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2011 Olympia Play-by-Play w/Shawn Ray, Flex & Dorian Yates! PHIL HEATH IS 2011 MR OLYMPIA!!

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    Nathalia FTW!!
    Don't talk it; Just LIVE it.


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      Bikini First Callout

      Jaime Baird
      Diana Dalgren
      Sonia Gonzales
      Nathalia Melo
      Nicole Nagrani
      India Paulino

      Nathalia was moved to the center and Diana moved in next to her. Oh snap, they just moved Nicole Nagrani in to the center in between Nathalia and Diana D.


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        Second callout

        Sonia, Jaime Baird, India, Ali Rosen, Juliana Daniell


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          Third callout:
          Ali Rosen, Juliana Daniell, Justine Munro, Diana Graham, Nathalie Pennington, Abbie Burrows


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            Final Top 3 callout

            Nathalia Melo, Nicole Nagrani and Diana Dahlgren

            making them walk back and forth, they left nathalia in the center ont his callout


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              Figure is up next!


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                Shawn Ray & Lenda Murray will be chiming in following the Women's Preo Figure with Women's Bodybuilding Prejudging Assessments!


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                  Jamie Baird should take it!!


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                    1. Jelena Abbou

                    Jelena Abbou

                    TG - pink is not a good color for her, her lower body is soft but that is something Jelena has always struggled with

                    Teresa Anthony

                    TG - she has a beautiful shape, her presentation is nice, she is very poised and comfortable, I think she is not too soft and not too hard, she is spot on

                    3.Holly Beck

                    TG - her suit is too busy, distracting from her physique, she is a bit stringy in her upper body


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                      4. Cheryl Brown
                      Cheryl Brown

                      TG - for Cheryl its a better physique than Ive seen her bring in in a while, but she is till a lil soft on her backside

                      Raechelle Chase

                      5. Raechelle Chase

                      TG - too flat, nothing is popping, too much oil, very smooth

                      Krissy Chin

                      6. Krissy Chin

                      TG - she looks good, shes brought down her muscularity and her conditioning is on point


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                        This one is my Winner!!

                        Juliana Danieili


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                          Ava Cowan

                          7. Ava Cowan

                          TG - I love her brown hair, her overall pacakge is spot on, she has really softened up but not too much

                          Jami DeBernard

                          8. Jami DeBernard

                          TG - no shape to her outter leg, makes her lower body look straight down, her waist looks thick too

                          Heather Dees

                          9. Heather Dees

                          TG - suit color is awful for her, she looks flat in the midsection and her arms are big


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                            Darlene Escano

                            10. Darlene esanco - crowd favorite, she's from Australia
                            TG - pretty suit, way too soft

                            Alicia Harris

                            11. Alicia Harris
                            TG - another crowd favorite, she looks good, came in much tighter than usual, she needs to stop leaning forward on her front pose, a bit soft in the glutes and hams

                            Ella Horton

                            12. Ella Horton

                            TG - tiny in the legs, she goes straight down, needs to bring her legs up, her glutes and hammies are way too soft and fat, her suit bottoms are big in the butt too


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                              Candice John

                              13. Candice John

                              TG - big broad shoulders for a tiny little girl, she looks good though, she needs to get more comfortable on stage though

                              Candice Keene

                              14. Candice Keene

                              TG - very pretty shape

                              SP - I love Candice, conditioning is spot on and her shape is beautiful

                              Michelle Mayberry

                              15. Michele Mayberry

                              TG - she used to compete in fitness, I think its the best michelle mayberry IVe seen


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                                Originally posted by Butch Peterson View Post
                                This one is my Winner!!

                                Juliana Danieili
                                She is one of my favorites along with Nathalia and India.. all of them are fucking gorgeous
                                Don't talk it; Just LIVE it.