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Blood & Guts in Texas! Branch Warren and Dorian Yates Seminar at the Branch Warren Classic

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    Love Dorian's approach, rethinking some aspects of my training thanks to him!
    ‎"You have to do what others won't, to achieve what others don't" ~ Iron Mike Tyson


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      would be good for some subtitles for the questions, can barely hear what they're saying


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        Originally posted by ukstrongman View Post
        anyone noticed how huge dorian looks in his seat next to a mass monster like branch warren? looking well in comparisno, dorian yates has grown way bigger recently for sure
        I was thinking to myself that perhaps RockyWhatever might be eating his words. Dorian could be weighing 260 lbs. Even though he stepped on a scale to prove it. Not good enough I guess for some folks. Whats the next excuse?
        Not Everything. Not Yet.


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          Great video!


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            I THOUGHT MD was NO [email protected]#,

            Anyone else notice that went to the seminar, how they cut out my question when I asked whose body was Dorian Yates favorite right now in the pros. I THOUGHT MD was NO [email protected]#, and the video is edited?! WTF!