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  • Originally posted by Mike Arnold View Post
    the debate
    This isn't a debate.


    • Originally posted by Mike Arnold View Post
      Never said you couldn't get lean on Keto diets, but I do have a question for you. Did Dugdale follow a "keto" diet or just "low-carb", as low-carb can be percieved several different ways? Additionally, for all we know Dugdale would've been significantly better had he followed a higher-carb diet. Lastly, the debate isn't whether a BB'r can get in good shape with keto diets, but whether or not they are "optimal". The bottom line is they are NOT!
      he ate between 50-80gr of carbs on training day but they were all from nuts and green veggies


      • Originally posted by curtjames View Post
        I'm sure Nietzsche said something about paying attention, too.
        I was replying to Mike Arnold.
        Also, you're promoting some kind of argument whereas I'm simply pointing out the error in the statement re carbs versus keto.
        Correction is more appropriate in the classroom with heads full of malable mush. This sir is the battlefield, wherein your flank is exposed.


        • It shouldn't be considered a war, however keto does work for some competitors.

          The Winner of this Contest has tried both Diets and without hesitationhe stated, " I nearly died on Keto Diet but on a "High Carb Diet" I found myself in the Winner's Circle and looked & felt my all time best!"
          Take it for what it is worth son.


          • Monique Jones is insane looking.