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2011 New York Pro Play-by-Play w/ Evan Centopani, Victor Martinez & Shawn Ray & STAGE VIDEOS!

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  • 2011 New York Pro Play-by-Play w/ Evan Centopani, Victor Martinez & Shawn Ray & STAGE VIDEOS!

    Thats right! Once again MD is bringing out the big guns for our un-rivaled play-by-play for the
    2011 New York Pro Bodybuilding Competition!

    Starting Saturday, May 28th at 11 am Eastern, we will be having 2009 New York Pro Champion Evan Centopani and 2007 Arnold Classic Champ Victor Martinez providing the worlds best competitor assessments!

    Oh yes ... bodybuilding's ultimate authority, Shawn Ray will be the ring leader for this show of shows!
    Just follow along with Shawn and the crew right in this thread for video clips from the stage, backstage paparazzi photos and enjoy stage photos from MD's own ace photographer Per Bernal!!!

    The competitor line up is killer! The play-by-play hosts are the best in the biz! This is a show you won't want to miss!

    See you right here Saturday!

    Prejudging: 11 am Eastern/8 am Pacific

    Finals: 6 pm Eastern/3 pm Pacific

    IFBB New York Pro on May 28th, 2011

    Tribeca Performing Arts Theater

    IFBB New York Pro Men's Competitor List

    IFBB New York Pro Men's 202lbs and Under Competitor List

    IFBB New York Pro Figure Competitor List

    IFBB New York Pro Bikini Competitor List

    new york pro_poster.jpg

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    NY Pro History

    Since the 1st winner of the IFBB New York Pro Bodybuilding Championships, Darrem Charles, we have seen some very good Bodybuilders come to the Big Apple from all over the world to beat up on the competition, take home some very nice prize money and walk off with very exclusive NY Pro Diamond Crusted Ring!

    Champions like; Branch Warren, Melvin Anthony, Victor Martinez, Phil Heath, Kai Greene, Evan Centopani and most recently Roelly Winklaar last year.

    The the previously mentioned athletes went on to compete in the coveted Mr. Olympia Contest in Las Vegas where Victor, Branch and Phil have all placed 1st Runner up not to mention that Branch, Victor and Kai all have Arnold Classic victories in their resumes.

    The 2011 Edition of the New York Pro Championships is without a doubt one of the most competitive line ups to date, heavy in depth and laiden with talent!

    The odd's on favorite coming into this contest would have to be former New Pro Champion and local resident, Kai Greene. As previously stated, Kai not only has an Arnold Classic title to his credit but two in consecutive years! Kai at this stage of his career is the one with the most to lose competing in this show but a victory he desparately needs to revive his competitve run to his Mr. Olympia Destiny! A year ago, Kai fell down to 8th place from 4th in only his second Mr. Olympia appearance as he came in too heavy, flat and smooth by Kai Greene standards. Since the Olympia in September of 2010, Kai has maintained a good training weight, switched trainers with the addition of Guru, George Farah and appearently streamlined his physique by not playing the "Mass Game." It is my position that anything less than a win here for Kai seriously jeapordizes his chance to take on the likes of 4X defending Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler and last years 1st Runner up, Phil Heath whom have both sat out the contest season to date as they reamy for the showdown in September at the 46 Annual Mr. Olympia.

    This show will showcase the return of last months Europa Orlando Pro winner, Cedric McMillan as he narrowly pulled off the victory over two time 1st Runner up, Marcus Haley. Cedric, who juggles his Military Job, Fatherhood and Pro Bodybuilding Career has his work cut out for himself as many are expecting a Bigger more improved physique than the one he presented in Orlando which appeared a tad slender and flat for his frame and structure. Cedric has all the gifts to be an All Time Great in this business but many question whether or not he is spread a bit thin over his obligations to his country, family and competitve aspirations. Many of his opponents are 100% Pro Bodybuilders like Kai, Ronny Rockel, Roelly Winklaar and company with nothing on their plates except the thrill of Victory. As of this writing Cedric claims to be a full 12 pounds heavier than his last outing April 30 and now he is on the clock to bring out the heavy artillary or just become another casualty of War!

    The 2011 IFBB Pro Spain Winner, Ronny Rockel from Germany will be competing in his 4th contest of the year coming off his 2nd place loss to former Mr Olympia, Dexter Jackson last month. Ronny arguably could make things interesting for the top 3 spots however as good as he is, I dont think his best package is on par with a 100% Kai Greene. Can Ronny finish top 3? A definite YES, even top 2 "IF" he peaks perfectly but after so many shows, he will have to pull a magic act however it is not impossible for a person as competitive as a he is.

    "The Rookie" from Sarasota, Florida and reigning NPC USA Champion of
    2010, Jason Huh mentioned on MD Radio he was coming to New York to have Fun? After further conversation he clarified that "Fun" for him was making the competition cry! Jaso, who was one bite of an Apple away from spilling all the way over in Las Vegas during the Overall posedown where we saw the "Water Works" begin to kick in just prior to the stoppage of the Final Posedown will have to come in as Dry as he possibly can in order to be in consideration for comparisions with the veterans like Kai and Rockel. Jason has long full calves, big legs with sweeps and full big arms but it will take a chisled, ripped dry package to get noticed the way he has been dreaming to bring these grown me to tears when the dust settles.

    A few others vying for those Exclusive Top 5 Finalist Olympia Qualifying places are no slouches either!

    2010 Overall NPC National Champion, Robert Burneika will be looking to do some Head Hunting while in the Big Apple! This Rookie Pro definitley has revenge on his mind regarding a return match up with Cedric McMillan a former Nationals Winner who regulated Robert into waiting on his pro card an additional year!

    Tennessee resident, Brandon Curry is throwing his hat into the fray and we are looking to see is he was able to bring up his legs from a year ago at the PBW Tampa Pro show! Symmetrical and Aesthetic looking physique but can he bring the mass in his and his detail?

    These are but a few of the Soldiers at War this weekend and there will be others to Challenge for the Title!

    It is all going down this Weekend at Tribeca Performning Arts Theater in New York!


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      Originally posted by Butch Peterson
      The starting times are for the whole event; that includes figure and bikini. If you have the choice of doing a few more sets at the gym or rushing home to catch the start, do a few more sets. We will be updating the whole thread throughout the competition with many photos and videos from the stage and backstage. Feel free to pop in whenever you like. You are always welcome.
      You forgot the option of not getting out of bed as early as 11 am

      Cheers and props to MD for being as great online as I just recently found the magazine to be.


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        The view from my hotel room over looking Ground Zero!

        this woman was "Hitting on me!!"

        The Contest MC, Bob Chick!

        Love festival 2011!!

        Show me 10 Names!!! Lol


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          My daughter, Asia Monet graduated from Kindergarden yesterday and she knew I was here working the New York Pro, so at her Ceremony she dedicated a "Song" to me since I could not be there with her and how fitting the song she chose was for the occasion this weekend here in the Big Apple!

          Click here to watch:


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              Starting with Pro Bikini at 11:00AM, then Pro Open Men, then Pro Men 202, and finish with Pro Figure!

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                WOW! Sweet ring!

                Originally posted by Shawn Ray View Post


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                  Prejudging is about to start! Here are some pics from our morning thus far:

                  Robbie eating his egg whites:


                  Kai in the lobby:


                  Shawn texting (always):

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                    Thanks for the pics!! Any more coming??


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                      P1180502.JPG P1180500.JPG P1180503.JPG
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                        P1180505.JPG P1180508.JPG
                        P1180507.JPG P1180506.JPG P1180504.JPG
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                          Jason face looks dry! Hope he brings great condition.


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                            IMG_4100.JPG IMG_4097.JPG IMG_4107.JPG IMG_4096.JPG IMG_4094.JPG

                            Bunch of activity in the lobby. George is like a nervous parent with his baby Kai looking to take the show....
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