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2011 Toronto Pro PLAY BY PLAY with Shawn Ray, George Farah & Tad! Packed with VIDEO CLIPS!

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    Branden looks dayum good. He should get 3rd. Beyeke wins easily.
    "Bring the beauty back!"


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      Originally posted by carolyn bryant View Post
      Yuppers, it looks like that's how it's gonna go. But Brigita wins this. Cathy is being pushed. Mahann is winning from the back of the three. From the front, Cathy looks boxy and her midsection is outa control when relaxed.
      Cathy's look has definitely changed over the last few years.

      Unbelievable that Mah Ann is in her 50's! She looks amazing!


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        Open Men Comparisons


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          Originally posted by FitAdina View Post
          Cathy's look has definitely changed over the last few years.

          Unbelievable that Mah Ann is in her 50's! She looks amazing!
          I simply adore that woman. She is amazing. She's so tough she kicked cancer in the teeth.
          "Bring the beauty back!"


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            2011 IFBB Toronto Pro Championships
            Men's Prejudging


            Shawn Ray & George Farah

            Open Men

            Round 1 - Compulsory Posing:

            Khalid Almohsinawi
            GF: Not as hard as Orlando. Holding some fluid on his glutes. Shape is, overall, still good. I've seen him harder.
            SR: Softend up since his first show this year. Watery and a bit bloated. Full muscle bellies, but needs conditioning.

            Santana Anderson
            GF: Definitely needs to be harder, but good symmetry. Vascularity across his chest is impressive.
            SR: Wide across the shoulders. Nice structure, but again, a bit watery. The lightening needs work here! Hams and glutes soft. Has to get harder!

            Lionel Beyeke
            GF: Looks good! Legs are better than in new York a few weeks ago. Lights are BAD! Feathers in quads. Fuller than New York!
            SR: BIG! Round and full. Crowd likes him! Tad soft from the back. Full muscles and thick!

            Fedel Clarke
            GF: Good shape. Appears a bit older than the other guys. Needs to fill out more in certain places.
            SR: Legs need more detail. Needs more triceps and detail overall. His upper half is better than his lower half.
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              Lionel hands down....

              wish frank was fuller. but his conditioning looks sick

              roberts upper still way beyond his legs


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                Brandon Curry
                GF: Shape is beautiful! Huge arms. Better than he was in New York! I love his physique. Great shape and insertions.
                SR: Big upper body. Chest is full! Round, big arms. Muscle bellies look great! Vascular and dry! Good crowd response!

                Oscar Dexter
                GF: Good shape for him. Dry and hard. Glutes are in! Best I have seen him.
                SR: Dream Tan sux! Legs are a tad straight up and down - need more sweeps. Taller guy. Needs to fill out! Hard, but slender for his height! Traps are bulging; biceps are big! Good job!

                Frank McGrath
                GF: Good shape! This guy almost died! Good to see him back!
                SR: Best condition of the night, so far! Hard and ripped from the rear! Nice structure! Athletic build! Great return to the stage!
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                  Originally posted by Robbie Durand View Post
                  Frank McGrath

                  Frank looks crazy... His conditioning is sick.

                  Peace, G


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                    Men Comparisons

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                      Marc Lavoie
                      GF: Decent shape. I think he is over 40, so that's good! Holding a bit of water on the back.
                      SR: Hard and dry, too! Ripped glutes! Slight in the calves. Wide back! Put on size since I last saw him. Needs bigger biceps!

                      Jari Mentula
                      GF: Good legs! Needs more hamstrings and hardness!
                      SR: Not hard enough here. Big legs. Good, big arms. Soft from the rear. Needs more depth on his back.

                      Alexndre Nataf
                      GF: A BEAST! Big guy. If he gets ripped, he could be very dangerous! Definitely needs to be harder!
                      SR: Thick and muscular! Too full. Needs refinement and detail. Plenty of potential!
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                        Robert Piotrkowicz
                        GF: Always on the money. Doesnt get tired? In very good shape!
                        SR: Hard and dry. Great color and ripped! Soft a bit in the hams, but overall, improved since February!

                        Craig Richardson
                        GF: He is on! The one to beat - period! Best condition and great structure!
                        SR: WOW! Vascularity is crazy! Hard and ripped pecs! Shape is beautiful! Color on point! Side poses are awesome! Thighs are separated. Ass is ripped! Lower back ripped. Gonna be hard to beat. Best he has looked as a Pro!

                        Varinder Singh
                        GF: Soft. Needs to be harder. Good legs, though.
                        SR: Very tall! Needs more muscle for his height! Soft from the rear. Needs more of everything. Overall, pleasing to watch!
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                          Man Lionel just dwarfs everyone in that comparison!

                          Frank looks awesome especially after coming off such a serious accident, conditioning is awesome


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                            Too bad Curry doesn't train legs.


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                              Deeyum! Who worked with Craig? He is crispy. He came back with something to prove.
                              "Bring the beauty back!"


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                                Gregory Ulysse
                                GF: He is in good shape! Best I have seen him!
                                SR: Hard. Good separation! Nice back; tiny waist! Quads needs more flare, and biceps need to be fuller. Good showing!

                                Mike Van Wyck
                                GF: I'd still like to see his legs bigger. Could be harder here tonight. Chest and shoulders are thick, and he is sick!
                                SR: Wide body Big Boy! Needs more detail in legs, upper Body is thick!

                                Ben White
                                GF: Much better than New York three weeks ago! Not bad, but too soft.
                                SR: Watery. Thick skin. Off the mark here. Looks a couple weeks off. Europa Connecticut could be much improved!

                                Christopher White:
                                GF: Love his arm. Could be a tad harder, especially in the glutes.
                                SR: Looks good; could be tighter. Great potential! Oh snap, he hit like five poses and is gone? HHHHHmmmmmmmmmm.......

                                End of Round

                                Prejudging Over - Finals tomorrow!
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