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2011 Dallas Europa Play by Play w/Shawn Ray, Flex Wheeler, Trish & Branch Warren & Steve Kuclo

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    The 2011 Europa Super Show will be NPC 2011 USA Bikini Champion, Talia Terese's, Pro debut. Here is a little video shot by Mad Dog yesterday that gives you a sneak peek at what she's bringing to the stage in Dallas:

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      !!!! love show time...


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        I'm pulling for Mike Libertore to have a good showing here
        Originally posted by Nik133

        This is bodyBUILDING, not getting a bag of shit into condition building.


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          Originally posted by HangingLegRaise View Post
          I'm pulling for Mike Libertore to have a good showing here
          He has a great shape, is he still addicted to keto?


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            If Ed Nunn is on he will be tough to beat, but Alvisi is with Gaspari so we know how that goes......
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              Can't wait for this to start Is it about 45mins?
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                Originally posted by Carnage View Post
                He has a great shape, is he still addicted to keto?
                Pretty much. Talked to him in Pittsburgh and he said he had just pulled out his carbs for the week. He usually does it to jump start the diet process.


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                  -->CLICK FOR EUROPA - DALLAS LIVESTREAM<--

                  PREJUDGING: Friday 3 pm Central Time
                  (4 pm Eastern/1 pm Pacific)
                  FINALS: Saturday 3 pm Central Time
                  (4 pm Eastern/1 pm Pacific)


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                    The show is about to start!

                    Up first - IFBB Pro Bikini!
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                      Europa Super Show - Pro Bikini
                      Round I - Introductions

                      Jessica Anderson, USA
                      TW: Nice color. Hair looks great. Suit looks great. I think her presentation is a little off - needs to be sharper. But she still looks beautiful.
                      AZ: If Jessica could return to the look that earned her a pro card in 2009, we'd see her do well on the pro stage.

                      Jennifer Andrews, USA
                      TW: Good suit color, goes nicely with her hair color. A little muscular. Her abs are a little hard.
                      AZ: Jennifer won the St. Louis Pro and is already qualified for the Bikini O!

                      Nicole Coleman, USA
                      TW: Her legs are a little muscular. Very cut. Definitely tight. For the bikini look, they are not looking for that.
                      AZ: Nicole earned in Pro Card in Figure in 2009, and I really think she is much more suited for figure. We've seen her soften her look for bikini, but she just has naturally muscular legs that will make it hard for her to fit the bikini look, even when she does soften up. She's a beautiful girl, though, and I always love her hair!
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                        Dianna Dahlgren, USA
                        TW: Beautiful presentation and tan. Perfect combination of what they're looking for.
                        AZ: Dianna has yet to qualify this year, but we did see her compete at the inaugural Bikini O. She got there by winning the 2010 Europa Battle of Champions. That's the Connecticut Europa. I always have trouble keeping those shows straight!!!

                        Amanda Duncan, USA
                        TW: Reminds me a lot of Nicole Wilkins in the face. Beautiful presentation.
                        AZ: Amanda is a beautiful girl who wasted no time in hitting the pro stage. She only earned her pro card this year at the Jr. USA's. So, her rookie season, and the season she earned her pro card, are one and the same! Way to go, Amanda! Who wants to waste time?!

                        Sonia Gonzales, USA
                        TW: Looks really good. I expect her to do really well here. Looks really tight from the back. Looks to me like they're coming in harder with the abs here.
                        AZ: Sonia co-hosts FitnessRX Radio with Adela Garcia for us. Last year, the Olympia Buzz was whether Sonia or Nathalia Melo would come out on top. This year, you have to find yourself wondering - Sonia or Nicole?
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                          Janet Harding, USA
                          TW: Color off a tad bit. Over dieted.
                          AZ: Janet went pro in 2009 and has had mostly middle of the road placings. She'll need to up her game to place well. She has no real glaring weakness, but nothing stands out either.

                          Jessica Jessie, USA
                          TW: Beautiful suit. Looks good on her. Not too muscular. Glutes don't look to be as in shape as everyone else.
                          AZ: Jessica qualified for the 2010 Bikini O by taking second at the Europa Battle of Champions. When she's on, she's on! She is a beautiful girl.

                          Dayna Maleton, USA
                          TW: Very muscular legs. Her abs are a little bit softer. Upper body looks good. Almost looks like a figure competitor.
                          AZ: Dayna is a beautiful girl, but I think she needs to follow Jelena and switch over to figure. She's too cut for bikini. Even if she does well here, she's too hard compared to the girls winning the big shows.
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                            Christie Marquez, USA
                            TW: She seems to have the right look. Just right.
                            AZ: Christie is another one of our girls who got her pro card in 2009, but has failed to make a good showing. Her condition and coloring were incredible when she took second at Team U in '09 to obtain her pro card. We just need to see her repeat that look to do well in the pro ranks.

                            Taylor Matheny, USA
                            TW: Very unique suit selection. She went with a print, not solid. Beautiful girl. She has the bikini look, too. Looks good.
                            AZ: Taylor took second in Bikini C at Team U this year behind Marisa Renee Lee to get her pro card. Marisa earned her Olympia Qualification last week in Jacksonville. Let's see if she can follow Marisa's lead again!

                            Brooke Mora, USA
                            TW: Kind of looks a little uncomfortable. Her moves aren't fluid, and I think they look for that. One of her glutes is tighter than the other. Maybe it's the cut of the suit or where it's hitting her?
                            AZ: Brooke qualified for the first ever Bikini O, but has yet to qualify this year. You have to think she's out for this one...
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                              Natalie Pennington, USA
                              TW: She has a good look. Her hair and suit are beautiful.
                              AZ: Natalie competed in the first ever Bikini Olympia, and she is already qualified to compete again this year. She's one of those who's hard to beat when she's on, but she's not always on.

                              Talia Terese Crowell, USA
                              TW: I actually like this suit. It's different. She is very conditioned. Her quads are a little cut.
                              AZ: Talia is your 2010 USA Bikini Overall Champ! Beating out that many girls makes her a top contender here. She's got the look from head to toe!

                              Cristina Vujnich, USA
                              TW: Maybe just a little uncomfortable, since she hasn't done a lot of pro shows? She'll need to work on her presentation.
                              AZ: Cristina is Mike Liberatore's sweetheart, and a breath-taking girl at that! I expect her to rise through the pro ranks and do well.
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