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2011 NPC Atlantic States Bodybuilding Videos Presented by Precision Peptides!

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  • zak
    Any chance for women's middle weight finals?

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  • Giant Killer
    Originally posted by mayor of bodybuilding View Post
    Giant Killer Rocks!
    BIG thanks to Adina and MOB for the support! Had a blast competing this wknd. Glad I was able to win my class and get back into another overall. Great to be up there with the big boys! Congrats to all the class winners for a job well done.

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  • MuscleMike04
    Originally posted by iliftpesos View Post

    It's obvious he doesn't belong up there. Get over it.
    lmao had me rolling on the flloor at work with that pic

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  • mayor of bodybuilding
    Originally posted by FitAdina View Post
    Shaun Clarida won his class. We know him as the Giant Killer around here!

    That makes two NPC Shows with two class wins and one overall, so far in the NPC. Not bad at all!
    Giant Killer Rocks!
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  • Adina Zanolli
    I'm tagging the picture from the show right now. You can start refreshing the screen to see the pics as they come in.

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  • marvasumlin
    Originally posted by bigmikecox View Post
    Yes, he looked better, but still about 2 weeks out. Posing needs work as well, but he has a hell of a frame to build on and looks like he can hold a TON of more size
    I agree, he needs to improve his conditioning. However, if conditioning is the issue, I got real confused with the judges decision in the light heavy class. The 1st place winner of that division had the same issue and yet came out on top! Interesting...

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  • bigmikecox
    Originally posted by kopperman View Post
    looks much better than in prejudging, or is it just me?
    Yes, he looked better, but still about 2 weeks out. Posing needs work as well, but he has a hell of a frame to build on and looks like he can hold a TON of more size

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  • marvasumlin
    Was at the show... I am not too sure I agreed with a couple of the judges decisions. The super heavy weight class was a close call; but, the heavy weight outcome was not what I saw or expected. The guy in the burgundy trunks (#157) was the most superior in muscularity, vascularity, and symmetry (broad upper body, small waist, and huge quads with a wide sweep) yet he got third place?

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  • enrique321
    WTF is up with all these dumb ass people competing without any type of experience but besides that WTF is up will the people that allow this. There's guys out busting their ass training hard dieting hard having to leave their families to go do what they have to do. Are you guys fucking serious. Man if i was the owner of this contest or any fucking contest i would have gone out there and told all of them to get the fuck off the stage. SHOW SOME FUCKING RESPECT FOR THE SPORT!!!! They need to have some prerequisites before they can compete because if this shit keeps going on its going to piss off a lot of people, and here's one. STOP TRYING TO FIT IN WHERE YOU DONT BELONG. IF IT'S NOT FOR YOU LOOK FOR SOMETHING ELSE THAT DOESN'T INVOLVE BB AND LET THE REAL MAN DO THE WORK!!!

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  • voran
    ha ha it takes balls to get on stage. were you??? its not nice to make fun of people

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  • thejpman

    1. Alfredo Santana

    Super Heavyweight

    1. Max Charles
    2. Nick Trigili
    3. Toney Badaracco
    4. Jason Myers
    5. Jon LeGrande


    1. John TenEyck
    2. David McIntyre
    3. Shaunte Blakely
    4. Phil Visicaro
    5. Troy Marshall
    6. Nodari Revia
    7. Phil Keplar
    8. Dan Hoban
    9. Billy Parsells
    10. Daniel Embry
    11. William Zamot
    12. Edwing Matias

    Light Heavyweight

    1. Adam Cohen
    2. Barrett Swirble
    3. Nigell Ifell
    4. Thomas Lange
    5. Paul Pozo
    6. Harold Riddle
    7. Brian May
    8. Gordon Falcetti
    9. Cole Pearson
    10. Frank Sciarabba
    11. Jason McGowan
    12. Carlos Deleon
    13. Frederick Gallipoli
    14. Rich Rivera
    15. Terence West
    16. William Walton
    16. Jean Brutus
    16. Jose Renderos
    16. Antonio Puccio


    1. Alfredo Santana
    2. Steven Silverman
    3. Benny Mendez Rometa
    4. John Whalen
    5. Frank Marcotrigiano
    6. Benjamin Salmonere
    7. Bill Caputo
    8. Henry Mejia
    9. David Sullivan
    10. Carlos Salgado
    11. Joshua Dentan
    12. Angel Calderon


    1. Richard Guiffre
    2. Rafael Gonzalez
    3. Brent Ehaves
    4. Dickens Fenelon
    5. Joshua Ortiz Lopez
    6. Thomas Lyman
    7. Thomas Dow
    8. Yoon-il Lee
    9. Bikramjit Singh
    10. Kim Amrod
    11. Balsagar Singh


    1. Shaun Clarida
    2. Zaid Hassen
    3. Anthony Curcio
    4. Bryan Ortiz

    Novice Heavyweight

    1. Shaunte Blakely
    2. Dan Hoban
    3. Gonzalo Cristoo
    4. Josh Landry
    5. Robson Russo
    6. Socrates Perez, Jr
    7. Rich Holm
    8. Carter Simmons

    Novice Light Heavyweight

    1. Barrett Swirble
    2. Cole Pearson
    3. Francisco Garcia
    5. Frank Sciarabba
    6. Aryeh Moore
    7. Carlos Deleon
    8. Jason McGowan
    8. Luis Mondoza
    9. William Walton
    10. Eduardo Borges
    11. Jean Brutus

    Novice Middleweight

    1. Benny Mendez Rometa
    2. James Karl
    3. Joseph Russo
    4. Benjamin Salmonere
    5. Erick Alfonso
    6. David Sullivan
    7. Peter Giannetto
    8. Joshua Dentan
    9. Henry Mejia
    10. Joey Mitadden
    11. Angel Calderon

    Novice Lightweight

    1. Jahi Young
    2. Joshua Ortiz Lopez
    3. Thomas Lyman
    4. Bikramjit Singh
    5. Bura Akyol
    6. Kim Amrod
    7. Balsagar Singh

    Novice Bantamweight

    1. Cyral Morris
    2. Anthony Curcio

    Masters Overall

    John TenEyck

    Masters Over 35 Heavyweight

    1. John TenEyck
    2. Francisco Garcia
    3. Aryeh Moore
    4. Lee Nemington
    5. William Zamot
    7. Eduardo Borges
    8. John Mcmasters
    9. Jean Brutus

    Masters Over 35 Lightweight

    1. Frank Marcotrigiano
    2. Benjamin Salmonere
    3. Bill Caputo
    4. Rafael Gonzalez
    5. James Karl
    6. Pat Vecchio
    7. Cyral Morris
    8. Jack Tang

    Masters Over 45

    1. John Whalen
    2. Phil Keplar
    3. Rich Rivera
    4. Al Gianchetti
    5. Michael Halpin
    6. Gary Kamil
    7. Antonio Puccio
    8. Robert York
    9. Pat Vecchio

    Masters Over 55

    1. Gary Kamil
    2. Robert York
    3. John Girolamo
    4. Robert Panetta
    5. Kevin Kelly
    6. Steve Anixt

    Teen Men Overall

    Teen Men Age 13 - 17

    1. Keith Kirschenheiter

    Teen Men Age 18 - 19

    1. Ryan Michelman
    2. Matthew Votti
    3. Brian Papszyck
    4. Phil Mucaria

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  • Adina Zanolli
    Shaun Clarida won his class. We know him as the Giant Killer around here!

    That makes two NPC Shows with two class wins and one overall, so far in the NPC. Not bad at all!

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  • Butch Peterson
    Preliminary results:

    Max Charles won super heavies. Nick Trigili took Second

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  • Carlton Pratt
    I saw another Video of Nick and the other 2 guys straight on, and Nick might have had enough to win IMO

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  • circonfluge
    So who won? I didn't see results anywhere? Did Nick and Phil take their classes?

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