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Was it a Mistake For Victor to Skip the Flex Pro?

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  • Was it a Mistake For Victor to Skip the Flex Pro?

    After Placing 8th at the Olympia The Flex Show would have served as a great contest for Victor to get back in the winners circle! With Dexter as the Front Runner Victor Would have been compared to Dexter And Had a great shot at winning and gaining great momentum going into the Arnold! Your Thoughts?

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    No. Better to focus for the Arnold and be ready to rock n roll.


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      With some of these guys like Wolf, Vic etc. and even Kai, not always hitting their peak on the day, I think it would have been better for them to compete in both shows. I am sure even Kai looked better a few days after the Olympia. Even after last year's Arnold, Kai seemed to improve for the Australian show.

      So my conclusion is that maybe these guys could use the Flex show to get as ready and as sharp as possible and then just fine tune it for the Arnold.

      We all know how good they are, but they have to come in their best conditioning to be at the top these days.


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        I am sure Martinez made the best decision; only time will tell right?


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          no. he needs to let ben pkuski shine
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            He should only do the ASC and the O this year. I hope Vic makes some noise this year at the O!


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              As much as I wanted to see him compete in the flex I think it was wise for him just to skip it and focus on the Arnold, that way he doesn't mess up his prep by peaking for one show and missing it at next since there basically back to back shows.


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                victor is recovering the winner mindset. he wont bother with small game


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                  Of course!

                  At the Arnold, it's do or die! So if he shows up off, he's fucked!

                  BUT, if he had entered the Flex, he would have had two weeks to tweak things if he missed his peak. idk. We'll see I guess!
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                    Yes I think he should have done it, if he won it the Arnold would be hyped up as Branch vs Victor, if he didn't he would still have time to fine tune things and bring his best. His name will lose some luster if he comes in a little off and potentially slips back to sixth or there abouts at the Arnold.


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                      I think he made the best decision for him. He didn't need to try to peak for two shows that close together.


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                        Victor loses nothing flying in for this one! Kick Ass in Columbus and go to the UK Pro for the Encore!

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                        Friday, February 18 – Doubletree Suites

                        7:00 PM Athlete Meeting for Men’s Bodybuilding
                        8:00 PM Athlete Meeting for FLEX Bikini Model Search

                        Saturday, February 19 – Santa Monica Civic Auditorium

                        11:00 AM Doors Open

                        12:00 PM FLEX Bikini Model Search Round 1 – Individual Presentation

                        FLEX Pro Judging
                        60 seconds Individual Posing

                        Pound4Pound FLEX Edition – Squat

                        FLEX Bikini Model Search Round 2 – Comparisons

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                          i feel he should have done it. wouldve been a good chance to win or place 2nd, then carry momentum over to the AC. now i think he must win or come in 2nd by way of controversial decision to be back where he was when he lost to jay.
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                            No. smart idea of just focusing on the Arnold. two back to back contest has to be hard on the body.


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                              Not all all