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Paparazzi Pics from BODYPOWER EXPO in England! Check out Zack Khan, Evan Centopani and MORE!

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    Originally posted by Elf View Post
    Did Andy Haman stop training?
    I think he is competing soon.


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      Evan Centopani quite frankly doesn't look human any longer...that's a compliment by the way.
      "When a vacuum was a badge of honor." - Pecan


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        Evan getting back tips from Dorian is bad news for the other pros!


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          i saw evan sitting down and people walking past him...i walked up and chatted to him for a few minutes, he gave me a signed calender and had my pic taken with him.

          very cool guy!!!

          my fav was sami, he posts here under sami the blacksmith IIRC.


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            These were fantastic pix. Easy to see what happened & who was there. Even got an update from the great King Khan! Many thanks bro!


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              I have met Zack twice now and both times he was great, not just to my self but to everyone i seen him talk with.

              It may just have been an off day, we all have them.

              Good pics.


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                Wow, some major tarts running around at the Expo (who was that blonde in the red 2 piece...DAMN!).

                Anyone else wondering what the hell is going on with Big Ronnie's arm?? Something doesn't look right...


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                  yea the left ones got aids


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                    I see the guy who claims to have benched 600 for reps with whip cream on his face in a few of these pictures, good stuff.
                    "It's dark, and the mayne is hot"


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                      RONNIES LEFT TRICEP

                      its been like that for 4 years

                      get with the program



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                        Great pics from the Body Power show this past weekend of me/API with some of the Pros:
                        Attached Files
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                          Originally posted by Dusty Hanshaw View Post
                          I've been in the UK all week and have been having a great time. Looking forward to meeting everyone at the IForce Nutrition booth. Be sure to stop by and say hi Giles.

                          Look forward to meeting you.

                          Bugger, sorry Dusty, you did pass me quickly in the toilet as I was leaving, I realised it was you as I passed...Bugger...Sorry mate.
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                            Originally posted by bigmikecox View Post
                            LISA CROSS
                            Filmed her on Monday at Temple Mike, especially for you...Robbie Durand was training in there when I arrived with Lisa...Robbie said she was 'hot man'...

                            I agree with Mr Durand! She's so nice, used to be a Policewoman, naturally, I did ask if she still had the uniform...She giggled...So did I...Hah!
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                              Originally posted by Ron Harris View Post
                              Brill pics mate! Wish I was there, definitely going next year.
                              Wasn't the same without you there this year mate!
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                                Tiger's video interviews to come -

                                - Berry Demey talking about life today and the launch of his new supplement range, even flashes us his still pretty amazing tricep!
                                - Sami Al Haddad talking about receiving a villa for winning the Amateur Euro-Mr Olympia and a limited edition Comero (spelling?)...And also telling about him doing the 212 at the Sacramento pro!
                                - Classic British Champ and Met-** sponsored Bobby Khan - A very interesting guy who speaks 7 languages!
                                - Bodypower UKBFF super-heavy champ and two time Mr Universe Dave Titterton talking about how he's going to win the British this October!
                                - Temple Gym regular Lee Harding 6 days out from the Nabba Britain - Talking about how training with Dorian taught him what true intensity was really about.
                                - 202 pro Lee Powell talking about his comeback later this year!
                                - Shaun Tavernier 3 weeks out from the Toronto pro.
                                - Fitness pro turned figure pro turned bikini pro Nicole Pitcher talks about life today.
                                - Toney Freeman - Just a REALLY cool interview! You have to watch it...
                                - 304lbs Alvin Small sharing his views on the sport today and tells us how his prep is going for the Euro-Arnold in Madrid in October!


                                Also filmed Kris Gethin, Marika Johansson and top UK middleweight Lindsay Bruce smashing up back in Temple! All three tore the place up, Kris was doing 6 and a half plate one arm hammer rows (holding each rep at the top too), 3 and a half plate barbell rows (holding them at the top as well!) and more...It will send shivvers up your spine watching these three go at it!

                                And filmed Lisa Cross in Temple training back also...Looking as gorgeous as ever...
                                MD Global Muscle Radio ep.40-