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FIBO Prejudging & Finals "Play by Play" w/S Ray, Flex Wheeler & Vic Martinez PACKED WITH VIDEOS

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  • FIBO Prejudging & Finals "Play by Play" w/S Ray, Flex Wheeler & Vic Martinez PACKED WITH VIDEOS

    FINALS START 2 pm Eastern/11 am Pacific

    The 2011 IFBB FIBO Power Pro championships welcomes some of the biggest names in bodybuilding such as Dexter Jackson, Roelly Winklaar, Ronny Rockel, Johnnie Jackson, Essa Obaid, Ben Pakulski, Robert Piotrkowicz, Michael Kefalianos and Tareck Elsetouchi.

    Get complete coverage right here!

    Check out MD Play by Play with Shawn Ray, Flex Wheeler and Victor Martinez Saturday, April 16th Live from Germany!

    Prejudging (Pro Women’s Bodybuilding, Pro Fitness, Men’s Bodybuilding) starts at 4:30 AM Eastern time/1:30 AM Pacific time.

    Finals (Pro Women’s Bodybuilding, Pro Fitness, Men’s Bodybuilding) starts at 2:00 PM Eastern time/11:00 AM Pacific time.

    Enjoy all the MD Coverage. It should be a great Show!
    Steve Blechman, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
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    Kevin Levrone, Ed Nunn and a few others arrived today as well!

    Lagged & Jutted but we are here!


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      I have just learned that Kevin Levrone may also be available for the play by play with Shawn, Flex and Victor!!!
      We will let you know as soon as Kevin confirms.
      Steve Blechman, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
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        "Where will you guys do the coverage from? The prejudging will be held on the stage right?"
        There is a Contest Stage behind the and is a Sponsor of the Contest there. Saturday am, there will be Chairs placed in front of the Stage along with a Judges Table, We will be seated bhind the Judges along with Photographers to cover the event.

        "look how small shawns head is to his body!"
        Yo, I have been called many things but having a Small Head has never been one of them
        Actually, everybody has a Small Head next to Ed Nunn who's 6'1 280lbs! Lol


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          Yep thats right. The play by play starts at 4:30 am Eastern, 1:30 am Pacific on Saturday morning

          We believe the order of events will be first the FBB, then Fitness, with Mens Bodybuilding to finish it out.

          Stay up all night! Right here on MD


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            We are Seated for Prejudging!

            Awaiting the start of Women's then the Men to follow!

            Flex, Victor and Kevin are all in the house!

            Former Top IFBB Pro's, Tony Pearson & Francis Benfatto just Guest Posed!


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              IFBB Pro Fitness:

              Rnd 1 (Intro Quarter turns)

              Regiane De Silva

              Rydall Graber-Vasani

              Stacy McDowell

              Diana Monteiro

              Minna Pajulahti

              Camala Rodriguez

              Ludmila Somkina

              1st Call Out:

              Regiane, Camala & Diana

              2nd Call Out:

              Ryall, Stacy, Minna & Ludmila

              3rd Call Out:

              Stacy, Diana & Ludmila

              Final Call Out:

              Camala, Stacy & Ryall

              End Rnd.


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                Francois Benefatto

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                  IFBB Pro Women Bodybuilder's

                  Giusy Caputo:

                  Aurelia Grozajova:

                  Tallish. Slender on muscle. Great abs. Dream tan . Needs to be harder from rear in leg department.

                  Elemi Kavva:

                  Muscular V-Taper. Good front double bi! Shoulders are strong. Harder upper back than lower legs. Small waist. Needs thigh sweeps and tighter glutes.

                  Cathy LeFrancois:
                  A bit orange in color. Good side shots. Twisting back shots are impressive. DRY from the back! X-mas tree coming in. Great rear delts. Good crowd response! Thighs separated. Slight film of water.

                  Helle Nielsen:
                  MUSCULAR! Best thighs in the show! Great side poses! Tall. Shoulders are strong. Hard from the rear and dry! Glutes, hams, and back are impressive! Back lat needs more width. Very good condition here today! side tri is peeled! Good job on her comeback!

                  Claudia Partenza:

                  Holding some water here, but abs are good. Needs more color. Side poses look good. Back is hard, but needs work on her lat spread from the rear. Good arms and shoulders. Legs need separation.

                  Nicole Pfuetzenreuter:
                  Very tall and big! Soft in condition. Needs darker color. Facial expressions need improvement while posing. Real soft in glutes. Back holding water, but surprisingly good ab shot!

                  Skadi Seifert:
                  Nice and tight package. Great color. Pretty, with good double bi shot! Side chest is impressive. Hard and dry! Back shot is great! Shaky on her poses, though. Good side tri shots! Slight film on thighs, but hard upper body!

                  Daniela Sell:
                  VERY muscular! Wide waist with huge arms! Thick abs, but little detail. Shoulder and traps are huge! Front lat spread needs work. Good side tri shot! Her back is peeled and impressive, but rear lat spread needs work!

                  Roberta Tuor:
                  Great v-taper! Good biceps! Could be darker. Big arms. Side hams look good. Wide back with good detail. Shaky posing. Peek-a-boo glute detail. Thighs needs more sweep.

                  Andrea Zuercher:
                  On the smaller side. Deep, dark tan. Peeled! Dry condition! Hardest in the contest! Needs more calf size and overall muscle mass.

                  End Round.

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                        Jorge Barrious:
                        Flex: Needs to be darker. Needs more leg size!
                        SR: Good shape, but not muscular or hard enough.

                        Danius Barzinskas:

                        Flex: Needs more bis. Back is weak. Needs to control his stomach better. Inner and outer back thickness, coupled with overall mass.
                        SR: Ugly dream tan! Not in shape, but good structure.

                        Thomas Bengali:
                        Flex: Appears in good shape. Still needs more lower back thickness, but good back width. Needs to work on his color, it's a bit blotchy.
                        SR: Nice shape and balance. Could be harder from the back.

                        Tarek Elsetouhi:
                        Good arms and overall balance. I remember him being thicker in the past. Hams a bit soft. Needs more color.
                        SR: Good arms, abs, and thigh sweep! Needs to be darker. Poses a bit slower.

                        Oleg Emeilanov:
                        Flex: Needs more thigh sweep. Kind of thick in the waist. Needs more hardness. A bit top heavy.
                        SR: Color is orange. Film of water. Needs thigh detail. Soft from the rear.

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                          Hey Robbie,Shawn And Adina you guys are kicking some serious ass with your fibo coverage!


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                            Dexter Jackson:
                            Definitely bigger than the Arnold. Condition is about the same. Best I've seen him in his last couple of shows! Got his size back.
                            SR: Color is fair -could be darker. A slight film of water from the rear. Front chest, shoulder, and arms are huge! Quad detail needed still. No ripped glutes.

                            Johnny Jackson:
                            Not as sharp as the Arnold, but definitely thicker! Cross striated quads - damn!
                            SR: Good form. Big back. Very thick! Slight film of water. Huge pecs and traps! Nice work!

                            Mike Kefalianos:
                            Harder in the states last time I saw him, but not as dry. Not great structure, so he needs more conditioning to carry him.
                            SR: Hard through the pecs. Side shots are good. Lower back is dry! Good showing!

                            Martin Kjellstrom:
                            Big boy, but stomach is blown out. No separation throughout his entire body. Appears be a month out.
                            SR: 300 pounds! Way too soft here. No detail. Color is a mess.

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                              Tarek Elsetouhi

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