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Roland Cziurlok Interview with Kevin Levrone after the World Masters

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    his whole body is shredded not just his legs Butch !


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      and the fact that about a thousand of us have said don't call it a return of the legends show when your current pros just wiped the floor with the old timers........good grief !

      And someone just asked in another thread..." I wonder how Dexter feels about beating these guys

      In reality he probably doesn't feel anything, he won a 100,000 dollars

      But the fact is, it didn't take much to beat them, and it diminished the entire event in terms of respect and categorizing the event in reasonable perspectives !

      One guy said, well its the first year Jarka staged the event, etc.......

      I'm not buying that cop out.........we all knew what the outcome would be !

      lol.... it doesn't take much to do the math of competitors that have been out of the game for decades and wonder how they are going to square off with the likes of top ten current olympians


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        how do you know the pressure was extremely high ? Perhaps Jarka was having a blast organizing the event and felt totally comfortable. Perhaps Jarka designed the Masters event exactly how she wanted it played out dude !?


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          Roland looked amazing. He's got a great attitude. And next time, Levrone should try to ask one question at a time. He asked three questions before Roland could answer. C'mooooonnnnn Man! Interviewing 101.