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Flex Pro Score Cards!

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    Originally posted by FitAdina View Post
    Thanks, Shawn! Good to see you!
    Thanks for the score card Momma!


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      Originally posted by bigbadwolf00 View Post
      Thanks for the score card Momma!
      My pleasure! I had been waiting for it!


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        Thanks Adina! Always better to see the actual scores than just the results.
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          wow, unanimous. interesting!
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            Originally posted by HangingLegRaise View Post
            5 Judges, each give a placing, so if 5 people vote 1 on someone they get 5 points (which is the lowest you can get). So for Beyeke to have 5 prejudging and finals means he was unanimously first 6 points would mean one vote voted 2nd and the rest 1st. If someone is unanimously 3rd they'd have 15 points (3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 15).
            At least that's how I believe it works.
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              serious question here:
              can someone explain the theory behind such scores of top 5 (Shawn, Adina, Flex)?

              I ask because I found myself in doubt of the judges on Nabba or Ribbf shows being in the audience, but once I got info from the judges regarding the reasons- It made more sense, especially after looking closely at pictures.

              Maybe we are missing something that the judges could see being there live and as close as it gets?

              I had a close look at the pictures and looks like Eduardo and Fouad are the most conditioned by far, everyone else is softer from the back, Lionel looks softer from front and back... now i agree he looks amazing based on genetics/shape but i thought condition is a key factor?

              Please explain guys,maybe they looked different live?
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