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Shawn Ray interviews Dennis "Inhuman" Newman at the LA FitExpo - VIDEO

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  • Shawn Ray interviews Dennis "Inhuman" Newman at the LA FitExpo - VIDEO

    Where are They Now? ĖThe Dennis Newman Story

    Shawn Ray

    In the late 80ís a ďNew Breed of Bodybuilders were flourishing in the sport, then along came a Teenager from Northern California with Movie Star good looks, 6ft tall and the word Potential written all over his body. His name was Dennis Newman and he was destined for greatness until his dream and his plans were abruptly put on hold after he won the NPC Mr. California Title then earning his IFBB Pro Card as an NPC Mr. USA Overall Winner.
    He would later go onto survive Two Divorces, a bout with Cancer and a Pec Tear while watching his career slipped through the hands of time.

    Here is his storyÖÖ.

    Jan 25th, 2011

    SR:How old were you when you got on a bodybuilding stage and what got you up there?

    DN: I was fourteen when I started and sixteen when I got on stage for the first time.

    I remember seeing a picture of Samir Bannout on my sisterís wall. That got me thinking about how I wanted to be when I get older - strong and powerful looking.

    I was kind of pushed into being in a contest by a guy named Wyland.

    He was an ex Chargers strength coach who had recently moved up to my hometown to live with his sisters.

    Wyland was the kind of guy who would help me if I was doing things wrong in the gym. I guess you can say he was my first bodybuilding mentor, and a big reason why I started bodybuilding.

    SR: What contests did you win on your way up?

    DN: I won my first show, the Mr. Teen Fort Ord Championship, at an army base up in Monterey, California.

    My second win was the San Josť Teen Overall.

    Then, it was the Orange County Classic Teen Overall, followed by the Mr. Teen California, and then finally the Teen USA.

    That was my teen career, lol!

    Then, I went back up to win the Menís Overall at the San Josť Super Bowl,

    In Ď92 I won the Mr. California title, and in Ď94 Mr.USA.

    SR: What was it like training with pro bodybuilders before you eventually won the USA's?

    DN: It was very educational, I think.

    If I hadnít trained with those guys, I wouldnít have found what works for me as fast.

    I was always trying to be a listener.

    In this sport, there are a lot of wrongs and rights that people tend to throw around a lot.

    SR: What kind of training did you do, intensity-wise, regarding reps and sets?

    DN: Well, Shawn, just like yours. We had some great works back in the day together!

    SR: Share a memory of one of your harder workout experiences you've ever had?

    DN: I was at the gym, and we used to do 100ís.

    Thatís when you do 50, then rest for 20 seconds, then 50 more without stopping.

    I would do that with four exercises on legs; I swear I was dieting.

    There were many times I would pull over and puke my brains out!

    SR: After winning the Mr. California in í92 - joining the likes of Bob Paris, Mike Christian, Troy Zucolotto, Flex Wheeler, Chris Cormier, and me - what did you think the future held for you?

    DN: I thought to myself, Iím the shit, and nobody was going to stand in my way, but in a humbled way, lol!

    SR: Not two years later, you would win the NPC USA Championships. Before you could step on a pro stage, you were diagnosed with leukemia. What went through your mind?

    DN: At first, I thought hurry up and get me well, so I can go back to the life I worked so hard to achieve.

    When they told me to take a year to try and survive this, I knew it wasnít going to be easy. Mentally and emotionally, there were times I had breakdowns.

    SR: Being forced to recover, watch, and reflect ,what did you learn about yourself?

    DN: I learned that life can be taken away very easily, and that your should live your life to the fullest, and not sweat the little things.

    SR: How did you view the sport and people in it from the sidelines?

    DN: I loved the sport from a winning aspect, but itís hard from the sidelines.

    You wonder where would I be right now?

    Itís always fun to see familiar faces throughout the years and see people following their dreams. Itís inspiring.

    SR: If you could go back and do it all over again, what would you concentrate on a little bit more?

    DN: Having a back-up plan.

    At that early stage, I didnít anticipate a thing like that happening to me, and I had put all my eggs in one basket.

    SR: You eventually recovered and got back on stage. You even placed sixth at the Pro Ironman in Redondo Beach, California. What was that experience like for you?

    DN: It was ok.

    I like to be the favorite coming into the contest. Thatís what I was used to.

    Coming back from my cancer felt good; I just wanted to be at my best, and I wasnít .

    Iím too hard on myself I guess.

    SR: Before all was said and done, you had torn your pec, missed out on lucrative sponsorship deals, all but disappeared from the magazines, and ultimately wound up back home in northern California. What did you do all those years after you left the stage?

    DN: I always had personal training to fall back on, but I struggled with who I was.

    I was really confused on what to do.

    It was hard to come to grips with having your dream torn out from under you, but I managed.

    SR: Now youíre healthy, training clients in Southern California, and bulked up to 260 pounds plus. Any chance you'll get on the stage one more time?

    DN: You know, I was thinking of competing one last time, just to get in the shape that I was in when I was younger.

    But thatís still yet to be seen, lol!

    SR: What parting words of wisdom do you have for young guys coming up the game? What could you share to ease their growing pains?

    DN: If you want to do this as a job, make sure you do your homework on the marketing side of the sport.

    Youíre a product, and you need to sell yourself! Do lots of photo shoots!

    SR: You have the last words to your family and fansÖ

    DN: Thank you, all, for supporting me through those tough years and making me feel loved. God bless you all!

    Whatever your dream is, go for it!

    Thank you, ďInhumanĒ Dennis Newman, for your time.

    Look for the Upcoming MDTV & MD Radio Interview's with Dennis right here at Muscular

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      Dennis Newman tells his story from a young age on ESPN's American Muscle:

      On Posing:

      Leukemia Story:

      USA Posing Routine in 94:

      Winning the 94 Mr. USA over Phil Hernon and Craig Titus:

      Photo Shoot:
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          So did Dennis Newman actually say lol in the interview? hahaha
          Pain is Temporary, Pride is Forever


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            "So did Dennis Newman actually say lol in the interview? hahaha"
            No he didn't "Say anything" he wrote it when he replied to the Emailed Questions that were sent to him which he replied to.


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              Pain is Temporary, Pride is Forever


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                good read


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                  Some of my buddies used to see him training in the morning at the Salinas YMCA. Interesting to see what he is doing now. Great interview Shawn


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                    The Best Advice was Have a Backup Plan! Dennis is one of the best bodybuilders ive seen since bob paris!


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                      Thanks Shawn

                      Thanks Shawn. Great interview.

                      If the heyday of bodybuilding was really the mid 80's-early 90s then many of us out there are your age and wondering what ever happened to...I remember Dennis. This kid was going to be a superstar! Would love to hear what ever happened to...We know generally but the real story of what it was like and what did they do.

                      Mendenhall (sp?)
                      Mattarazzo - yes we've read the articles but what does he look like now and how does it feel to be "average."
                      Phil Hill
                      Aaron Baker
                      Scott Wilson
                      Porter Cortrell
                      Fux (since injury)
                      Chris Duffy
                      Jim Quinn
                      Mike Ashley
                      Dave Hawk
                      Vince Taylor
                      Franco Santierello
                      Tony Pearson
                      Jeff King
                      Mike Christian

                      Let's see before and after pix of all of them. What they look like now. And the real stories behind them.


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                        Would've made a great Mr.Olympia...

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                          I'd like to no what Paul DeMayo is up to now days. one of my favorites.


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                            In the early to mid 90's you couldn't pick up a magazine and not see Dennis Newman in it. He was everywhere back then
                            SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY
                            2016 NBA Champs...Cleveland Cavs


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                              "I'd like to no what Paul DeMayo is up to now days. one of my favorites."

                              He Passed Away a couple years back