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IFBB Pro World Masters Prejudging Comparisons Video

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    Bill Wilmore looked terrible, 5th place is where he should have been.


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      Originally posted by highwayman1985 View Post
      Dexter looks amazing. Hopefully he brings that to the olympia next year!
      He will not be very impressive look compared to Phil, Kai, Dennis Wolf, and even Ronny Rockell (except in back shots)
      All statements made herein are fictional and are solely for entertainment purposes


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        After seeing the video I had:

        1.Toney Freeman
        2.Dexter Jackson
        3.Ed Nunn
        4.Troy Alves
        5.Bill Willmore
        6.Darreem Charles

        I believed Toney deserved 1st place here, just like I believe he beat Dexter at the 2008 Olympia. The only pose Dexter has ever beat Toney Freeman in is the crab most muscular. If Ed Nunn brought up his back with the rest of his physique he would be top 8 in the world. He held his own with Dexter and Toney in the front and side shots, but as soon as the turned around it was obvious he has catching up to do
        All statements made herein are fictional and are solely for entertainment purposes


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          LMAO at Toney Freeman being 1st. Learn how to judge a contest son.


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            with the current rules of this year, the top 6 i believe are in correct order.... 7th 8th and 9nth place is where i didnt agree..

            i found ROLAND CZIURLOK... to be more of a freakier body then tricky, and shit he is older right? so give him atleast that much...even PAVOL JABLONICKY to me looked better although his legs were not as good as tricky's.
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