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Going Back to the Nats!!

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  • Going Back to the Nats!!

    Well I have been kinda quite in my postings, and I haven't been out there saying what show I'm doing, I guess I just want to show up and do my thing. Back in the day we didn't have all this social media!
    After 7 years of working on the Masters Nationals,(won the hvys in 2009 both classes, no pro card) then using the North American as a fall back show(won both classes in 2010 in lighthvys, no card)(did both again this year)

    I'm finally going back to the Nationals. It has been 6 years since I've done them and did it as a heavyweight in 2004. They just reinstated the lightheavywt class that year,but not at the Nationals.
    I am very excited and I believe, Steve Wernnerstrom can verify this, that I will be the oldest(in number only) at 54 to do this show.
    I'm shooting for lightheavy and hope to bring my best yet.
    Oh and a bit of trivia for you all!! This will be 8th try at the Nationals
    1986- just out of the top 15, back then they cut you! there was 30 girls in the class. Picture down below is from this show!!
    1990- 4th place middlewt
    1993(10 yr anniversary of the Nats) 7th place- middlewts
    1998- 3rd place middlewt(132 was class limit)
    1999- best placing to date 2nd in middlewts
    2000- This should of been my year, so sad missed my class by 2 lbs had to go hvywts -6th place
    2004- 11th place heavywts

    After the show, i'm going to be running a BIG special for my cookies and remember I do a muffin now, called the "Morning Glory", stay tuned for this!!
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    What great longevity!
    All the best this year Michelle


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      happy after our power came back on last Thurs. what a mess in CT!!! stayed on track!!
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        Originally posted by Michelle Ivers-Brent View Post
        happy after our power came back on last Thurs. what a mess in CT!!! stayed on track!!
        No power doesn't make for well cooked Michelle's Magic Morsels.
        Hope you didn't stress out to badly.


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          Good luck Michelle!
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            excuse the bed head and morning face:!!
            one week out!!
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              Rooting for you to get that card Michelle!
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                Freaken Awesome..............