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    if you want to go to the Krack Klassic MARCH 1ST i suggest you get your tickets
    Massey Theatre Box Office - 604-521-5050
    Online Ticket Purchasing
    Please visit
    AM Show $29 inc. service charge
    PM Show $57.50 inc. service charge



    Grandmaster men BB
    Masters BB
    Junior Men BB
    Mens BB
    Grandmaster women BB
    Womens BB

    Master womens Physique
    Womens Physique


    guest posers
    Master figure
    Open figure
    Master men physique
    open mens physique
    master bikini


    There’s is going to be Mixed Pairs at the upcoming WORLD QUALIFIER August 9th, 2014 in MANITOBA & CBBF BODYBULDING NATIONALS in MONTREAL Sept 6th, 2014
    And also will be at the IFBB WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS FOR WOMENS October 17-20, 2014 IN MONTREAL
    TEAMS must be a male bodybuilders and a female either figure or physique (no female bodybuilders)

    Please submit: past competitions, placings & most current show pictures to: [email protected]

    Here is all the information provided directly from the IFBB Rules:

    Rule 40 - Mixed-Pairs Competition
    40.1 Mixed-Pairs Competition:
    Where mixed-pairs competition is held, the judging will follow the same procedures
    as is used for the other categories of competition, except for the following:
    1. If there are more than 15 mixed-pairs, an Elimination Round will be held for the
    purpose of reducing the number to 15, said Elimination Round which will be
    conducted as per Rules 23 - 25.
    2. The Prejudging (Round 1) will be conducted as per Rules 26- 28, except that the
    maximum number of mixed-pairs that may be compared at any one time will not
    exceed three.
    3. Mixed-pairs perform the same 5 compulsory poses as in women’s bodybuilding.
    4. The top 6 placings at the end of the Prejudging will qualify for the Finals.
    5. The Finals will be conducted as per Rules 30 - 35. The top 6 finalists will perform
    compulsory poses and posedown. This will be followed by their free posing routine,
    the length of which will be up to a maximum of 90 seconds.
    6. The award ceremony for the mixed-pairs will be conducted as per Rule 36.
    7. The same judging forms that are used to judge the other categories of competition
    will be used to judge mixed-pairs.

    Rule 41 - Assessing Mixed-Pairs Physiques
    41.1 The judge will assess each mixed-pair as an entity. Those whose physiques
    match, harmonize, and complement each other will receive higher places than
    mixed-pairs whose physiques are markedly dissimilar and unbalanced, as would be
    the case of a tall ectomorphic man and a short mesomorphic woman, or vice versa.
    This factor will continue to be of importance in the second round as well. When
    similar poses and limb movements are used by the two partners, as in the
    compulsory poses, higher places will be awarded for greater accuracy in achieving
    identical lines. The five mixed-pairs poses are as follows:
    (a) Front Double Biceps
    (b) Side Chest
    (c) Back Double Biceps
    (d) Side Triceps
    (e) Abdominals and Thighs
    41.2 Mixed-Pair’s Posing Attire:
    The rules for posing attire for men and women will also apply for the mixed-pairs,
    however, preference will be given by the judge for matching and complementary
    trunks and bikinis which enhance the mixed-pair’s physiques and their appearance
    as a combined unit. Both members of each mixed-pair shall wear the same number
    pinned to the left side of the trunks or bikini.
    41.3 In the Finals, mixed-pairs will be assessed both individually and as a unit with
    particular attention being given to how well their individual physiques complement
    each other and how well they move in unison.
    ================================================== ============
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    Dawn Alison ~


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      GrandMaster Men BB
      Mark Bain

      Master Men BB
      Daniel LaFrance

      Junior Men
      Jaswinder Brar
      Spencer Nedokis
      Vlad Raducu

      LW Men
      Dylan Hernandez

      MW Men
      Amos Jones
      Paulo D’Attilio
      Burham Pourmokhtari
      Dan LaFrance
      Jaswinder Brar
      Vlad Raducu
      Matt Jensen

      LHW Men
      Cody Heinrichs
      Ian DeJesus
      Mark Bain
      Spenser Nedokis
      Brody Robertson
      Jason Zaw
      Ramin Azmin
      David Santoro
      Tim Kolton

      HW Men
      Bert Sims
      Pinder Kaloti
      Slavko Mistric
      Ryan Williams Storm



      GM Womens Bodybuilder
      Alison Fenton

      Open Womens Bodybuilder
      Alison Fenton
      Shannon McDowell
      Heidi Gawehns
      Emilija Martic
      Amy Slater
      Roda Heinrichs
      Nicole Nouch


      Noland Pio
      Adrian Wesley
      Anouxa Sitthiso
      Gino Pugliese

      MP CLASS A
      Lucas Adriaco
      Kyle Yawney
      Joel Carlson
      Tarun Patel
      James Furtado
      Erik Yu
      Miguel Marquez
      Mike Tobiason
      Reginald Valerio
      Jermone Briones
      Hanchao Xu
      Raphiel del Rosario
      Qumbar Raza

      MP B
      Cory Swiegosz
      Reid Draney
      Alexis Penaste
      Daniel Martinez
      Mike Schurko
      Eric Bell
      Ken Leggat
      Clayton Fontaine
      Cory Amisano
      Omar Jundi
      Allan Fawley
      James Eltinger
      Matt Chanway
      Matt Shaw

      MP C
      Alireza Azarbus
      Terry Owen
      Cameron Richard
      Brent Hughes
      Dhylan Edwards
      Spenser Johnston
      Anthony Wild
      Peter Johns
      Chad Coldwell
      Cody Flesher
      Marty Ford
      Adam Mulford
      Jonathon Dykeman
      Jonathon Birch
      Braden Wilson
      Josh Blackmore




      Andrea Morin
      Manita Sandhu
      Denise Riley
      Sandy Bain
      Michele Hadley
      Mary Ann MacGillivray
      Mercedes Mikal
      Krista Conway
      Michele Kadyschuk
      Anna Anderson
      Corine Drainville

      Amanada Kelly
      Samantha Warren
      Dar Ashmeade
      Nerissa Walton
      Jodi Gandy
      Andrea Pasutti
      Nicky Scott
      Kimberley Smith
      Melissa Merrill
      Angela Warnock
      Veronique Lalacette
      Kate Joyal

      Shauna Marie
      Jennifer Milidrag
      Jessica Peters
      Haley Latti
      Bronwen Sapri
      Nicole Gyukovits
      Rosie Ali
      Kailee Ryan
      Ashley White
      Teagan Desousa
      Amanda Dykes


      BIKINI (note: placings to 10th more completed list to come)

      Michelle Meadows
      Krista Cowie
      Michelle Rickards
      Linda Woo
      Monique Osborne
      Holly Eglington
      Julia Willmott

      BIKINI A
      Claire Wheeler
      Kristina Matic
      Ashley Kosiancic
      Lisa Reavely
      Lana Lyn Rarinacci
      Kendal Estee Barber
      Ann- Marie Kalish
      Brandee Stewart
      Amanda Bazett
      Marissa Leriger

      BIKINI B
      Megan Swaisland
      Shawna Ram
      Laura Clendenning
      Nichole Schott
      Adelynn Tay
      Tannace Scarr
      Shelby McMillan
      Chelsea Konechny
      Sarah Openshaw
      Louise Tran

      BIKINI C
      Amy Brown
      Adrianna Mitrovic
      Montana Saari
      Dianna Morley
      Anita Ivanic
      Rachel Korpach
      Koko Billi-biva
      Joy Nguygen
      Carsen Machin
      Ally Finley

      BIKINI D
      Anna Lavrova
      Sarah Bailey
      Jennifer Simm
      Scarlett Szalontain
      Ashlee Kelly
      Ayda Sirin
      Taylor Haldane
      Kendra Cartier
      Raelynn Markerth
      Pamela Hodgson

      BIKINI E
      Keegan Clemens
      Talia Tanner
      Collette Charlebois
      Tabatha Kirkegaard
      Alisha Dander
      Bianca Gilbert
      Ashley Banvelos
      Tiffany Koledin
      Caitlyn Bellamy
      Sian Singerland


      NOTE: will update more later
      big big thank you to all the volunteers
      who without the show wouldn't have been possible

      i will be posting where to send for JUDGES FEEDBACK from the KRACK KLASSIC later today.... stay tuned
      on the bcabba facebook page (as well as here as soon as i can)
      Dawn Alison ~


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        Canadian Nationals figure fitness bikini and physique 2014 CBBF
        Attached Files
        Dawn Alison ~


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          FORT ST JOHN'S Northern Classic Novice BCABBA Show June 7, 2014
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          Dawn Alison ~


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            KELOWNA'S Western Canadian DRUG TESTED SHOW May 17, 2014
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            Dawn Alison ~


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              KELOWNA Western Canadian Championships May 17th is a DRUG TESTED SHOW....

              it is your responsibility to know what is banned,
              its not just drug testing for Anabolic Steriods.....
              .even a pre-workout bought in a supplement store can make you fail the test,

              be aware...
              if you are taking a medication from the banned list prescribed by a doctor you will need a Doctors note...

              if theres any questions you can contact the CANADIAN CENTER FOR ETHICS IN SPORTS: Substance information [email protected]

              here's the link to the banned list:
              Dawn Alison ~


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                BCABBA Athlete ADDITIONAL Funding Requirements:
                - member for 2 yrs (does not have to be consecutive years)
                - member must be a “member in good standing” for the duration of their membership including up to the time funding cheques are distributed
                - volunteer work required in the 2 yrs of membership
                - must wear the Official BCABBA Track suit at the National Event Athlete's Meeting
                - minimum funding is $500, maximum is $1000 depending on the number of
                years competing at the National level and the number of hours of volunteer
                time 'logged'
                - PLEASE NOTE: we will discuss the tier system for funding at the next AGM

                Athletes must submit a form to the BCABBA President via email.

                The form would list:

                - List membership years
                - detailed list of volunteer work

                - athlete funding cheques will be issued once per year – at the AGM

                PLEASE NOTE:
                BCABBA pays for “every” BCABBA National level athlete, whether they qualify for additional funding or not:
                1. their entry fee(s) to nationals
                2. the CBBF Passport
                3. they receive a BCABBA team track suit
                4. any drug testing fees if required
                To receive the above a member is required to:
                - member must be a “member in good standing” for the duration of their membership including up to the time funding
                - must wear the Official BCABBA Track suit at the National Event Athletes Meeting
                Dawn Alison ~


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                  Just a little over 12 weeks until the BC Provincial Championships!

                  Tickets go on sale May 1
                  available at @bodybybrandt Gym in port moody 604-492-4244 or Massey Theatre Box Office.
                  Dawn Alison ~


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                    FORT ST JOHNS Northern Classic show TICKETS go on sale always mid april at the gym. 250-785-7939. THE PROMOTOR JENI BRISCO will post as soon as they are ready. you can keep checking here and also her fb page for the show:
                    Dawn Alison ~


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                      British Columbia Amateur Bodybuilding Association

                      Further to member questions in regards to judging standards, current Executive has been working on a new initiative to enhance our judging protocols through a roll out of educational judging clinics. We are working to increase our pool of judges and feel these clinics will be a valuable resource to existing and future judging panel members.

                      Included in educational judging clinics will be
                      New Judging Protocols as implemented in March 2014 as follows:

                      1. All Judges must submit a list of clients that they have in the show they are judging by no later than 6 pm the Friday prior to the show.
                      - Name of client and category competing in
                      - This includes training, diet, posing clients who have seen a judge/ trainer for a series of sessions present or within the last year (excluding a 1 time seminar)

                      2. A Judge with a client in a class CANNOT judge that class

                      3. A Judge cannot sit at the Judges table while their clients class is progress but must move and sit in the first row of seats in the audience and return to judges table when the clients class is over

                      4. If found of any wrong doing, the Judge will not be allowed to judge any future BCABBA shows

                      5. Immediately following the end of the show the BCABBA will collect the Judging Score sheets and keep for a minimum of 1 year
                      Dawn Alison ~


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                        Online registration is now available on the CBBF site for the 2014 Bikini, Fitness, Figure and Physique Championships!

                        Athletes please note that here in BC we pay all entry fees plus the CBBF booklet (passport)! In addition, all BC athletes are supplied with a Team BC track suit and Tamara Knight will contact you regards to this in the very near future.

                        2014 BIKINI, FIGURE, FITNESS AND PHYSIQUE
                        CBBF Canadian National CHAMPIONSHIPS

                        Saturday, July 5th, 2014
                        Edmonton, AB
                        Promoter: John Dirks
                        Email: [email protected]
                        Venue: Shaw Conference Centre, 9797 Jasper Ave Edmonton, AB.
                        Show Times: 9:00am Prejudging, 5:00pm Finals.
                        Tickets: / 1-855-985-5000
                        Host Hotel: Westin Edmonton, 1-780-426-3636 / 1-800-937-8461

                        Athlete Registration Friday July 4th at Host Hotel from Noon-5pm.
                        Athlete Meeting Friday July 4th at Host Hotel 6:00pm.

                        Official CBBF Photographer: Stone Photography Studio
                        Spray Tanning: Liquid Sun Rayz:
                        Hair/Makeup: Cherry Bomb Hair Lounge. [email protected]
                        Contact Tracy Catt: 1-403-986-3147,
                        Dawn Alison ~


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                          looking for a great photographer?

                          check out Vicky Lee
                          based out of Vancouver Lower mainland

                          but she will be going to the Fort St John show and doing shoots up there this year

                          emaill: [email protected]

                          Attached Files
                          Dawn Alison ~


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                            The BCABBA is now accepting bids for promoting the 2015 BCABBA Spring event!

                            To submit your bid for the 2015 Spring BCABBA event, please provide the following information:

                            * Your name or the company name associated with the promotion of the event.

                            * Where will your event be held? Please provide possible dates the theatre is available.

                            * Which hotel will be your host? Where will your athlete meeting be held?

                            * What trophies do you intend to hand out? Please provide company name or link of trophy provider.

                            * What prizes do you intend to give to the top three and overall athletes?

                            * What do you intend to charge for tickets (morning and night)?

                            * Do you have sponsors ready to be involved with your show? Please provide company names and sponsorship information package you will be sending out to potential sponsors.

                            * How many volunteers do you plan on having on the day of the event? Please provide a list of names of your core volunteers and what their responsibilities will be.

                            * Do you have an official spray tan provider? How much will they be charging and where will they be located?

                            * Do you have an official hair and make up team? How much will they be charging and where will they be located?

                            Please provide your estimated cost for the following (to demonstrate your awareness of financial costs involved in promoting an event)

                            BCABBA Sanction Fee: $2500 (or more if bidding occurs)

                            Theatre rental cost:

                            Trophy cost:

                            Athlete prizes:

                            Theatre Insurance and SoCan Fee:

                            Guest performer and or Master of Ceremonies:

                            Athlete meeting room:

                            Backstage set up materials:

                            In addition to supplying the requested information, applicants must be able to demonstrate a willingness to work with and take direction from the current BCABBA Directors to ensure both a successful event while at the same time furthering the interests of the BCABBA.

                            Applicants must agree to sign a standard BCABBA event contract and to carry out all responsibilities contained within.
                            Applicants will receive a Draft Copy of the agreement after submitting a proposal.

                            We will be accepting submissions until May 23rd, 2014.

                            FULLY completed applications received before the deadline will be reviewed by the BCABBA Selection Committee. An announcement will be made on the BCABBA site when a decision has been reached.

                            Dawn Alison ~


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                              JUNIOR MEN
                              1. Bryce Chaddock
                              2. Hayden Injates
                              3. Austin Hawkins
                              4. Jacob Finamore

                              Grand Master Men BB
                              1. Heinz Nussbaumer
                              2. Raymond Walkerdine
                              3. Wayne McIntrye
                              4. Lance Raaen
                              5. Rob Busch
                              6. Ken Jones
                              7. David Vella
                              8. Michael Hare

                              Master Men BB
                              1. Michael Martinz
                              2. Jeff Meyers
                              3. David Gilks
                              4. Tony Chan
                              5. Luis Ramirez
                              6. Michael Watson

                              LW Men
                              1. Troy Wattley
                              2. Michael Szeto
                              3. Matthew Anderson
                              4. Raymond Walkerdine
                              5. Lance Raaen
                              6. Brent Edwards

                              MW Men
                              1. Jordan King
                              2. Matt MacDonald
                              3. Jared Van Someren
                              4. Luis Ramirez
                              5. Brad Willson
                              6. Eric Beech
                              7. Justin Wise
                              8. Kerry Vanderwijk
                              Cody Emsky – DISQUALIFIED

                              LHW Men
                              1. Jeff Meyers
                              2. Evan Gyurkovits
                              3. Tarmo Kangas
                              4. Theoren Peniuk
                              5. Michael Watson

                              HW Men
                              1. Michael Martinz
                              2. David Gilks
                              3. Kaleb Sutton


                              MEN’S BEST POSER: TARMO KANGAS

                              GRANDMASTER FBB
                              1. Sherry Truman
                              WOMEN’S PHYSIQUE
                              2. Tara Lynn Cheng
                              3. Kailee Ryan
                              4. Kelly Veillette

                              WOMEN’S BEST POSER: TARA LYNN CHENG

                              1. Kristy Mascia
                              2. Jericho Green
                              3. Kaylee Mascia
                              4. Samantha Skelly
                              5. Nicole Vincze

                              GR MSTR FIGURE
                              1. Annette Willson
                              2. Francesca McCallen
                              3. Sherry Russel
                              4. Lynn Willard
                              5. Susan Willett

                              MASTER FIGURE
                              1. Crystal Gretz
                              2. Chelsea Woloshuk
                              3. Dianne Goodfellow
                              4. Claudia Lailhacar
                              5. Angelique Kronebusch
                              6. Penny McFarlane
                              7. Jeannine Cote
                              8. Isabelle Meunier
                              9. Kimber MacWilliams

                              FIGURE SHORT
                              1. Marianne Ly
                              2. Jasmine Burnell
                              3. Nicky Scott
                              4. Abigail McKague
                              5. Tara Card
                              6. Jaylene Llewellyn
                              7. Amanda Rai
                              8. Brenna Nakazawa
                              9. Chandni Chaube
                              10. Sarah Watts

                              FIGURE MEDIUM
                              1. Tiffany Hodsman
                              2. Erin Crawford
                              3. Lisa Russell
                              4. Kate Joyal
                              5. Shalon Guilbault
                              6. Jessica Wenger
                              7. Shauna Erdman
                              8. Jessica Belyea
                              9. Christy Farrell
                              10. Amy Cannan
                              11. Emily Sedgwick
                              12. Laura Haddow

                              FIGURE TALL
                              1. Heidi Johnson
                              2. Ruth Saunders
                              3. Lonnie Heathcote
                              4. Alyssa Whyte
                              5. Regan Byron
                              6. Shannon Thompson
                              7. Natasha Burley
                              8. Christine Barton
                              9. Cara Kerluck
                              10. Sydney Nakazawa
                              11. Emily Palfy

                              MASTERS MEN’S PHYSIQUE

                              1. William Lopetinsky
                              2. Clayton Foster
                              3. Dale Larson
                              4. Matt Kehler
                              5. Dwayne Tremblay
                              6. Thai Lam

                              MP class A

                              1. Don Lam
                              2. Morgan Decksheimer
                              3. Geoff Cosco
                              4. Tyler De La Paz
                              5. Dwight Liburd
                              6. Mike Li
                              7. Oliver Cloutier
                              8. Dimitrios Stephanoy
                              9. Devin Bonar
                              10. Brenden Eberle
                              11. Stefan Gerwin
                              12. Andrew Jamieson
                              13. David Rojo
                              14. Eric Wilson

                              MP B

                              1. Dease Watson
                              2. Chris Wilson
                              3. Benjamin Edu
                              4. Joe Porter
                              5. James Dyble
                              6. Dylan Klotz
                              7. Kurtis Rempel
                              8. Brett Halls
                              9. Benjamin Worth
                              10. Gurpreet Sidhu
                              11. Keenan Staples
                              12. Jordan Barth
                              13. Paulo David
                              14. Jason Laverman
                              15. Adam Effertz

                              MP C

                              1. Edrice Ferdoussi
                              2. Elijah Vilio
                              3. Brandon Emslie
                              4. Jay Frasca
                              5. Mike De Dood
                              6. Rocco Hoeller
                              7. Jordan Groves
                              8. Joey Bugyinka
                              9. Logan Van Damme
                              10. Sahil Sundri
                              11. Anthony Haralabos
                              12. James Sutter
                              13. Jake Sherbinin
                              14. Max Friesen
                              15. Mitchell Klarner
                              16. Isidro Torres Cordova

                              MP D
                              1. Jake Young
                              2. Cori Manning
                              3. Sage Sturgeon
                              4. Mitchell Stickney
                              5. Brett Forsythe
                              6. Ali Najafian
                              7. Riley Vigier
                              8. Michael Gill
                              9. David Mathieson
                              10. Chris DeVocht
                              11. Michael Ranosz
                              12. Gareth Bryson

                              MENS PHYSIQUE OVERALL: Dease Watson


                              Master Bikini- SHORT

                              1. Janine Godfrey
                              2. Rachelle Besuyen
                              3. Tracy Allain
                              4. Mindy Ambrose
                              5. Linda Woo
                              6. Rhea Mandapat
                              7. Jackie Webber
                              8. Melissa Phillips
                              9. Carolyn Riha
                              10. Holly Neufeld
                              11. Paige Pearce
                              12. Lindsay Gray
                              13. Donna Southwood

                              Master Bikini-TALL

                              1. Pamela Steeper
                              2. Leigh-Ann Smith
                              3. Jessica Pallas
                              4. Fawn Lavonne
                              5. Nadine Martin
                              6. Sandra Daly
                              7. Shannon Nolting
                              8. Christine Gladue
                              9. Allison Konsmo
                              10. Patti Lewis
                              11. Megan Cole
                              12. Louisa Hardy
                              13. Melissa Morsara

                              BIKINI A

                              1. Alysha Felder
                              2. Shantel Oranchuk
                              3. Brittany Bento
                              4. Elicia Hadley
                              5. Carsen Gray
                              6. Taylor Dignard
                              7. Anne Girtz
                              8. Amanda Lim
                              9. Leonarda Alvarez
                              10. Alejandra Flores
                              11. Kendal Barber
                              12. Stacey Lumley
                              13. Julie McGraa
                              14. Meghan Urquhart
                              15. Tamara Colgan
                              16. Nicole Leier
                              17. Sarah Smith
                              18. Miyuki Tomioka
                              19. Catherine Wheatley
                              20. Alex Funk

                              BIKINI B

                              1. Mackenzie Lee
                              2. Tiffany Roy
                              3. Shelby McMillan
                              4. Kandace Carr
                              5. Sylvea Minci
                              6. Melissa Corrigan
                              7. Elaine Topolnisky
                              8. Sarah Lingham
                              9. Stephanie Cartwright
                              10. Hannah Southwood
                              11. Victoria Ponsart
                              12. Jessica Lee
                              13. Emma Petit
                              14. Brenda Cady
                              15. Sarah Rempel
                              16. Chelsea Young
                              17. Lisa Watson
                              18. Chelsea Konechny

                              BIKINI C

                              1. Jennifer Weintz
                              2. Risa Pallister
                              3. Crystal Mohan
                              4. Tiffany Breck
                              5. Chanel Brar
                              6. Lauren Fuller
                              7. Justine Rogers
                              8. Nadia Nosrati
                              9. Christina Delaportas
                              10. Brittany Janjic
                              11. Brittany Jonat
                              12. Kayla Harvey
                              13. Stacy Marks
                              14. Mikayla Tarasoff
                              15. Krystal Pearson
                              16. Shay Daigneault
                              16.Kelcy MacMillan
                              16. Julia Erb
                              Gogo Lalli DISQUALIFIED

                              BIKINI D

                              1. Eliza Kroeze
                              2. Nicole Joakimides
                              3. Nikole Moretto
                              4. Karley Fraser
                              5. Kelsey Sciberras
                              6. Kim Ferguson
                              7. Tanita Sandana
                              8. Lisa Brown
                              9. Cassie Faris
                              10. Susan Mailey
                              11. Leah Ewonchuk
                              12. Jessica Hietman
                              13. Liz Metcalf
                              14. Kayla McColl
                              15. Abby Kambeitz
                              16. Krystal Wickman
                              16. Lauren Jones

                              BIKINI E

                              1. Fatemeh (Ayda) Amirhosseini
                              2. Claudia Brietzke
                              3. Mary Carrizo
                              4. Brandie Mabee
                              5. Cassandra Askew
                              6. Lauren Nutbrown
                              7. Presley Tynan
                              8. Crystal Laboucan
                              9. Jessica Middler
                              10. Paulina Nowak
                              11. Susan Plihal
                              12. Candice Woods
                              13. Amy Newport
                              14. Nicole Laderoute
                              15. Victoria Mokrushnikova
                              16. Dee Moonen
                              16.Caitlin Riley
                              16.Hayley Stewart

                              Ayrann Kamphuis DISQUALIFIED

                              BIKINI F
                              1. Jessica Crome
                              2. Erica Miller
                              3. Megan Shallow
                              4. Kendall Brand
                              5. Autumn Baker
                              6. Darcie Powell
                              7. Chelan Wilkins
                              8. Crystal Warren
                              9. Tanelle Bolt
                              10. Samantha Takacs
                              11. Faye Anstey
                              12. Carolyn Thomas
                              13. Wynter-Lynn Maddox
                              14. Marissa Baerg
                              15. Karen Goforth
                              16. Kelsea Sarginson
                              16. Stephanie Grassi

                              BIKINI OVERALL: Jennifer Weintz
                              Dawn Alison ~


                              • #90
                                CONGRATS to all the athlete's who competed

                                Here are the final results:

                                13th ANNUAL NORTHERN CLASSIC FORT ST. JOHN

                                Women’s Bodybuilding

                                1. Tanja McPherson

                                1. Tanja McPherson
                                2. Crystal Coulombe

                                Men’s Bodybuilding

                                Grand Master Men
                                1. Jesse Santa Cruz
                                2. Jim Richter

                                LW Men
                                1. Dane Makuch
                                2. Jesse Santa Cruz

                                MW Men
                                1. Jordan Daniels
                                2. Kyle Jones

                                LHW Men
                                1. Ali Najafian
                                2. Riley Chambers
                                3. Nawzad Palani
                                4. Clint Holowaty
                                5. Ullie Krack
                                6. Kyle Engelmyer
                                7. Taylor Stefansson

                                HW Men
                                1. Tyler Witthoeft
                                2. Trevor Koehler
                                3. Todd Hamilton
                                4. Mark Becker
                                5. Scott McMillan
                                6. Craig Bennett
                                7. Rob Stirling

                                Ali Najafian

                                Women’s Physique

                                1. Donna Svisdahl
                                2. Rose Mallet
                                3. Patty Nixon

                                1. Charis Whittington
                                2. Karley Green
                                3. Jaimie Friesen
                                4. Elisabeth MacKay
                                5. Jill Foley
                                6. Chanelle Pringle


                                GR MSTR FIGURE
                                1. Samantha Barbera
                                2. Corinne Nearing
                                3. Kathy Gelmon
                                4. Heather Clarke
                                5. Marianne Phelps
                                6. Carolynn Phelps
                                7. Monica Bruns
                                8. Joan Sopow
                                9. Lee Somerton

                                Master Figure
                                1. Claudia Lailhacar
                                2. Mary Ann MacGillivray
                                3. Tanya Chartrand
                                4. Jo-Ann Huber
                                5. Brigitte MacNamara
                                6. Melinda Fercho
                                7. Tracy Sheepwash
                                8. Michele Fleming

                                Figure Short
                                1. Shylah Dobbin
                                2. Jacqueline Solomon
                                3. Tammy Tolmie
                                4. Ashley Robertson
                                5. Deidre Bailey
                                6. Lindsay Ronahan
                                7. Becky Grimsrud

                                Figure Tall
                                1. Denean Arntson
                                2. Thea Dennis
                                3. Mikayla Custance
                                4. Kascha Collins
                                5. Jami Yendrys
                                6. Anna Bol
                                7. Sara Galbraith
                                8. Emily Palfy

                                Denean Arntson

                                Men’s Physique

                                1. Joe Erickson
                                2. Bob Cripps
                                3. Troy Zohner

                                1. Nathaniel Werner
                                2. Jake Saunders
                                3. Tarun Patel
                                4. Joban Badyal
                                5. Mike Jacuk
                                6. Mike Lazara
                                7. Thomas Bone
                                8. Tyler Turcotte
                                9. Hamed Roshenas
                                10. Cody Morrison
                                11. David Miao
                                1. Alex Scott
                                2. Harry Johal
                                3. Sheldon Ewert
                                4. Riley McFarland
                                5. Rayan Ghadimi
                                6. Alex Milonas
                                7. Jay Lendvoy
                                8. Jason Keller
                                9. Peter Johns
                                10. John Morin
                                11. Michael Ranosz

                                Nathaniel Werner


                                1. Fawn Lavonne
                                2. Marlene Long
                                3. Karen Cole
                                4. Andrea Petersen
                                5. Lisa Linteris
                                6. Rhea Mandapat
                                7. Andrea Rogers-Bell
                                8. Sharon Wlaswich
                                9. Mirela Pilas-Simoni

                                1. Chrystal Jones
                                2. Marina Wojtczak
                                3. Amanda Bazett
                                4. Carsen Gray
                                5. Heather Palfenier
                                6. Brandee Stewart
                                7. Sherina Chandra
                                8. Marissa Leriger
                                9. Stacey Lumley
                                10. Victoria Banas
                                11. Stefanie Oestreic
                                12. Nicole Spidle
                                DISQ-Kristine Alba
                                DISQ-Hailey Edwards

                                1. Sandeep Sira
                                2. Samantha Scigliano
                                3. Crystal Petrie
                                4. Jen Harrison
                                5. Serena Baccante
                                6. Jennifer Randall
                                7. Shannon Novak
                                8. Justine Rogers
                                9. Lindsay Rae
                                10. Chelsea Marie Cullen
                                11. Alex Daniels
                                12. Kendra Willems
                                13. Augustina Caron
                                14. Samantha Dawson
                                15. Marina Deveiteo

                                1. Leanne McFarland
                                2. Autumn Baker
                                3. Kristin Hazzard
                                4. Sarah Begley
                                5. Lindsay O'hara
                                6. Hadieh Kaeni
                                7. Kayla McColl
                                8. Ashley Vig
                                9. Tallea Potozny
                                10. Rebecca Gaetz

                                Sandeep Sira
                                Dawn Alison ~