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Rusty Jeffers Preps for the 2012 Flex Pro

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  • Rusty Jeffers Preps for the 2012 Flex Pro

    Rusty Jeffers three weeks to 2012 Flex Pro

    Rusty is 48yrs of age and turned pro at Masters Nationals 2004.
    He has been around a long time. Started bodybuilding at 12yrs old and began competing at fourteen. He modeled under the name "Carl Hardwick" for COLT Studo according to wikipedia whatever that means.
    Rusty did the Maury Povich show in 2007.

    1981 Teenage Arizona -- Overall
    1982 Teenage Arizona -- Overall
    1983 Teenage Arizona -- Overall
    1987 AAU Copper Classic Heavyweight & Overall
    1987 AAU Mr. Tucson Heavyweight Runner-up
    1988 AAU Copper Classic Heavyweight Overall
    1989 Mr. & Ms. Arizona Championships Mixed Pair Overall with wife
    1989 AAU Mr. Arizona Heavyweight Heavyweight & Overall
    1990 NPC Orange County Heavyweight Runner-up
    1991 Palm Springs Classic Heavyweight Heavyweight & Overall
    1991 AAU Grand Canyon Heavyweight 3rd
    1991 NPC Ironman Heavyweight 5th
    1992 AAU Southwest Open Heavyweight 2nd
    1992 NPC Ironman Heavyweight 1st & Overall
    1994 NPC Ironman Heavyweight Heavyweight
    1994 Excalibur Heavyweight Heavyweight & Overall
    1995 NPC USA Heavyweight 16th
    1996 NPC Nationals Heavyweight 16th
    1998 NPC USA Heavyweight 9th
    1999 Los Angeles Championships Heavyweight Overall
    1999 NPC USA Heavyweight 6th
    1999 Arizona Heavyweight Heavyweight & Overall
    2001 Mid USA Heavyweight Heavyweight & Overall
    2001 NPC USA Heavyweight --
    2002 NPC USA Heavyweight 10th
    2002 NPC Nationals Super Heavyweight 12th
    2003 Excalibur - Los Angeles Super Heavyweight 2nd
    2003 San Diego World Gym Classic Super Heavyweight Super Heavyweight & Overall
    2003 Las Vegas Classic Super Heavyweight Super Heavyweight
    2003 NPC Nationals Super Heavyweight 16th
    2003 NPC Western Regional Super Heavyweight Super Heavyweight
    2004 NPC USA Super Heavyweight 2nd
    2004 NPC Masters National Super Heavyweight Super Heavyweight & Overall (Pro Card)
    2005 Iron Man Pro Pro 12th
    2005 San Francisco Pro Pro 16th
    2005 Charlotte Pro Pro 12th
    2005 Mr. Olympia Wildcard Showdown Pro 5th
    2006 Masters Pro World Championships Pro Masters 8th
    2007 Iron Man Pro Pro 12th
    2007 Sacramento Grand Prix Pro 11th
    2008 Iron Man Pro Pro 17th
    2008 Atlantic City Pro Pro Masters 11th
    2009 Iron Man Pro Pro 16th
    2009 Australian Pro Pro 7th
    2010 Phoenix Pro Pro 16th
    2010 Australian Pro Pro 12th

    Height 5'9"
    DOB 5/14/64
    From: Phoenix, Texas

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    the guy has been around for awhile thats for sure and boy can he pose


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      Incredible physique. Posing thats second to none...\m/