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Europa Orlando PLAY-BY-PLAY with Kevin Levrone, Shawn & Flex Wheeler FINALS

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    Pro Bikini - End of Round.
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      Figure is up next!


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        IFBB Pro Figure Prejudging:

        Stefanie Bambrough

        Holly Beck

        Cheryl Brown

        Nicole Carter

        Viviana Casarubbia

        Ginette Delhas

        Lauren DeNapoli
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          IFBB Pro Figure Prejudging:

          Melissa Frederick

          Alana Hernandez

          Candice Keene

          CeaAnna Kerr

          Kaylen McKenzie

          Petra Mertl
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            IFBB Pro Figure Prejudging:

            Kristen Nagrani

            Katherynne Ramirez

            Elvimar Sanchez

            Gennifer Stroboscopic

            Sandi Stuart

            Ann Titone

            Amy Vetter

            End of Introductions!

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              Stefanie Bambrough:
              LilSho: I'm not a fan of the posing, and she disappears from behind.
              MC: Yeah, she's a little small.

              Holly Beck:
              MC: Holly has great stage presence!
              Lilsho: She is on tongiht and looks good!

              Cheryl Brown:

              MC: Small and tight. Good proportions. She looks great!
              LilSho: Could be her show to lose. She looks good and relaxed. Stage presentation is on. Her hair looks nice tonight, too. Very pretty suit.

              Nicole Carter:

              LilSho: Looks a bit hard. Would be good for women's physique.
              MC: I agree, too hard.

              Vivianna Casarubbia:
              LilSho: Very lean. Striations in her quads - not really what the judges are looking for.
              MC: She is totally striated - everywhere!

              Ginette Delhas:

              MC: Overall, she looks good. Nice package.
              LilSho: I think she looks good. Could be a contender!
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                Lauren Denapoli:
                LilSho: Her lower body is bigger than her upper body.
                MC: Hmm.... Can't tell if she's just soft or needs more glute development?

                Melissa Frederick:

                MC: She looks good, but disappears from behind.
                LilSho: Totally agree.

                Alana Hernandez:
                Lilsho: Her tan is muddy.

                Candice John:
                MC: Candice is beautiful.
                LilSho: She's a cutie! Nice v-taper. Wow...and glutes!
                MC: Yeah, I agree.

                Candice Keene:
                MC: A crowd favorite!
                LilSho: Candice always brings it, and she definitely did today.
                MC: Her whole package is good.

                CeaAnna Kerr:
                LilSho: Conditioning is good, but I don't see her being a contendor here.
                MC: Nope...

                Kaylen McKEnzie:
                MC: Tiny waist!
                LilSho: Nice delts - wow!
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                  Petra Mertl:
                  LilSho: Veteran. Looks softer than the line-up. Nice shape. Needs more glute work

                  Kristen Nagrani:

                  LilSho: This is her pro debut!
                  MC: She has put on some size!
                  LilSho: She always looks great! Gotta love Kristen. She is too funny! She looked nervous, for sure.

                  Katherynne Ramirez:
                  MC: Looked good, but not as conditioned as the other girls.

                  Elvimar Sanchez:

                  MC: Pretty girl.
                  LilSho: She loses it from behind.

                  Gennifer Strobo:
                  MC: Yep, another bombshell!
                  LilSho: Another bombshell. She brought her usual, tight package. Nice posing, too.
                  MC: Great conditioning, and great shoulders!

                  Sandi Stuart:
                  MC: Soft in the butt. Blotchy tan.

                  Ann Titone:

                  MC: Tan is off!
                  LilSho: Tan is off. She is not dark enough, but does look pretty tight.

                  Amy Vetter:
                  MC: Tan is great! I like her!
                  LilSho: Tan looks good. Conditioning looks good, too!
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                      thx robbie you saved us all with that clear nice vid


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                        First callout:

                        Cheryl Brown
                        Candice Keene
                        Candice John
                        Petra Mertl
                        Kristen Nagrani
                        Gennifer Stobo

                        Cheryl Brown moved to the center, next to Candice Keene.

                        Top three is:
                        Candice Keene
                        Cheryl Brown
                        Gennifer Stobo

                        Second Callout:

                        Kristen Nagrani
                        Candice John
                        Petra Mertl
                        Amy Vetter
                        Ann Titone
                        Holly Beck

                        Alana Hernandez added in to the line-up.

                        That's it for Figure!

                        See you all tomorrow afternoon at 3PM for Bikini and Figure Finals!
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                          End Women's Pro Figure Prejudging.

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                            IFBB Pro Men Prejudging Play-by-Play with Shawn Ray, Kevin Levrone, and George Farah starts now!
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                              wow - that first guy is lookin good!!
                              Current Prep: KC Golds Classic - 2011


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