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The 2011 Europa Hartford Prejudging Wrap-up with Kevin Levrone and Ron Harris

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  • The 2011 Europa Hartford Prejudging Wrap-up with Kevin Levrone and Ron Harris

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    Kevin was right, no one was in shape.
    Ben and Johnnie are bloated.
    Tony missed his mark again.
    Troy looked great, but again its his backside conditioning hes lacking.
    Harris' glutes and hamstrings looked fat.
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      Kevin is very honest and I respect him for that! Troy Alves is the clear winner and the other guys should not get a dime,besides ben white, from this contest! Its the IFBB and these guys look fat and the fans got screwed big time! Troy is the Only guy who looked like an IFBB pro in hartford tonight!
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        They should still mention that the top3 for prejudging actually was Troy Alves, Ben White and Lavouie guy. Sorry for the spelling of the guys name.

        Will Harris, Toney Freeman and JOJ WERE FKN FAT and looked like total dogshit. Just as I wrote before the show, why in the fkn hell is Toney doing these shows when he was way off when doing the guestpose last week or so. Surely he must know he is not in shape???

        And Will Harris, WTF is the dude doing. Nr 1 baby, here I come etc... first pro win bla bla bla and then he comes in fat and happy?


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          Troy First And Ben White in second! Ben looked in pretty good shape! After these two who cares!


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            Great overall job Kevin - play-by-play comments and the wrap-up. MD was smart to have you as the commentator - your insight is always right-on and articulate and you tell it like you see it. Must be the Levrone Formula !!!


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              wow gtfo the stage that is ugly as shit hahahhaha god damn.... who is that white dude? even if he was inshape he has no shape that is just gross.
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