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Interviews with DEXTER JACKSON & the BIG GUNS Friday Night @ World Masters Press Conference

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    But seriously, I would love to see both Shawn and Kevin make a comeback at this show.
    You could have a big "the return" type of video series up on MD, following at least one of them as he gets back into the game and prepares for next years show.
    I for one would love to see that, and it would motivate the heck out of me to train as well.
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      Bill Wilmore; the sleeper. I'm putting money on Bill shocking people for sure.
      Originally posted by Nik133

      This is bodyBUILDING, not getting a bag of shit into condition building.


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          i hope samir comes back and does it again, it must be hard to do it all perfect but he came in good, couldve been better the fact is, and i know he feels the same. so i hope he comes back with a iron fist next tear
          That's what she said -Michael Scott-