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Masters Nationals 2011 -- WHO'S GOING??

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  • Masters Nationals 2011 -- WHO'S GOING??

    It's that time of year again! So, who's going to Pittsburgh this weekend??

    I'll be there again and am ready to battle it out in the Men's LHW 50+ division!!

    Always a great show by Gary Udit - with a smart new format for the competitors!!

    See you there and say "hi"!!

    Lance M. Johnson

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    Good luck Lance. Hope this is your year to get the pro card.


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      Lance, me and Mike will be there on Thursday. Pm me your info. We can do an in room interview with you!
      twitter: @badbadleroyb,


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        Thanks Eric!! I feel & look better than ever, so I hope you are right. Those 50+ old guys better be ready-LOL!!

        Will I see you there in the SHW?? You are always dialed in on the money!

        Hope to see you big man!


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          Thanks BBLB!! You have mail!

          Look forward to seeing you guys and rockin' the house on Saturday!! 202 today-should be right at 198 for Thursday's weigh-in!!! Then, I can load up!

          See you in three days-finally!! Whew....


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            Won't be competing this year. As of now I am retired unless the urge to compete hits me again.

            I will most likely be there though and definitely cheering you on. Thought you should have already had the pro card and hopefully this contest is just a formality for you.


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              Well I know what you mean about retiring, BUT I have retired 3-4 times, so I bet your posing trunks will start calling and I'd bet you do another one!! However, this IS my swan song- at 50, it has been a real challenge-mostly mental-you know, just not as important as it used to be.

              If I am fortunate enough to get that elusive card, I will put it to use at the Europa back home in Texas!! If not, I will be hosting my own show on the Food Network, showing the country how an over-dieted bodybuilder truly comes OFF the diet!! LOL

              I'll see you there, EB!


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                Can't wait to see you there, Lj/tf! Your year, rooting all the way. Know you will be at your best. First, get that card and do Europa. Then Food Network, lol.

                Eric, look forward to catching up with you also. Should be a great show. See you there!


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                  Hey GT- looking forward to seeing you again! This year will be better than ever!

                  Thanks again for your support over the years Gerry-



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                    Know it will!! And thanks to you too, Lance. You've been a great friend and brother for quite a few years. Simply the best!


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                      Thanks for all your support and friendship, GT!! See you Thursday!!



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                        Sean Allan is doing the Masters this year.


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                          Late congrats to Lance for winning his pro card!! Winner of overall over 50 division. IFBB Pro Lance Johnson!! Moving on to 202 Europa in Dallas. Best of luck.


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                            Thanks Gerry!! I never thought when I started this thread I would be replying as the Overall 50+ champion!! The competition was extremely tough and gets deeper every year! Those 40+ "kids" looked amazing!! My LHW class with Greg & Donnie was plenty of compiyition and any of us three could have been placed first!! Gary put on another great show and the entire weekend was unforgettable!! Thank you for being a part of Team Freekfizzeek!!
                            Now, on to Dallas for the Europa 202-should be another enjoyable weekend!!


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                              lol, Lance! I thought you would be replying as a pro! No guarantees of course, but always had faith. Agree about the 40 whippersnappers. Looked great. And you were in a very deep class, so the win was even sweeter. Would not be surprised to see Greg or Donnie go to North Americans and go for a pro card.

                              Freekfizzeek heading for Dallas in 12 days; should be good. Being on stage will be the whole dream coming true. Glad I could see it in Pittsburgh and will be rooting in spirit for my IFBB brother in Dallas.