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2011 Phoenix Pro Play by Play w/ Shawn Ray, George Farah & Fakhri Mubarak FINALS - ALVES WINS!!

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  • Ed had sufficient condition to win, by far the best genetics, lines here. Muscle shape is miles ahead of Troy, and condition can't be everything. When you compare Troy and Ed, Troy's downfall are his quads, no sweep, lack of mass, hams and calves equally so. Therefore his physique in not complete. Jeff was probably third, but he doesn't have any great sponsors behind him, LOL at our sport and the IFBB...


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      • I'm putting results in, here's Bikini:


        1. Dianna Dahlgren
        2. Cristina Vujnich
        3. Christina Vargas
        4. Juliana Danieli
        5. Roya Tehrani
        6. Jennifer Dietrick
        7. Diana Graham
        8. Christie Marquez
        9. Jessica Clay
        10. Laura Calderon
        11. Tiffany Boydston
        12. Michele DAngona
        13. Kelly Gonzalez
        14. Nicole Coleman
        15. Safiya Johnson
        16. Beth White
        16. Khanh Nguyen
        16. Rachael Labender
        16. Bernadett Matassa


        • K, I know I said I felt bad for Robert P getting shitty callouts, but putting him ahead of Jeff Long is sheer robbery....
          Originally posted by Nik133

          This is bodyBUILDING, not getting a bag of shit into condition building.


          • Figure
            1. Candice Keene
            2. Jami DeBernard
            3. Alea Suarez
            4. Felicia Romero
            5. Heather Dees
            6. Alicia Harris
            7. Elisha Archibald
            8. Kaylen McKenzie Marnier
            9. Eleni Plakitsi
            10. Crystal Chiles
            11. Heather Grace
            12. Sarah Dominguez
            13. Michelle Mayberry
            14. Natalie Calland
            15. Teresita Morales
            16. Tamee Marie
            16. Raechelle Chase
            16. Stefanie Bambrough
            16. Karly Woodle
            16. Mikaila Soto
            16. Jennifer DeJoya
            16. Ann Pratt
            16. Deborah Denio
            16. Kiana Phil-Lewis
            16. Emily Nicholson
            16. Chelsey Morgenstern
            16. Natalia Mikhaylova
            16. Lisa Maloy
            16. Kimberly Sheppard


            • Men
              1. Troy Alves
              2. Hidetada Yamagishi
              3. Edward Nunn
              4. Marcus Haley
              5. Alfonso DelRio
              6. Robert Piotrkowicz
              7. Jeff Long
              8. Abbas Khatami
              8. Michael Liberatore
              9. Mark Alvisi
              11. Manuel Lomeli
              12. Oscar Dexter
              13. Fred Smalls
              14. Omar Deckard
              15. Phil Von Kaenel
              16. Erwin Marquez
              16. Bola Ojex
              16. Grant Pieterse
              16. Benjamin Parra
              16. Rod Ketchens
              DNF - Mohamad Bannout


              • So, if you look at the score cards, Yamagishi won the pre-juding with a score of 6, but lost it at the night show.

                Nunn and Alves tied at the night show, but Nunn's score of 17 at the pre-judging left no way for him to catch up with the 9 Troy got there.

                Yamagishi has a perfect third place score at the night show.

                Del Rio had fourth place by just a few points over Haley in pre-juding - 21 to Haley's 24. He lost ground in the finals, where Haley has a perfect fourth place score.

                The first place score is almost always a single digit number, but Troy's was a 17 for the combined score.


                • We can all see that Hide is an incredibly hard worker, but the other guys work just as hard. It is really unfair to all the other athletes to allow these supplement companies to have such a great influence on the judges' scoring. But after all, money talks I guess. I'm really disappointed at the fact that Jeff Long, one of the best physiques of the night just got brushed to the side again. What does this kid have to do to get a fair shake. He was third imo.


                  • Here's how the placings changed - the number to the side is their score.

                    Pre-Judging Top Six:

                    1) Hidetada Yamagishi 6
                    2) Troy Alves 9
                    3) Ed Nunn 17
                    4) Alfonso Del Rio 21
                    5) Marcus Haley 24
                    6) Robert Piotrkowiz 31

                    Finals Top Six:

                    1) Ed Nunn 8
                    1) Troy Alves 8
                    3) Hidetada Yamagishi 15
                    4) Marcus Haley 20
                    5) Alfonso Del Rio 28
                    6) Robert Piotrkowicz 29

                    Actual Top Six:

                    1) Troy Alves 17
                    2) Hidetada Yamagishi 21
                    3) Ed Nunn 25
                    4) Marcus Haley 44
                    5) Alfonso Del Rio 49
                    6) Robert Piotrkowicz 60


                    • i like ed nunns newfound chest and back mass! Ed was sharp but not sharp enough to beat Troy! If Ed keeps improving he will be lights out and will win shows like the Ny Pro!


                      • Originally posted by Jude2 View Post
                        You will see Mike L place ahead of Alvisi here.
                        I told u bigmike cox. I can't believe Abbas placed ahead of them.