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2011 Flex Pro Finals Play-by-Play with Shawn Ray and George Farah - how it all went down

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  • 2011 Flex Pro Finals Play-by-Play with Shawn Ray and George Farah - how it all went down

    The 2011 Competition Season kicks off this weekend with the Inaugural Flex Pro!

    Shawn Ray
    and George Farah will be bringing you all the action, live from Santa Monica, California!

    -- Prejudging starts at 12 Pacific/3 Eastern Saturday February 19, 2011 --

    -- Finals start at 7 Pacific/10 Eastern on Saturday, February 19, 2011 --

    Will former Mr. Olympia Dexter Jackson win the first ever Flex Pro title, or could one of Team MD's very own grab it? Evan Centopani and Dennis Wolf are both ready to battle for that top spot.

    Team MD will be out in force all weekend long, with hotel room interviews, stage shots, and perhaps a few shout outs from 4 time Mr Olympia Jay Cutler! Three Mr. Olympia qualification spots are up for grabs, and MD will be there to bring you all the goods.

    Its all right here on - your #1 multi-media source for bodybuilding news and information!

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    too bad there's no webcast online stream


    • #3
      Shawn and Jordan are already working on interviews today.

      The guys are checking in tonight at the contest hotel.

      Pre-judging is tomorrow at noon and finals at 7:00 - all California time!


      • #4
        Should be fun.


        • #5
          C'mon Wolf !


          • #6
            TEAM MD is in THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!


            • #7
              Any in room day before interviews coming up Shawn?


              • #8
                Shawn, could MD possibly stream any shows this year?

                I'm not saying I wanna pay, but I would pay $4.99 at the most to watch each streaming video of the shows. Think about all the people who would be watching. That could be some good revenue and a lot of happy people.


                • #9
                  Yep soo true, I'd gladly pay for each broadcast and then we could get what we want, plus the promoters would make more money...


                  • #10
                    ig otta agree with that too, this FLEX Pro is such a great kick off to the season that I'd love to see on broadcast..would gladly pay 5 bucks for a broadcast to see the battles at So. Cal tmrw!
                    Don't talk it; Just LIVE it.


                    • #11
                      so how do we follow the callouts and all that?
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                      JESUS THE CHRIST


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                        Originally posted by RockyIII View Post
                        so how do we follow the callouts and all that?
                        Shawn will be posting them as they happen. Just check this thread.


                        • #13
                          Flex Pro, let's go!


                          • #14
                            First call-out, Dex, Dennis, Evan, Fouad...)


                            • #15
                              keep those updates coming!