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Cedric McMillan's thoughts on Europa - Orlando show

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  • i wasn't a fan of cedric.but after reading his post i have become a deserved your win at the've got a lot of class and a lot of heart. i really do beleive that the internet boards are the minority.i respect anyone who enters a contest.the diet all the carido,your a better man than me.enjoy your win much deserved.and you do have a new fan.


    • This thread backfired on Cedric. I see what he was trying to do with the whole "i am very humble" tactic. But it only exposed weakness. Keep moral values at church. This sport, bodybuilding, is a dirty business, only the strong will survive. Your victory means taking food off another mans plate, and your defeat will be food off your own. So get with the programme or play chess instead.
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      • Shawn has hit the nail on the head Ceddy, so take it too heart and move on. This is not only a physical game but a mental game as well. Your body is ironclad now make your mental mind just as ironclad.Ceddy for the win!!!

        Definition of IRONCLAD

        : sheathed in iron armor —used especially of naval vessels
        : so firm or secure as to be unbreakable: as
        a : binding
        b : having no obvious weakness
        Originally posted by Shawn Ray View Post
        Not every Champion has the "Fortitude" to realize their true Potential for their Fear of Failure and of what Other people think about them.
        Sadly, this sport attracts people with Insecurities, Eating Disorders, Addictive Personalities and people with Low Self Esteem.
        Winning only Magnifies some of these issues and the Internet manifests them to the surface with Anonymous Posters hitting "Trigger" points that these Champions feel require a Response.
        I had Cedric Winning from the moment they all Lined Up.
        My opinion counts for Shit, yet I have seen a Million Shows and picked as many Winners in the same fashion. However comfortable I was in my assessment, it would not have made Cedric any more secure with me telling him this, as I did before the show was over and in my Play by Play Thread along with Flex.
        The Mind has ruined many "Potential Champion Careers" like:
        Rory, Mendenhall and B Fox.
        This sport is not for everyone just because they Win or have Potential.
        It's for the Ruthless Killers in the Gym that are Fearless in the Face of Defeat, in Raged when they Lose and Hungry to achieve their Best in the face of Adversity!
        It's not Learned. Either you have it or you don't.

        Every athlete worth a damn, gets Heat from Critics, Judges and Fans.
        When or if I ever gave a Damn about what "Strangers" thought of me Winning or Losing a Contest I freely chose to compete in to better myself and finance my career would have been the day I quit!
        On this day, the world would have found out that the Sponsors who Pay me Money to support my efforts to be the best and the Prize Money I received to pay my Bills meant Shite! Well for me that would have been a lie.

        Every Pro worth their weight in this business wants to be their Best but the vast majority have no clue on how to actually make that a Reality?
        Here in lies the rub and their confusion gives rise to their insecurities making them even "Bigger Targets" to get Chopped down by the competition and Critics!
        If a Pro can't handle Criticism and doesn't like what the Fans say about him, he is not long for this Sport and there will be 10 people that will step right over him to try and become the Champion he feels he will never be.

        Sounds like some tough decisions will have to be made or maybe we have seen the best that South Carolina has to present the world?
        Either way, the system worked and the Correct Winner was chosen but sadly, this Thread revealed Bigger Problems ahead for this Champion that are beyond the stage.

        I can only wish him good luck.


        • Originally posted by Charlene View Post
          In my opinion you shouldn't post period. For someone who claims to be a fan of bodybuilding you've got a funny way of showing it. At this stage of the game you're nothing but a troll who should go get their jollies somewhere else.
          You sicken me Mayor of BULLSHIT.
          best post of the thread!!!!!!! the self proclaimed mayor needs to be removed from office and bitch slapped


          • Cedric has all the potential, but more than anything he needs to grow a thicker skin and be more self confident of himself, because if Cedric doesnt believe Cedric is great and something special why should anyone else.


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              • I think everyone who sits and takes the time to care about what other people think about them should spend some time in a graveyard to understand how short life is. Cedric went through a pretty tramautic event with his family. In some instances, plenty of people would have simply said f bodybuilding and just walked away. I don't care how great of a bodybuilder you are but anyone with a family is going to put family first. Well at least someone who has their priorities in order.

                I agree with Shawn though that the killer instinct just has to be there or it just doesn't work. Its really early to tell with someone like Cedric who has only competed in 6 competitions ever. SIX. There are guys posting on this thread who have posted in 20+ events.

                Imagine if Ronnie had the internet when he first started competing in the pros and was getting last place finishes....he was have been ripped a new one.


                • MUCH RESPECT CED!!! U DESERVED IT BRO!!!


                  • why you calling me a dog?why do you disrespect me????

                    congrats on your win.
                    STAND TO FUCK UNIT


                    • Originally posted by Evan Centopani View Post
                      First off, Cedric should not apologize for anything. Dude, you just won your first pro show. Of course you're not 100% satisfied with how you looked onstage...none of us ever are! Have you ever met a bodybuilder (a good one anyways) who is/was satisifed with how they look? Of course not. But you should be satisfied with the outcome of the show.

                      This is bodybuilding. It's not a "most conditioned contest" or a "biggest man contest" or even a "best symmetry contest". It's a physique contest and that means having the best combination of size/development, conditioning and aesthetics. The man on that stage with the best combination was Cedric! That's my opinion and obviously many felt the same way including the judges. Everyone else is entitled to their opinion.

                      What I do think is unnecessary is a lot of the crap I see people write about the competitors. Hey it's a free country and people can write and say whatever they want. But if you wouldn't go up to any of these guys in person and tell them "Hey man, you really looked like shit onstage" then I think you look like a real pussy writing it on a message board. Many will say "But it's just the internet". If that's the way you truly feel then don't beat on guys who don't come on the boards. You have guys like Cedric who put an honest effort into trying to help others and answer their questions...if it's "just the internet" then a pro's participation or lack thereof shouldn't matter to you. Fans don't like it when they meet a pro and walk away feeling that the guy was less than respectful. Pros don't like to be shit on by fans either! Nobody likes to feel disrespected.

                      This is pro bodybuilding and as a bodybuilder, you will be judged constantly. You will be evaluated and critiqued and told your shortcomings over and over again. And all bodybuilders accept that fact. And like I said, everyone is entitled to say whatever it is they feel like saying. But anyone with half a brain and at least a little class can communicate their opinions in a way that is respectful and effective.

                      Congrats Cedric
                      I agree 100%, with this post. And to add to the internet comments and disrespect, Evan also made a comment once while in the car driving while I was on the phone with him. Ev, you might remember this. Someone gave you the finger and you got so pissed and you said "If you won't give me the finger walking on the street, then don't give me the finger in your car" and I think that applies to this as well. Everyone should be happy about MD and other body building web sites that help to promote and grow the sport of bodybuilding. Too much negativity and disrespect will only hurt the sport which we all claim to love and enjoy. Every has an opinion and every opinion can be spoken and typed respectfully and I think if we can turn it into corrective criticisms and not just a bunch of "joe schmo looked like shit, or he sucks, or what not" I think there are better ways to get your point across than tearing others down. And if that day ever comes I think it will be better for competitors and fans.
                      It ain't bout how hard you're hit, it's bout how hard you can get hit and keep movin forward."


                      • You are an incredible BBer, Cedric. Keep your head up.
                        You are plenty big. You condition was just off. You and Liberatore deserved 1st or 2nd. It could have gone either way IMO.

                        Keep going strong, man. And, your buddies finally killed Osama.
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                        • i dont post much..i prefer to read but i couldnt help it now

                          cedric much respect man and be happy..(well i would be with your structure )
                          maybe u need moar gut and all net ppl be happy with u! u was great and in that lineup noone can stand next to u...

                          just keep do your thing man and remeber this line...:fuck this i ll do what i do cause nigas cant do me..beter than I do !!!


                          • Ok i need to set things straight...
                            First of all, after reviewing pics and videos i can understand why Ced won the show. I wont take that away from him and it was not an unfair call from the judges IF you look at it from the point of view expressed in hundreds of posts already by the fans.

                            What i want to point out though is that E.Mishin is showing more class and great attitude in defeat than Ced is in victory, and for that, Mishin is MY "People´s Champ" by far, with or without the small waist and perfect structure.
                            I know this is bodybuilding and solely judged on physiques and not attitudes, but in my eyes Mishin's attitude speaks louder than Ced God-given physical attributes.
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                            • Originally posted by mcmillan View Post
                              Well, if u believe the things u have said about me is to help and encourage me and assist me in becoming a better bodybuilder, then I thank u. I don't know how tough u are mentally and emotionally, but I can tell u, it hurts when u see people that at your best, support u fully, then when they're not satisfied with how they look, they make a lot of comments about u that are not constructive at all... Instead it feels like that person regrets the fact that they supported u in the first place, so they make comments based on there disappointment. Do u realize how much we as competitors want to please all the bodybuilding fans... Even those of us that put up a front like they don't care, inside they really do. Trust me... The things we read on the boards don't make us want to go home and try harder to please y'all or prove y'all wrong, or shut up the haters... It makes some of us not even come on the forums to interact with fans... It makes us want to quit so people can find somebody else to criticize. Every pro I've talked to says "stay the fuck away from the boards".... Why? Because it can be very discouraging. I know everyone on here don't give a damn how we feel because of the comments they post, and will prob talk even more shit when they realize that it does affects us. I just wish everybody on these boards could get in our shoes and go through a diet, feel good about the results and then get slaughtered on the boards. All the legends never had to experience this, and that's why they stuck around through the ups and downs long enough to become legends.
                              We all are trying our best
                              You haven't talked with Centopani or Cutler then, have you? Hang out with the Champs and you'll see the light. The others want to stay away from the boards because they aren't champs and people criticize and have their favorites. Do well son. We may criticize you, but it's because we know you're better than that.
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                              • hey I don't really post much but i just wanted to say congratulations cedric you deserved it man, you inspire me to be a better person and bodybuilder