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Wow Pathetic

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  • Wow Pathetic

    Look at this shit, the master contest all current IFBB Pro's and at the end you actually see the real masters. Samir looked great for his age, so did the rest.
    "Anyone can speak english when in might get you a little strange lol"

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    I personally like Samir. Recently had an inspiring visit with him, wife and kids. Bodybuilding wise he failed last weekend. He would not place top 10 in his age/weight class at the amatuer NPC Masters Nationals. Look up the pics of this years Masters show....they are posted.



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      [email protected] the same group of fags always strutting their stuff on stage in hopes of winning 50-100k.

      How much does the magazines, supp. companies etc... make in return? millions.

      Bodybuilding is indeed an illusion as they say, retards who are willing to wreck their health, and suck genetalia so "suits" can laugh their ass to the bank.


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        ^ But bro, these guys have a "passion" for what they do, it's not about the money, bro.