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  • Is the expo...

    Is the expo worth going to without going to the judging?

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    Yes it is. Lots going on with a bunch of competitions from strongman to powerlifting to MMA.
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      At the expo you can also check out the Muscular Development "Come Watch the Pro's Train"!

      Training Times & Athlete:
      Friday, April 29

      2pm - 3pm: Luis Santa • Rodney Roller • Mark Alvisi
      3pm - 4pm: Al Aguste • Fred Smalls • Shawn Rhoden
      4pm - 5pm: Steve Namat • Branden Ray • Roc Shabazz
      5pm - 6pm: Andy Haman
      6pm - 7pm: Mark Antonek • Cedric McMillan • Bill Wilmore

      Saturday, April 30

      10am - 11am: Luis Santa • Ava Cowan •
      11am - 12pm: Fred Smalls • Roc Shabazz • Sarah Hayes
      12pm - 1pm: Mark Alvisi • Bill Wilmore • Shawn Rhoden
      1pm - 2pm: Mark Antonek • Al Aguste • Rodney Roller
      2pm - 3pm: Kevin Levrone • Cedric McMillan • Steve Namat
      3pm-4pm Andy Haman

      See you there guys!


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        last year it was like a giganticcccc garage lmao. Seemed like it was like 2 miles across, looked pretty big. When I walked in I think i saw the grappling events and such. I watched that along with some strongmen and powerlifting. I walked around and I didn't see anything bodybuilding related so I just thought it was that, along with the other misc events. A couple hours after I walked over and found a whole other section that had booths with kai greene, stan efferding, mark alvisi and such and I was like "oh no shit." You can walk around and take samples, chat a little with the pros. Watch the pro's train was kind of an akward sausage fest but Rodney roller stuck around after and talked a little bit with a few people.
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          Yeah sounds worthwhile, i live a mile away so if its decent- probably kill some time there both days.