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Play-by-Play British Grand Prix w/Dorian, Zack "KING" Khan Packed with Videos from the Stage!

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    ... True bodybuilding fashion leaving hoping someone else will pick up the tab.
    "What is patriotism but the love of the food one ate as a child?" ~ Lin Yutang.


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      Originally posted by Mike View Post
      ... True bodybuilding fashion leaving hoping someone else will pick up the tab.
      Thank fuck for Robbie! It was 177!!!! I'll get one of the guys tomorrow who brought his ex-wife and son along for the free ride, fucker...Really pissed me off...Shawn I can handle that, he's been great and a guest so I'm cool-ish with it but anybody else?? No fair...
      MD Global Muscle Radio ep.40-


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        You mean the Food wasn't Free? LOL

        I hate when that happens!

        Ya, so I fly like 11 hours to get here but in reality my trip began 4 hrs prior to that driving to LAX, checking in and all that jazz.
        So I land an earlier than expected and Giles is there with his Bell Cap on and a Sign.
        We switch terminals to pick up Big Steve W and all jump into the car for what we thought would be a 40 min ride in the Piss Poor Rain.
        We hit the interstate Big Steve riding "shot gun" and I'm in the back with the "nearly" 6 ft Giles.
        His mate is driving the Stick shift in traffic when this God Awful smell starts coming into the car in bumper to bumper traffic.
        We pull over thinking we maybe Over heating and see a roadside service vehicle a 100 meters away.
        We wait, and wait for what seems to be an hour or so then one by one, we take turns exiting the car, jumping the freeway railing to relieve ourselves in the middle of nowhere down a mud slicked embankment because we were no where near a service station, firsts big Steve twice, then Giles and of course I has busting at the seems!
        Once we all did our business, the service guy jumps in the car and checks things out to tell us, Giles mate had been "Riding the Clutch" burning the damn thing out!
        As for overheating, we were good.
        So we begin our journey again and move approximately 10 meters into another DEAD STOP for about an hour on so.

        Well, long story short, we arrive at the hotel nearly 3 hours after pick up, hungry, jet lagged and of course tired.
        Thanks Giles for the offer of pickingme up but next time, I will take the damn TRAIN and stop having dreams about my ARSE!


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          Is there a webcast somewhere?!?!


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            No Web Cast but we will have Video Highlights and Play by Play!


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              Is this the clutch grinder on the left?


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                I'm not sure about the guy, but I think the lady on the right is Ms. British ladies Physique Champ, Lisa Cross.


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                  Heading over to the Venue now! Prejudging starts in 30 mins...............................

                  King Dorian is in da House as well as Zack King Khan!

                  Dorian Yates

                  Zack Khan

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                    It should just now be starting...they have to do introductions and all that before Shawn gets started on the play-by-play.


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                      2011 IFBB UK Pro
                      Men's 202

                      * Top 3 Qualify for the Olympia Showdown

                      John Armstrong:
                      DY: Balance is pretty good! Came down from 280l pounds! Good abs!
                      SR: Good shap,e but lost a lot of weight!
                      Zack: Looks full, slight film of waster.

                      Raul Jimenez
                      DY: Wide shoulders, nice front lat spread. Good rear bi shot! Looking good from the rear!
                      Zack: Good arms on him. Small waist, good hams, weak quads.
                      SR: Good color. Neds more thigh sweep!

                      Eric Castagnet:

                      DY: Looks a little flat and dehydrated because he is shaking a bit.
                      Zack: No comment.
                      SR: Slender. Needs more size and muscle here.

                      Shaun Tavenier:
                      DY: Nice arms and front double bi. Legs a bit weak.
                      Zack: Looks a bit dull. Color is off. Chest a tad flat. Seen him better.
                      SR: Needs to be fuller. Good round shoulders.
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                        Originally posted by DARK NIGHT
                        nope right here is as good as it gets!


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                          Mike King:
                          Color a bit pale. Calves are great!
                          Zack: Blast from the past. Seen better days in the 90's.
                          SR: Side shots look good!

                          James "Flex" Lewis
                          He stepped up his game a level. So far, the leader here. Very impressive. Great calves!
                          Zack: Nice color and fullness. Needs work on the side chest!
                          SR: Best I have seen him. Much improved! Winner so far. Great color.

                          James Lewellen:
                          Good arm. Legs weak. Chest is weak.
                          Zack: Still needs more chest. Good most muscular. His best pose!
                          SR: Side chest looks good, but he is slightly watery from the rear.

                          Nana Manu:
                          Color is light. Needs more size too.
                          Zack: Nice shape, but too bad he is not hard enough.
                          SR: More muscle needed here tonight. Smallish with good structure.
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                            There's no webcast, but there will be tons of great videos from Robbie!


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                              Do u have to keep refreshing to get the new comments??