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Cedric McMillan's thoughts on Europa - Orlando show

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  • Originally posted by tight booty View Post
    Exactly and you would never hear Arnold back in the day care what other people thought.
    There wasn't an Internet then and if there was he probably would have been ripped to shreds and never risen to the heights in the entertainment industry and politics that he did. Not that I don't like Arnold, but the playing field is far different than thirty years ago or even 20 or ten.


    • Arnold would get on here and have them beg to eat shit out of a can he was selling to them.


      • Cedric has great potential the i feel he has barley tapped into and if he does progress like evan has he will be a multiple mr olympia! As for the internet i enjoy a good debate and anything i post i feel fine telling someone in person! im not a tough guy but im real and faking it is not my style,just ask my boy rob quads! If cedric thinks im a hater so be it!


        • Cedric -

          Imagine, in Pumping Iron, if Arnold's retirement speech went something like this: "This will be my last Mr. Olympia. I am retiring because winning doesn't feel fantastic at all, it hurts too much! I'm so sad and miserable! Can you imagine how hard Big Louie trained for this contest? And Franco and Serge? Even though I never speak with Lou and Serge outside of the Olympia, I love them very much! I mean, I heard that 7 people thought they should have won, so why did I have to win? My winning is the cause if them losing, and I feel so horrible about it! I should have never left Austria and come to the states to pursue my stupid bodybuilding dream."

          Imagine, in Pumping Iron, if Arnold wasn't filmed celebrating his win with a joint, while wearing a T-Shirt that read "Arnold is Numero Uno". Instead, imagine if Arnold was filmed crying in his hotel room because he felt sorry that Lou, Serge, and Franco couldn't also win, while wearing a T-Shirt that read "Arnold Is Sensitive - Please Don't Say Mean Things About Me Because It Will Make Me Cry."

          Imagine if Dorian cried to his wife after each Mr. Olympia win: "Oh Deb, I don't know if I can handle stealing these guy's dreams any longer. If it wasn't for me, Shawn, Kevin, Flex, and Nassar would all be Mr. Olympia! Winning sucks, it hurts too much!

          Imagine if Dorian reacted to the infamous "Doran vs Ronnie" thread on another popular bodybuilding website like this: "Why is Hulkster being so mean to me? I mean, even though I don't know who he is, his real name, or anything about him - it rips me to the very core of my soul that Hulkster doesn't think I deserved to win Mr. Olympia."

          People say that Dorian didn't have the best bodybuilding genetics. That may be true physically, but Dorian had - by far - the greatest mental bodybuilding genetics of all time. His superior mental strength and focus enabled him to destroy guys with far greater physical genetic gifts - such as yourself. Physically, you have everything it takes to win the Olympia. You do, however, have one major weakness. It's mental - which you admit to:

          Unless you have the ability to change your mindset (at least during your competitive bodybuilding career) to something like this - "I don't give a fuck what the fans say, I don't give a fuck about my competitors, I don't give a fuck about anything outside of my family and job except improving my physique, by making the necessary gains to fill out my genetically superior physique which can win the Olympia!" - then you might want to consider retiring now, and saving yourself from the mental torture and anguish that you are inflicting upon yourself.

          Pro bodybuilding is only temporary, bro. You only have to be focused, selfish and cold for the remainder of your career. If you are concerned about what people will think about you (which I'm sure you are) - I ask you - is Dorian viewed by the majority of bodybuilding fans as a self-centered, conceited prick? Nope. Just the opposite, he is viewed by most as one of bodybuilding's best representatives of all time. Why? Because people respect what he had to do to become the greatest bodybuilder in the world for 6 years in a row. After he retired, he went back to being the friendly, outgoing, fun, partying bloke he is.

          Once your career is over, you too, can also go back to being the genuinely nice, caring, friendly person you are. And likewise, people will respect you. It's your choice. Or is it? The question is, can you improve your weak point (your mind)? Or, is just like a stubborn body part that won't improve no matter how hard you try? I guess only time will tell. Good luck to you.


          • ced,bro you have just your feet wet,after a few more seasons of competing and growing,i see a sandow imo.your lines are better than a huge chunk of pros,no offense.the huge hanging guts over astetics is just mind blowing on these to have guys like you and others that are doing battle to win shows and have good lines and small waists,it's a good sign that there is hope that a classic physique will still win.all the best man and i'm pulling for you!!!!!
            There's nothing I'm afraid of like scared people.
            - Robert Frost


            • Originally posted by GeorgeForemanRules View Post
              That's not what I said.

              You can pile a ton of muscle on a shit bone structure, then blow the waist/gut out with that up and all you have is a genetically inferior bodybuilder.

              Cedric has great: symmetry, bone structure, size, skin, shape and height to top that off. He was the clear winner.
              Couldn't say any better myself.

              Congrats on the win, it should also be quite obvious that most of the people that talk shit are brainless.
              your only as strong as your mind, so consider yourself weak.
              Yep...cats before cunts like my grandma always used to say. - BBOY


              • Cedric,

                No matter who wins a show, there are always going to be naysayers that say otherwise. You were judged by a Professional IFBB Pro Judging panel, who had the best vantage point possible at the show and they deemed you the winner. Don't let the monday morning quarterbacks ruin your time. I thought you did a phenomenol job out there, and regardless of whether you or anyone felt you were the best you could possibly be... it doesn't matter, because we are all striving to be better at our next show.

                Bottom line brother is you won the show, it was judged fairly by a panel of professionals that put you in first place.

                A huge congrats out to you and hope you can begin to enjoy this win as you should. All the best in the coming weeks in New York. Look forward to meeting you some day as I've been a fan of your physique since you came on the scene. I'll be at the Toronto and Tampa shows for my debut so hope to see you there.

                All the best brother,



                • Originally posted by MusclepapaJohn View Post
                  i owe cedric nothing i will tell him my opinion in person at the ny pro if he wants to hear it! Im nice to everyone but I do not hide on the net and ill be easy to pick out in ny! Not tough talk just the way i am!


                  • congrats big one, you deserved your win. good luck in NY.
                    ISSA Certified Physical Trainer


                    • ^ are you hammered?
                      your only as strong as your mind, so consider yourself weak.
                      Yep...cats before cunts like my grandma always used to say. - BBOY


                      • I think this is the first time in the history of me being on this board that I have witnessed a pep talk to the winner of a pro show.


                        • Originally posted by mayor of bodybuilding View Post
                          i owe cedric nothing i will tell him my opinion in person at the ny pro if he wants to hear it! Im nice to everyone but I do not hide on the net and ill be easy to pick out in ny! Not tough talk just the way i am!
                          I dont think he owes an apology for his opinion. He hasnt dissed on Cedric as a matter of fact he has been complimentary.


                          • Originally posted by mcmillan View Post
                            Me being flat is something I knew and am not denying... My point is, if u were interested in helping me, u could have sent me a message saying "yo ced, this is what I think"... Instead of contributing to the Cedric bashing. Everybody did Alvisi the same way in Dallas. For those of us that are not from NY and are not Irish, sometimes NON constructive comments coming from someone that appears to be your supporter affects them negatively. Kevin Levrone don't know me and has never said things like you're the best!, and then join in a conversation about how much I sucked and didn't deserve a win. I do like those shirts though! But shit like that hurts coming from u and Adina because I thought y'all had my back. At the Olympia when I was feeling so depressed about my lost, u guys had so many encouraging and motivating words to tell me at the booth... Then y'all go criticize me for not showing my body. If that criticism was told to me, I can handle that... But y'all criticize me to the people on the boards... The same boards that u tell me "don't worry about those forums Cedric"
                            It's all good and I'm not beefing with u at all. I just know how to take things u say to ME versus things u say ABOUT ME, when you're enjoying your forum conversation after I do a show and don't look like an Olympian
                            I respect your support for the sport.
                            I should have stayed my flat ass at home and not left my family. Well, I'll do everybody a favor and stay my small, flat, condition lacking ass at he next month too... That way I can sit back and laugh at all the shit people say about those that did the NY show. I know I'm not a top 15 Olympian, and I promise I won't go to that show no time soon.
                            Ced, you qualified for the Olympia. You beat my homie Marcus. You EARNED the right to be on stage at the biggest show in bodybuilding. NOT competing, IMHO, is a bad idea and is kind of disrepsectful to the sport in a way. You are being awarded the opportunity to step on a stage that very few men have ever stepped on. Personally, although I could see you were somewhat flat, you had the best shape on stage. Beautiful flowing lines, ZERO gut, a good looking clean physique. Take your time off, enjoy it, and come back in September and prove that you deserve to be there to all these internet losers who don't know shit, have never stepped on stage in their lives and never will, and most importantly, TO YOURSELF!
                            Congrats on your win bro. Marcus and I are good friends, and I know he is happy for you and admires your physique.


                            • Cedric, don't let the talk get to you. The majority of people are extremely happy to see you win and completely agree with the direction you're trying to take the sport! Yeah you were flat and smaller, but you went through some hard fucking shit, that's life. We all know you DESERVED to be in the top 3 last year and because of that dickhead Gaspari you weren't, so in a sense your placings came around full circle, maybe you were off and smaller, but your physique is still light years ahead of Marcus and Evgeni (IMO). Keep doing what you're doing, gain back the fucking size, take the O and make this sport special again!


                              • Mr Mc Millan,
                                I read carefully what you wrote and that is a very good lesson to everybody!
                                To tell you the truth, i was a little bit devastated to see you so "small" compare to the mass you usually have.
                                Like the "mayor" i don't understand the judges to give the victory to Branch at the NY pro and some weeks after to give you the victory to the Orlando show.
                                It doesn't mean you didn't deserve it, i just don't understand the IFBB judges's criteria.
                                Don't feel guilty to win! Be happy and proud about it, because you are not responsable about the judges decision.
                                You proove your humanity is even bigger than your muscles and that is the most important in life!
                                From the deapest of my hart i wish you the best in the future!