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An Nguyen Crushes Chest 4.5 Weeks Out from 2011 Nationals

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    Charles Glass is by far the most entertaining trainer to watch and learn from.


    • #17
      If I was a Betting man

      Been a fan since MD started coverage leading up to the USA....Thought it was very close between him and John D....Glad John won that show too......But Now its An...I mean Dam!!! Dude is looking to make a big splash at the Nattys and if I had to call it right now at four weeks out I would say that An will take his class and the overall...No direspect to any other competitors because I think you are all awesome....I just believe that if An can come in shredded showing the improvements he has made then the judges are going to reward him for it. So remember that you heard it From BigJ 1st...


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        Great shape great back


        • #19
          This guy has a great physique. IF he comes in shredded, look out.


          • #20
            Beautiful Physique


            • #21
              Great shape... good luck with rest of contest prep... look forward to seeing in Miami.