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Craig Richardson Wins Toronto Pro!! Shaun-Joseph Tavernier takes the 202s! Results w/Scorecards

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  • Craig Richardson Wins Toronto Pro!! Shaun-Joseph Tavernier takes the 202s! Results w/Scorecards

    Craig Richardson wins the 2011 Toronto Pro

    2011 Toronto Pro Men

    Final Results

    *1st Place Winner- Craig Richardson

    *2nd- Lionel Beyeke

    *3rd- Brandon Curry

    4th- Frank McGrath

    5th- Robert Piotrkowicz

    * Mr Olympia Qualification

    Craig Richardson and Lionel Beyeke both previously qualified in New York.


    Shaun-Joseph Tavernier wins 2011 Toronto Pro 202s!

    Shawn Ray interviews Shaun-Joseph Tavernier after the win!

    Shaun-Joseph Tavernier Posing in the Finals

    2011 Toronto Men Pro 202
    Final 202 Results

    1st Place Winner- Shaun-Joseph Tavenier

    2nd- Myoba Edwards

    3 Amit Sapir

    * Top 3 Qualify for Olympia Showdown
    None were previously qualified.

    Toronto Pro Open Comparisons and Posedown


  • #2
    Shaun looks great. Congrats to him.


    • #3
      REALLY complete bodybuilder, kids got a bright future.


      • #4
        Yeah he looked great this show. Great conditioning, plus the amount of size he carries for the 202 class is amazing.
        "It's dark, and the mayne is hot"


        • #5
          SHAUN, CONGRATS MY FRIEND.. i knew the minute you showed up big and full you would take it.. shaun will be top 3-4 in the o.. now that he has figured out what he needs to do and not having to pull down so far he will be tough to beat in any show.. i am very happy for ya.. its only the beginning..


          • #6
            It's wonderful seeing him win.

            Just wish "ALL" of them would practice their routines for better posing.

            After the first video, there was nothing else to see..
            Women I admire: Beni Lopez, Adina Zanolli, Lisa Calhoun, Darlene Reid, Mikaila Soto, Leslie Morris. Yea, i said it!!


            • #7
              Congrats to the winners, both Craig and Shaun looked amazing.

              Special congrats to my friend Amit Sapir! Going to the O!!!


              • #8
                You go, Craig! Ya'll better stop talking bout 40-year olds like it's over. This was Craig's best ever to date.
                "Bring the beauty back!"


                • #9
                  Shaun is awesome and this victory is a nice way to get his name out there in the mix.

                  He under achieved at the British Grand Prix. By all accounts Shaun is still a newcomer and only done about 6 shows.

                  I hope he does the O and brings the goods. Great physique and definitely one to watch!

                  Also glad Craig won the Open class he is a cool dude!!!


                  • #10
                    He had a great physique back in 2000 when he turned pro and is way better now...great shape great lines...great bodybuilder...congrats


                    • #11
                      This is his best appearance since being a pro. He hasn't been this sharp since the 2000 Nationals..


                      • #12
                        Awesome thought Mcgrath shoulda beat curry though


                        • #13
                          craig fucking nailed it.


                          • #14
                            Craig Richardson is a class act with a classic physique,this is great news for the sport of bodybuilding!
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                            • #15
                              Gotta say alot of us should be surprised by Craig. Always been good but for too long he was a middle man. Now he's taking first place. Congrats! Always nice to see the underdog win one! But watch out Craig. Those young guns behind you weren't far off! They'll be nipping at your heels at the next one!
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