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Stoil Stoilov and His Radical Contraption Workout 4 Weeks from Masters

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    Originally posted by Ron Harris View Post
    How do you know all this? You're too young to be a secret KGB agent.

    I'm my grandfather's clone, that was a secret KGB agent, even though I was cloned just before he died from falling from an 8th floor. Actually he landed on an ederly women (killing her), and then died 4 hours later in the hospital. They discovered that you can transmit memories and knowledge though DNA when I was waking up screaming during the night as a young boy, crying about horror stories from the past soviet wars.... Then with hypnotic psychology rehabilitation I gained back all my old man's brain capacity and data.



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      Originally posted by bad bad leroy brown View Post
      Solid Snake should be at your door right now

      METAL GEAR?!!!


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        Originally posted by stoilov View Post
        Hello all this is Stoil Stoilov.
        Alright there have been few jokers around here that i would like to clear up.
        The army joke. I have been in the Bulgarian army as its required after graduating high school. Russia and Bulgaria are 2 different countries. During the time there I did not have any gym equipment to use as a gym therefore I tried to develop something else.

        After I finished my duty I tested my workout ideas and experimented with my devices further. The entire idea has been to find a device to separate the muscle within it self. With my devices it allows the trainee to lift a lot more weight at full range of motion. It isolates the elbows and the wrists. With those devices it allows me to work out over 100% of what i could do with just basic exercises. It helps develop the muscles to grow over its frame.

        I'm at age 46 and I have pretty good results and I couldn't say i'm the most gifted bodybuilder. The main question is what could happen if some one young and gifted bodybuilder starts working out with my stuff. My guess would be a revolution for the back development.

        I would like to see more feedback on the exercises.
        Thank you all for checking this out.
        Stoil Stoilov
        As a man over 40 myself and without the best genetics, I have a great deal of respect for what you have accomplished so far in the sport and wish you continued success!
        Muscular Development Online Editor
        FB: Ron Harris IG: RonHarrisMuscle Author "EvilX10: 10 Tales of Extreme Darkness"


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          I think this shows how important the mind and muscle connection thing is. Even without doing the conventional barbell rows, t-bar rows etc he was able to build such a body based on just these contraptions its truly amazing.



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            Originally posted by fredh da star View Post
            Wake Up - Rage Against the Machine
            Originally posted by Mike View Post
            Matrix Soundtrack ... Movie came out about the time you were born (Yes, I feel that old sometimes.)
            thank you both...oh come on're not old, age is just a number


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              As someone who suffers a lot of elbow pain, I can see these devices as being very useful. It's merely breaking through the xenophobic mindset of most bodybuilders. Congrats to Stoil. Wish him the best.


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                discusting bicep peaks