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Shawn Ray Interviews the "Lion of Lebanon" Samir Bannout about the upcoming World's Masters

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  • Shawn Ray Interviews the "Lion of Lebanon" Samir Bannout about the upcoming World's Masters

  • #2
    Legend, i cant wait to see how he does. Granted he wont be what he was but i think Samir is one of the coolest bodybuilders ever. Has some pretty awesome stories too.


    • #3
      The Lion!

      Awesome man, I was in high school when this guy won the 1983 MR O and he looked perfect, he came in at 100% and took the win. I love the idea of legends coming back to do battle again and find it inspiring. This can only be a good thing for body building and I send my best wishes and good health to all the competitors at the masters Olympia, you are all champions!


      • #4
        oh man, how I hate to wait for this! it's still so far away! c'mon time, speed it up bro!


        • #5
          Who was behind the camera for this interview Shawn?

          His impatience in waiting for the Lion of Lebanon to make himself available for interview almost cost him a smack in the mouth (as told by Samir on Radio Central at MuscleRx recently).


          • #6
            Our very own, Roberto "Killer" Durand who was waiting and working on "Assignment" to get the Jay Cutler Interview not my impromptu interview of the Lion.

            It was not Robbie's job to do this interview but my chance to hear from a former Mr O's Comeback which Robbie was unaware of at the time.

            Strength & Honor!