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2011 IFBB Mr Europe Grand Prix Play-by-Play Prejudging & Final Results!

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  • Originally posted by Dlew6969 View Post
    46 and half thousand views....Very nice MD.......
    Jeepers!!! You took the words right out of mouth Dlew!!! Cool...
    MD Global Muscle Radio ep.40-


    • Originally posted by Shawn Ray View Post
      Nice Job Giles!

      Flex pushed hard on this one, good for him!
      Congrats to Roelly for staying the course!
      Good job Ronny, hard work is paying off for him as he will face Dexter Jackson & Co at FIBO Germany on April 16th!
      Ronny beat Dexter to win the Aussie Pro a few yrs back, can he put him in his rear view or will Dexter storm back?
      Stay tuned...........!
      Cheers Shawn!

      Only got back this morning would you believe? Last night flew at 9.35pm from Madrid, landed at 10.50pm (UK time, an hour behind Spain, flight is two hours pretty much), then had to drive 350 miles from Bristol to Newcastle, got to about 2am and had to stop (was falling asleep behind the wheel, yikes!) and book myself for four hours sleep into a motorway-side Travelodge...Went to bed with all my clothes on, up at 6.25am then on the road ten minutes later Expresso in hand and got back this morning. Just fell into bed and slept till midday...

      Had a lovely time in Madrid, did some shopping in the day, two things about Madrid though - VERY CHEAP SHOPPING and 95% of people don't speak a WORD of English!!! Stressful at times...

      Really felt for MD's Spanish pro show video (and photos) guy Mathias Busse from Team Andro, really enjoyed working with him on the coverage for MD, super nice guy but at the end when he was filming my wrap-up on stage and with IFBB Prez Rafael Santonja etc, he left his camera equipment unwatched and some piece of scumbag jippo STOLE IT!!!!He couldn't film any other interviews as he was then in the cop shop till gone midnight poor sod...

      I told Rafael and he came over to our table at the hotel after food thing-me and said he felt bad and was upset that this had happened to Mathias, you could see he genuinely felt gutted for Mathias...
      Last edited by Giles; March 28, 2011, 04:27 PM.
      MD Global Muscle Radio ep.40-


      • Originally posted by Mike View Post
        Good Job! (For a Welsh ...)
        Ahhhh, the anti-Welsh putdowns - society's very last acceptable form of racism, ha ha!
        MD Global Muscle Radio ep.40-


        • Originally posted by Shawn Ray View Post
          "yes i need to be american.........."
          Tell that to James "Flex" Lewis, Eduardo Correa, Roelly Winklaar & Ronny Rockel.
          Dont get me wrong, you looked "GREAT" for you, as a matter of fact you looked you're Best!
          That doesn't mean your gonna beat guys who are genetically superior to you.
          You certainly have areas that need improvement and additional Size & Hardness never hurt anyone especially when your up against some of the best in the world!
          While Freeman was soft, he still possess' one of the Best Bodies on the planet.
          Your time will come, stay hungry you have nothing be ashamed of.
          i will keep fighting shawn for sure ,thanks bro
          free to be myself