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... Roelly 2 Weeks from fibo Power: Chest training!

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    he looks great!


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      Originally posted by Azooz-ZR1 View Post
      Roelly looked his best at the 2010 NY Pro where he won the show.

      That correct

      He was bigger


      and in better condition than he is now.

      I didn't mean bigger by "scale" status. I know that you care too much about what the scale tells you, however, I care about how big he looks by being as full and dry as possible.

      being in a great condition and dry as hell alone can make you look much bigger than you really are. Last year at the NY Pro that was the sitiuation. So, I hope you got my point.


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        If you following the story from Roelly than you know that i not care about the scale And that i allways saying stay in shape and take THE weak point to perfection your body
        Because i know hè does some damage's
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          sibil is it just on the last heaviest set he does forced reps(spotter holding the bar) or is it like that all trough the workout if so whats the reason?


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            immortal technique playin in Netherlands!


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              Originally posted by sibil View Post
              Your wisdom is pure dumbness But i love to discus with you

              Really? so me telling you to drop the slin and be more moderate with Rollys drug use was bad advice? From the pics it looks like you took/stole my advice. We will see however when he gets on stage, that is the real gut test.

              Send me my money, you owe me.


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                Dude, don't spoil an Avatar with Arnold which includes black dicks.
                Get it out of there!


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                  Send me my money, you owe me

                  do you why??????You have to send It me

                  you got trying to get attention and i give it to you
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                    Roll is the man. He will eventually take the o from Phil after he has had it a few years. Realtalk