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Jose Raymond blasts his guns exactly two weeks out from the final 202 Showdown!

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  • Jose Raymond blasts his guns exactly two weeks out from the final 202 Showdown!

    Jose Raymond blasts his guns exactly two weeks out from the Olympia and talks about arm training, his disgust with Synthol use, and his struggle to get down to 202 pounds for the final time. Special bonus: we break out the tape measure to show Jose has legit 21-inch cannons in contest condition!

    Check out Jose's Gun Show


    Jose Raymond gives us a sneak peek of what he has in store for Kevin English at the 202 Showdown in 26 days

    Jose Raymond pounds pecs at five weeks out from the 202 Showdown at Today's Fitness in Woburn, MA. Though he was starting to feel the diet take its toll as he struggles to make 202 for the last time before the division moves to a 212-pound limit, The Boston Mass gives it his all on every set. Chest has been his greatest challenge physique-wise, and he shows it no mercy!

    Jose Raymond blasts quads at just under seven weeks out from the Mr. Olympia and talks about training around pain and injuries, as well as how he is heading into this year's big show in a much better position than ever before. He also addresses the critics who say he hasn't beaten all the big names yet and how the stars are aligned now that he has the backing of MHP, MD, his girl Toni, and some truly amazing fans. Jose is going to Las Vegas to win, and anything less will be a disappointment

    Jose Raymond and his girlfriend Toni Perdikakis talk of why she left him and why she returned as he prepares for the most important contest of his 18-year competitive bodybuilding career.

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    lol @ the synthol question...

    that one there is for rocky.
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      Synthol is for ......, agreed on that one.

      Going to be a tough one for the judges since Kevin, Flex, Jose and perhaps Vaughn are so different and good in diff ways.
      Kevin is the biggest, smallest waist to shoulder ratio. Great chest, back and general size plus being the champ. Does lack detail in some areas.
      Flex, great physique, good muscle tie ins, a bit shallow lower back and not the best chest. But fantastic legs, calves, arms, detail and condition.
      Jose, the most muscular/height, grainy, vascular, thick as hell. Doesnt lag much when it comes to body parts. Doesnt have the same striations and muscle separations. But he is the freakiest and almost no flaws.
      Vaughn, the most detailed physique, great muscle tie ins all over his body with good condition. But not as big and thick.

      Seriously, a lot of people will think different no matter who wins, atleast if the top 3-7 guys come in shape.

      I have no idea myself, although I would bet on Kevin if forced to bet on anyone simply cause he is the champ.


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        strong presser


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          Jose developed a solid foudation over the years and is going to give Kevin and Flex all they can handle in Vegas!


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            I can't see Jose losing.


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              Jose looks phenomenal... how in the hell is he going to make weight?


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                he has 2 weeks to lose about 12 sure he is used to question he will make weight..

                new champ soon i see..


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                  Damn, that's one huge little dude! 21inch arms! Hard to believe he can drop almost 20 lbs before the show in 2 weeks. He looks great right now....
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                    jose is looking crazy


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                      jose for the win. .


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                        damn he looks insane. i really like the way jose puts himself out there, everyone else seems to be hiding away a bit before the olympia but jose wants everyone to know the score.


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                          i'm rooting for jose all the way. who was that reference to about the phoenix pro?


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                            Tell Matt to get off his cell phone in the gym!


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                              muscles on top muscles , he is thick man ! He is a smaller version of Markus Ruhl when it comes to thick, ridiculous mass .