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Changing of the Guard in the 202's

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    Flex Lewis Has the look that the 202 is all about! Good size,Shape and great conditioning! I hope he wins in ny and goes on to be the face of the 202,I love his pleasing lines and polished look!


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      saying this flex has announced he will be doing open class at euro show in Spain. John Hodgson has also retired from competing.

      From flexonline

      Flex Lewis is jumping into the Open ... Class. Lewis, who steamrolled the competition in the 202 Pound Class at the British Grand Prix last weekend, announced today that he will compete in the Open Class of the IFBB Mr. Europe Grand Prix this Saturday in Spain.
      "I had a lot of people coming up to me after the (British) telling me I would have done well in the Open Class," Lewis said. "I was flattered but didn't really give it much thought. But a lot of fans have been emailing me and contacting me on Facebook telling me how they would have loved to see me in the Open Class (last weekend). After talking it over with (trainer) Neil Hill, I decided 'I'm already in shape, so why not do it this weekend?'."
      Lewis last competed in the Open Class as a rookie pro at the 2009 Europa Supershow. He placed seventh at that contest.
      On Saturday, he'll enter the Mr. Europe with no agenda other than to have fun and give bodybuilding fans something to talk about.
      "The pressure's off," Lewis said. "I'm going into this with no expectations. It's going to be fun."


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        A very big difference here between Feroce and Lewis. Seth would have been ready to take over the 202's this year but he's just too damn big. He is 26. Fuck he will be long gone from any 202 talk by 2012.
        Prepare to get Rocked:


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          Originally posted by Mike View Post
          I would really like to see him bigger and fuller.
          that's what she said.
          "I like them more around the age of 10 or so that way I can think of your physique because I'm so hopelessly in love with your body" - killinweights