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2011 NPC Teen, Collegiate and Masters Nationals Play-By-Play with George Farah and Seth Feroce!

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  • Two Pro Cards are going out:

    Runner Up goes to Amy Sibcy

    And the overall and IFBB Pro Card goes to Bonnie Pappas
    "What is patriotism but the love of the food one ate as a child?" ~ Lin Yutang.


    • Here's your Two Pro Card Winners

      "What is patriotism but the love of the food one ate as a child?" ~ Lin Yutang.


      • And the Friday Prejudging and Finals for the Women Friday Extravaganza is Officially over!
        "What is patriotism but the love of the food one ate as a child?" ~ Lin Yutang.


        • RECAP of Women's Finals:

          TEEN BIKINI
          Class A
          1. Lexi Kaufman ~Overall
          2. Andrea Glaeser
          3. Katana Williams
          4. Brooke Bartlebaugh

          Class B
          1. Courtney King
          2. Rachel Myers

          Class A
          1. Lexi Kaufman ~ Overall ~
          2. Andrea Glaeser

          Class B
          1. Sarah Hoots

          Taylor Hansen (Lone competitor)

          BIKINI 35+
          Class A
          1. Kim DeArcangelis ~ Overall~
          2. Lynn Sambuco
          3. Nicole Cooper
          4. Monica Long
          5. Caren Lair

          Class B
          1. Grace Carney
          2. April Deweese
          3. Kat Ciresi
          4. Michele Wood-Seng
          5. Amy Campbell

          Class C
          1. Stacey Naito
          2. Raquel Moorehead
          3. Brenda Valdez
          4. Kim Williams

          Class D
          1. Holly Powell
          2. Andrea DeRoze
          3. Piper Marie
          4. Ilona Kovacs
          5. Ana Dosaj

          TEEN FIGURE
          Class A
          1. Taylor Hansen ~ Overall ~
          2. Miriam Looney
          3. Ashley Vanasdale

          Class B
          1. Amber Acord

          FITNESS 35+
          1. LeNora Angles
          2. Debbie Grace

          FIGURE 55+
          1. Jeanne Upchurch
          2. Kimberly Insley
          3. Suzanne Fammartino
          4. Kristine Wilkes
          5. Kay Friend

          FIGURE 45+
          Class A

          1. Yolanda Glaeser
          2. Rosalind Gutierrez
          3. Cathy Johnson
          4. Toni Smith-Snow

          Class B
          1. Elizabeth Velez
          2. Sabrina Sonner
          3. Jeanne UpChurch
          4. Jodie Luther Kofod
          5. Krista Shurlow

          Class C

          1. Debra Dunn
          2. Katherine Fratello
          3. Nancy Bowlin
          4. Lisa Gordon-Jones
          5. Tina Goodman

          Class D
          1. Janet West ~ Overall ~ PRO CARD
          2. Katerina Tarbox
          3. Mary Dent
          4. Barbara Mencer
          5. Debra Judy

          Class E
          1. Shari Yates
          2. Robyn Roveccio
          3. Linda Nelson
          4. Alicia King
          5. Jennifer Myers

          Class F
          1. Gretchen Lichtenstein
          2. Lisa Zisa
          3. Karen Roberts
          4. Wenda Trunzo
          5. Debbie Westby
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          • FIGURE 35+
            Class A

            1. Maria Aracena
            2. Angela Hebert Shafer
            3. Devin Kenney-Hockensmith
            4. Paulina Gialanella
            5. Vicki Biberian

            Class B
            1. Kristina Curci
            2. Denise Rose
            3. Jami Frenkel
            4. Rebecca Schubeck
            5. Susan Hudson

            Class C
            1. Tara Hollingsworth ~Overall~ PRO CARD
            2. Andrea Cantone
            3. TJ Wiltz
            4. Priscilla Shaw
            5. Esmeralda Sazenian

            Class D
            1. Jami DeBernard
            2. Katerina Tarbox
            3. Mary Dent
            4. Melissa Smith
            5. Teresa Cruz

            Class E
            1. Patty Zariello
            2. Robyn Reveccio
            3. Illest Tekiner
            4. Alicia King
            5. Patricia Manzi

            Class F
            1. Rebecca Book
            2. Gretchen Lichtenstein
            3. Lisa Zisa
            4. Allison Perry
            5. Michelle Grissom

            Female Bodybuilding 65+
            1. Dee Lazard
            2. Nora Timson

            Female Bodybuilding 55+
            1. Ann Gannon
            2. Patty Corbett
            3. Dee Lazard
            4. Marie Tullos
            5. Norma Hildalgo

            LIGHTWEIGHT 45+
            1. Margaret Negrete
            2. Nilsa Anderson
            3. Ann Gannon
            4. Michelle Evans
            5. Cindy Lewis

            MIDDLEWEIGHT 45+
            1. Janet Kaufman ~Overall~ PRO CARD
            2. Robin Gizzi
            3. Paula Vincent
            4. Kathy Barrett
            5. Ellen Woodley

            LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT 45+
            1. Terri Harris
            2. Roxanne Edwards
            3. Kate Cooper
            4. Michelle Brent
            5. Monica Hale

            HEAVYWEIGHT 45+
            1. Bonnie Pappas
            2. Cindy Johnson
            3. Olivia Terry
            4. Julie Peavey
            5. Lauren Rottman

            LIGHTWEIGHT 35+
            1. Nilsa Anderson
            2. Margaret Negrete
            3. Cheryl Shelby
            4. Brenda Boyd
            5. Theodora Djan

            MIDDLEWEIGHT 35+
            1. Amy Sibcy 2nd PRO CARD
            2. Sherri Gray
            3. Kathy Barrett

            LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT 35+
            1. Kate Cooper
            2. Roxanne Edwards
            3. Michelle Brent
            4. Kim Vale
            5. Paula Francis

            HEAVYWEIGHT 35+
            1. Bonnie Pappas ~ Overall~ PRO CARD
            2. Robyn Mentgen
            3. Keli Watkins
            4. Karen Choat
            5. Olivia Terry
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            • Seth Feroce is in the house and we bout to rock the play by play!
              twitter: @badbadleroyb,


              • Over 40 Bantam and Lightweight

                Omar Serrano is the most complete. Only one with shredded glutes. Omar is #419 from NJ- Seth

                Addendum: No 60 second routines. so whoever stands out the most to Seth is who we will be focusing on.

                David Yeloushan is being compared with Omar and while he has more muscle, Omar is still more conditioned

                twitter: @badbadleroyb,


                • Over 40 Welter

                  SF- Tom moon looks to have the best balance but is not the best conditioned. Overall, all competitors pretty close. Nino Siciliano is the only one with shredded glutes and hams. Kind of dull in the abs though. Tannie Gundry is pretty balanced.

                  twitter: @badbadleroyb,


                  • Over 40 middle:

                    SF- Anthony Pampena and Hans Vandergroden are in the running for top five. Willie Vegas from Florida is the most symmetrical and balanced and pretty hard at least from the front. Not the most conditioned though. Full than a motherfucker. May turn pro tonight!

                    First callout for this class.

                    Tony Pampena
                    Hans Vandergroden
                    Steve McNamara
                    Wille Vegas (center)
                    Paul Southern

                    Between Willie Vegas and Anthony Pampena. Seth says pro card may be coming for Willie after this callout.

                    Shuffling, now Hans Vandergroden is being compared to Willie Vegas and Steve McNamara. Steve gets better as he poses.

                    Willie is the clear winner in this one.

                    twitter: @badbadleroyb,


                    • Getting ready for the over light heavy weight.
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                      • Over 40 light heavys

                        Coming out in four groups. First callout coming soon.
                        twitter: @badbadleroyb,


                        • wheres teen?


                          • Originally posted by Sieve View Post
                            wheres teen?
                            Later in a bit
                            "What is patriotism but the love of the food one ate as a child?" ~ Lin Yutang.


                            • Over 40 Middleweight - What a frickin' Tough Class!

                              "What is patriotism but the love of the food one ate as a child?" ~ Lin Yutang.


                              • First callout for Over 40 light heavy:

                                Darin Page
                                Milton Martinez
                                Prince Fontenot
                                Jose DeJesus
                                Max Curry
                                Micheal Squiciari
                                Art Williams

                                Prince Fontenot and Art Williams are one and two in this class! Art has a great upper half and a smaller lower half. Prince is pretty balanced and looks to be in the hunt for a pro card.
                                twitter: @badbadleroyb,