

                      Guy Cisternino and Fakhri Muhabruk!!! Cool guys...
                      MD Global Muscle Radio ep.40-


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                        And who did I bump into on our plane to Heathrow? Mr Small!!

                        My Vulcan neck grip soon put Alvin in the land of nod...Ha haaaahhhh! Don't mess...

                        What happened to Alvin/Desperate Dan? Hmm.

                        My interview for MD with Alvin back at the Expo earlier yesterday..
                        MD Global Muscle Radio ep.40-


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                          MORE updates tomorrow, I'm off to bed now for a well earned rest...Yawwwwnnnn...

                          Video interviews to come on MD -

                          - Edd Nunn
                          - Ronnie Coleman
                          - Alvin Small
                          - Hidetada and Neil Hill
                          - Roelly, Sibil and brother Quincy
                          - Toney Freeman
                          - Lisa Cross (including a nice little surprise for one of out members on here, name rhymes with "DigBikeLocks")

                          MD Global Muscle Radio ep.40-


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                            Lisa Cross - "So, anyway Giles, enough about me, let's talk about that sexpot Big Mike Cox, please fix me up!!!"
                            Giles - "I'll see what I can do madam"
                            MD Global Muscle Radio ep.40-


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                              Originally posted by Giles View Post
                              Will post some of the ladies physique class shots in the morning, British competitor Lisa Cross looked great taking 4th, a fair placing I thought, am interviewing her tomorrow with Simon Fan at some time...

                              Bumped into Lee Priest and had a quick chat and catch up, he told me my belly was looking fat the cheeky bastardo!! He's looking chunky as ever...Still has daft hair as per usual...(got to get him back for the belly comment!!)

                              Also saw Flex Wheeler who'd only just flown in that day, my lady thought Flex was about 30, she couldn't believe he was as old as he was! Also saw a rather large Roelly Winklaar and Sibil at the amateur show...Was busy shooting so will catch them tomorrow for sure...

                              Also saw Mr Lee Labrada who was accommodating and polite as ever, a real class act is Lee...

                              Did a preview/predictions video with Neil Hill and fellow MD columnist Fakhri Muhabruk, both guys did a great job, Fakhri also had Guy Cisternino with him, a cool guy also...

                              Neil called me up to Flex Lewis' room to see how he was looking, Flex looked exhausted from all the heavy carb loading Neil had him doing, Flex usually suffers a little from digestion problems when carbing (has a sensitive stomach) so was warned not to light a match when I entered the green foggy delightfully methane filled room if you know what I mean, Flex's friend commented that he'd never heard such comically sounding guff's in his life!

                              Flex stripped and hit a couple shots for me, my jaw hit the floor, never seen him looking like this before, so full and round he looked crazy, that rear double bicep is a show stopper, the added 8 pounds or so really suits his frame so much better I think...I left Sexy Flexy to it as the poor sod looked really tired...Couldn't take any shots with him being a Weider athlete of course...

                              Went downstairs into the lobby of one of the main hotels and chatted to Victor Martinez, Edd Nunn, Rich Gaspari, Martin Kjellstrom, then interviews on video for MD of Alvin Small, up to Hide's room for an interview and to see how he was looking as he hit a few shots for us - I love this guy's shape, he looks amazing, told him that he was my girlfriends favourite bodybuilder, I swear he blushed and went all shy, bless him! Such a cool, respectful chap...

                              Then to finish off the evening I rubgy tackled Michael Kefalianos for a REALLY great interview, he seemed nervous but as soon as the camera started rolling he completely relaxed and it turned out to be a really interesting interview that seemed to flow so well...It was nice to finally meet him and his wife after conversing so much with them here on MD over the past couple years...Nice people...

                              Alvin and myself showing off the present my lady Faye had got for him today in Madrid - Alvin is well renowned for scoffing up to nearly 4 kilo's of cod a day on his contest diets so Faye got him some chocolate fish in a tin, he face went from glum to glee when he realised it was choccie and not more minging fish, bleargh! Alvin's poor missus Debrah wasn't feeling too good and has the flu, we plied her with wine though which seemed to ease her symptoms somewhat...

                              Me, Hide and Neil Hill pulling his best sex face for the camera, err nice...

                              Me and Dennis the Menace, couldn't wait to approach Dennis and thank him for pm'ing me here on MD to help give me some advice for my past cholesterol issue, I told him he might have potentially saved my life and that he was the fourth Emergency Service!

                              Keep an eye out for my interviews with Mike Kef, Hide, Alvin and Neil and Fakhri, they'll be up soon no doubt...

                              Gunna grab Dexter, Edd Nunn, Ronnie Coleman, Mr Freeman (love interviewing the X-Man, always entertaining!) err and whoever else I can get, if I'm too busy with the play-by-play though and uploading the photos I might just leave all those until Sunday...
                              What did Dennis tell you i have a small cholesterol issue as well and would love some more advice on how to make it better.
                              "Anyone can speak english when in might get you a little strange lol"


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                                Originally posted by Pitbull3744 View Post
                                What did Dennis tell you i have a small cholesterol issue as well and would love some more advice on how to make it better.
                                Here's what he suggested mate - "Get a hold of Niasafe-600 by Thorne Research and take 2 capsules by mouth twice daily and also get a hold of NAC (N-acetylcysteine 600mg) and take 2 capsules 3 times daily, try this for a month or two and get your levels checked again and you will see the results. I suggested this to a lot of guys with cholesterol issues and they're all fine today. It's so important to stay healthy in this sport and it's always good to do it with natural dietary supps!!!!! You can order all of the stuff online without a problem Giles. Hope this helps."
                                MD Global Muscle Radio ep.40-