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Cedric McMillan's thoughts on Europa - Orlando show

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  • Originally posted by GeorgeForemanRules View Post
    Evgeny Mishin looked like crap, he has horrible shape, a poor bone structure and a very thick waist. Third place was a gift.
    If that's the case, how does branch Warren win the Arnold classic and the flex pro?


    • WOW...First an foremost Congrats to Cedric...Keep your head up Champ...You gotta have "TOUGH SKIN" in this sport my man...You shouldnt have to come on No Forum an defend yourself...The Judges rewarded you an NOBODY can take that away from you...Of course Im sure you might have wanted to look Bigger or Better etc but the TRUTH of the matter is,YOU WON...Enjoy that Victory an use the Negative comments etc as fuel to motivate you to come back bigger n better...Thats the best advice I can give you...

      I met Cedric here on MD an as we all know,Bodybuilders have egos an not Every bodybuilder is friends with there Competition...Some take it Very Personal...Cedric is not one of them guys...He is a Very Friendly down to earth guy...After I won the JRS in 2008,He emailed me an gave me props an said,How did you get your Tall Frame to pack on so much muscle an I RESPECTED him from that point on...How many Top LEVEL competitors ask others for advice? Very few...Another example of the man he is,The Year Cedric turned Pro at Nationals,We all was going to early weigh-ins etc an I was sitting in the back of expo by myself,When Cedric walks up peacefully to me with that Big OLE SMILE saying DAWG,IM NERVOUS AS SHIT...You gotta show me how you stay so calm through this shit...haha...It was his 1st shot at his Pro Card an HE WON...I was in the 1st callout with him an he was battling side by side on stage having a blast an after we got off stage,He said dam BIG DAWG you just Punked me on stage an we both just started laughing...The point im making is,Its much more to life then Bodybuilding...This man Represented our Country...My hat goes off to him...Keep training hard Champ an REMEMBER, ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE..We Live in Learn Big Dawg...On to the next one...



      • MOB is a beanbag..
        Cedric don't let these people get at you.. you are one of the best to come around in awhile, you know it and so do I so never mind the haters..