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2011 IFBB Phoenix Pro News and Information ***Preview With Shawn Ray added***

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    Originally posted by bigmikecox View Post

    Are there more bikini girls? Last I looked there were 5! Bet there would have been more FBB
    There are more. The problem with fbb was that no one wanted to sponsor it, I believe.

    Tiffany Marie Boydston, USA
    Laura Calderon, USA
    Jessica Clay, USA
    Nicole Coleman, USA
    Dianna Dahlgren, USA
    Michele D'Angona, USA
    Juliana Daniele, USA
    Jennifer Deitrick, USA
    Kelly Gonzales, USA
    Diana Graham, USA
    Safiya Johnson, USA
    Rachael Labender, USA
    Christie Marquez, USA
    Bernadett Marassa, Hungary
    Khanh Nguyen, USA
    Roya Tehrani, USA
    Christina Vargas, USA
    Cristina Vujnich, USA
    Beth White, USA


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      I heard from Bola Ojex, who most recently took 8th place at the Jacksonville Pro 202.

      He's firmly switched to the Open Class and has been working with George Farah for the past two weeks. He said he can already tell a difference in the short time he has been working with George and will continue to do so.

      Here is was in Florida.


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        This should be Ed Nunn's show...Hide is looking good, Troy will be in shape. Mike Liberatore and Mark Alvisi...Marcus Haley...could this be the top six (in no particular order). Too bad Mo Mass can't make it from NZ, he's been off the map lately.
        "I'd rather be dead than average" - Mike Maddog Bell


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          I think it's very likely that the top four will be Alves, Yamagishi, Nunn, and Haley. Mark could have made enough improvements to make it to third or fourth...but other than that, it's likely no one will qualify here because the line-up is just that stacked.


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            In case you haven't seen it, the play-by-play thread is up in No Bull.

            Shawn Ray, George Farah, and Fakhri Mubarak will cover the men.

            Shoshanna Pritzker and Chaundra Tangi will cover the Figure and Bikini.


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              I look foward to the coverage Adina!


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                Originally posted by mayor of bodybuilding View Post
                I look foward to the coverage Adina!
                Me too! We've got a great crew!


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                    Make sure you're following the action!

                    The play-by-play is here:

                    The Men's pics are here:

                    Fitness and Figure pics here: